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February 2011

Oh No! Snow Again? 

Dear Client:


Just a reminder to all of our clients that Unique Environmental is prepared to handle the inclement weather that is predicted to move through our area.

If you anticipate needing our services, you must notify us a minimum of twelve (12) hours in advance of your desire for us to mobilize in preparation for the weather.  A manager will prepare to be on site with the crew to perform and supervise activity.  A priority list will be made of customers who have called in advance for our services.  


Along with the simple application of ice melt to clear sidewalks, Unique can also plow and remove snow and ice from many areas.  These areas include commercial parking areas, parking lots, and common areas within communities as well as entryways into the communities.

Services provided: 

Skid-Steer loader usage: This will be for plowing parkways, sidewalks and loading dock areas. All snow or ice will be placed in common areas or in a designated parking area away from traffic and pedestrian use. No material will be taken from the site.

 Hand Labor and ice melt application: labor will be for applying ice melt and shoveling snow or ice from sidewalks and high traffic areas.

This could include putting sand aggregates down and granulated ice melt products. Pricing for material will be based on quantitiy of materials used and price will be given before work will proceed.            



Let Unique reduce your liablity by removing snow and ice from your properties.


If you would like to sign up for our removal service for this event or future events, please contact our office.



Todd Guilmette

Unique Environmental

Please call our office today for more information 404-691-9310.
As reminder our emergency number is 770-833-1714.