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August 2011

Picture of fescue lawn 

Why is Overseeding Fescue Lawns Necessary? 

After our hot, dry summer, mature plants begin to slow down their reproduction rate. Since a blade of grass lives only an average of 45 to 60 days, production of new growth must continually outpace the dieback of older leaves. Young grass will produce new growth faster than older grass. Therefore, one of the most important secrets to maintaining a healthy, thick lawn is to make sure your grass is young. Our hot, dry summers put additional stress on fescue turf areas so the annual aeration and overseeding of your turf area is very important to establish a healthy stand of grass for 2012.


Overseeding of fescue lawns should be done in late summer or early fall. We recommend September 15 through October 15. There are many reasons for this. With fall germination, the young grass will have two or three months to become better established before temperatures drop too low and growth stops. The roots will be established before winter, which greatly reduces crop loss should you have a hot, dry spring.


Maintenance that Follows Overseeding ~ Keeping the Seeds Moist


After the aeration & overseeding is done, the seeds will need moisture to germinate. Keep the soil moist (but not overly wet) by lightly sprinkling two times a day throughout the required germination period.  After germination, gradually reduce the frequency and increase the time of irrigation watering until a normal irrigation program can be established. Unique will monitor and adjust your irrigation system during this critical period of seed germination.


Spring color bed picture
One of Unique's seasonal color displays.



Don't Think About Winter Color Too Soon!


Unique has fertilized and deadheaded the summer color to ensure that it makes it into the first few weeks of October when we start our changeover to winter pansies. Pansies prefer daytime temperatures in the mid-70s and nighttime temperatures in the low 60s to grow and establish. Planting pansies too soon, for example in late September(still too hot), only stresses out the plants and slows down their root production. To get a nice, well- rooted and established plant to start with, it's best to wait until mid-October before getting started.




Todd Guilmette 

Unique Environmental Landscapes

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