Reach Out Newsletter
May 2014

In This Issue
Checklist for Finishing Up Semester
Dennis Demmert Award
Springfest BBQ
Dates and Events 

May 6-9th
Final Exams

May 6th
UAF Museum 
Emil Usibelli Awards Reception

May 8th 
UAF Museum
PhD Reception

May 9th
Wood Center Ballroom
ANSEP Graduation Banquet

May 10th
Schaible Auditorium 
Honors Program Graduation Celebration

May 11th
Carlson Center

May 12th
MAYmester courses begin and Residence Halls close

May 12th
Harper Building
Gaalee'ya STEM Science Symposium

May 14th
Deadline for faculty to post grades

May 19th
Deadline for student- and faculty-initiated withdrawals for MAYmester
First day of instruction for summer eLearning

May 22nd
Engineering Facility
UAF Engineering Facility Topping Out Ceremony

May 31st
Large Animal Research Station
Large Animal Research STation Spring Open House


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American Indian Science & Engineering Society
Olga Skinner - 474-5152

Alaska Native Education Student Association
Colleen Angaiak - 474-6623


Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program
Olga Skinner - 474-5152

Alaska Native Social Work Association
LaVerne Demientieff - 474-6267
Gabrielle Russell - 474-6615

Inu-Yupiaq Dance Group
Thomas Albert - [email protected]

Native Alaskan Business Leaders
Liz Ross - 474-7793

Troth Yeddha' Dance Group
Carol Murphrey - 474-6616

Natives for Positive Change 
Barbara Blake - 474-5948
Carol Murphrey - 474-6616

Native Games
Gabrielle Russell - 474-6615


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Main Floor Brooks Building

PO Box 756320
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Phone: (907) 474-7871
Toll Free: (888) 478-1452
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This issue of the Reach Out will be the last until September 2014. In order to keep up with us throughout the summer, please like our Facebook page at    


Students who have graduated in the Summer 2013, Fall 2013 and the current Spring 2014 semesters, RSS commends you on your great accomplishment this year and we wish you all the best in your future. It's been a privilege to have worked with you during your college years at UAF!


Continuing students, you've (almost) made it through the semester! It's time to take a breath, finish up your finals, and have a safe, fun, and relaxing summer vacation. We can't wait to see you back here next semester! 

Checklist for Finishing Up the Semester

Register for Fall 2014 classes: 
Set up an appointment with your advisor.  Plan on 30-45 minutes so that you have time to discuss your program progress and future plans.


Confirm your fall housing plans: 
If you are continuing in UAF housing, be sure to renew your housing agreement and make your room selection.  Any questions, call 474-7247.


Renew your FAFSA:  
Now that you have completed your 2013 income taxes, you can renew your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  This is required for Pell Grant offers, student loan options and determining your student budget for your scholarship agencies.


Notify your funding agencies of your intent to continue:
If you have scholarships or grants that are continued into the next year, you should contact each agency or organization to ask what documentation they require for your continued status. 


Send your final grades:  
Most scholarship and grant agencies require a copy of your final grades at the end of each semester.  If they only need an unofficial transcript or grade report, you can print that off of your  student records account.  If they require an official transcript then you will need to request that from UAOnline and pay a fee.
Dennis Demmert Award
On May 1st, we recognized a handful of outstanding staff and faculty here at UAF by presenting them with the Dennis Demmert Award. For this award, we ask students to nominate those who have made a positive impact on their academic efforts at UAF. The following people were awarded for their commitment to UAF's goal of being the educational center for Alaska Natives.

Sarah Fowell - Associate Professor, Geology and Geophysics
Charlene Stern - Assistant Professor, Alaska Native Students and Rural Development
Brad Bishop - First Year Experience (EDGE) Coordinator, Residence Life
Barbara Blake - Assistant Professor, Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development
Paul Perreault - Instructor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Springfest BBQ
On April 25th, we kicked off UAF's annual SpringFest weekend with a barbecue. We had a great turnout and wanted to thank you all for coming! We all had a great time and hope you did too!


Thank you to our AISES and Writing Center tutors! We appreciate having you all in the Gathering Room. You provide an invaluable service to our students!



Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska College Student Assistance Program 

  • Must originate and/or be enrolled with one of the following communities: Craig, Haines, Juneau, Kasaan, Pleican, Saxman, Tenakee, or Wrangell 
  • Apply by May 15th 

Native Village of Fort Yukon Scholarship 

  • 1/4 or more degree of Indian blood
  • Reconized by GGTG/NVFY and an enrollee 
  • 2.0 GPA or equivalent
  • Apply by May 30th

American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarship 

  • Must be tribally enrolled or are a descendent of tribally enrolled member 
  • 2.0 GPA or equivalent
  • Apply by May 31st

Louis Bunyan Memorial Scholarship 

  • Must have resided in one of the Coastal Village member communities for a minimum of 5 years
  • Apply by May 31st