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January 2014
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Dean's and Chancellor's List
Positive Connection Nights
Permanent Fund Dividend
Events Happening in the Gathering Room February 2013

January 16th 


  • Open House 
January 31st  


  • Native Games PCN    
Important Dates and Events 

January 20 
  • Alaska Civil Rights Day (most offices closed)   
January 23
Wood Center 
  • Student Job Fair  

January 25



  • Museum Open House

January 25


Nenana Bus Stop 

  • Chilly Buns Mid-Winter Run   
Club Meetings

January 23

January 21, 28
  • ANSEP    
January 20, 27
January 23, 30


  • Festival of Native Arts

January 22, 29    


January 18, 25  


  • Inu-Yupiaq

January 24 


  • NFPC   
Get Involved, Join a Club!
AISES - American Indian Science & Engineering Society
Olga Skinner - 474-5152

ANESA - Alaska Native Education Student Association
Colleen Angaiak - 474-6623

- Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program
Olga Skinner - 474-5152

ANSWA - Alaska Native Social Work Association
LaVerne Demientieff - 474-6267
Gabrielle Russell - 474-6615

Inu-Yupiaq Dance Group
Naaqtuuq Dommek - [email protected]

NABL - Native Alaskan Business Leaders
Liz Ross - 474 - 7793

Troth Yeddha' Dance Group
Carol Murphrey - 474-6616

NFPC - Natives for Positive Change
Tim Murphrey - 474-6603

Native Games
Gabrielle Russell - 474-6615


RSS Contact Information
Main Floor Brooks Building

PO Box 756320
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Phone: (907) 474-7871
Toll Free:
(888) 478-1452
Fax: (907) 474-6619




Join Our Mailing List
To our new students, welcome! To our returning students, welcome back! Please join us in the Gathering Room this evening at 5:00 for our Open House! We'll be letting you know about some exciting things that are happening this semester, filling you in on our clubs and what they're up to, and (of course) eating some home-cooked food.


Dean's and Chancellor's List
Congratulations to those who finished last semester! We'd like to take this opportunity to recognize our students who made it on the Fall 2013 Dean's and Chancellor's lists. Way to go guys, we hope to see you on the list next semester as well!

Dean's List 
(3.5 - 3.89 GPA)

Natalie Angaiak
Baxter Bond
Ryanne Braselton
Ronald Burgett II
Joshua Congleton
Frances Daly
Jannel David
Gabriel Davis
Makenzie Demmert
Joseph DeWilde
Shelly DeWilde
Erin Ellis
Luke George
Belina Higdon
Kayli Hildebrand
Sharon Hildebrand
Elizabeth Himschoot
Katie Hopkins
Chrystina Jacobson
Ashley Johnson
Raymond Kangas
Ko Kawada
Tess Lekanof
Connor MacDonald
Teddy Martin
Frederica Matumeak
Paul Owens
Solomon Shindler
Kraig Smyth
Chelsea Tooyak
Stefan Weingarth
Emma Weyiouanna
Nicholai Zapata

Chancellor's List
(3.9 GPA or better)

Jerica Aamodt
Milton Baker
Colin Campbell
Chanachai Charoonsophonsak
Shaylene Dublin
Gabriel Fulton
Deena Gatter
Erin Gingrich
John Henry
Jacy Hutchinson
Paige Martin
Taylon Nelson
Clarissa Roberts
Triena Slatter
Denali Whiting
Brittany Wintter


Positive Connection Nights 
Thank you to all who helped make last
Christian Paul makes an attempt at the Alaskan High Kick.
semester's Positive Connection Nights a success! If you haven't been to one of our PCN's before, you can expect a fun event and lots of food. Read on to find out when the upcoming ones are and don't forget to like us on Facebook for reminders.

On January 31st at 5:00pm we're going to kick off this semesters events with some Native Games!

On February 14th at 5:00pm we'll be hosting a Valentine's Day PCN. We're not sure what's in store yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Permanent Fund Dividend
It's a new year and that means you have to get used to writing 2014 on documents instead of 2013. It also indicates that we're headed toward a new Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend dispersal! But, before you can take a bite out of that pie, you must apply. It's easy to apply for the PFD using the State of Alaska website. Just click on this link and follow the prompts.

The deadline for applications is March 31st. Do it now so you don't forget! 


UA Foundation Scholarships Truman D. Picard Scholarship
Huna Heritage Foundation