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Dear Masters Tracksters of the USATF Pacific Assoc.,


Please mark your calendars for Saturday June 8th for the 2013 PAUSATF Masters T&F Championships, at Chabot College in Hayward.  This will be a separate Masters-Only meet this year.  Our Meet Director is Leroy Milam, part of the Pacific Assoc's first-family of T&F Meet Organizers.


Please also mark Sunday May 26th for the 2013 PAUSATF Open Championships (also open to Masters, but no age groups and Open implements and hurdle heights). 


Information for both meet will be available shortly on the  website


Also start training for the first Pacific Assoc Combined Event Championships in recent memory, currently scheduled for September 7-8 (two day Decathlon) at the College of Marin at their beautiful new track.  Last year, the first Combined Event completion for many years in the Pacific Assoc was held there, and we feel we are ready to make this an official 2013 PAUSATF Championship event. 


Also, we may have an additional Combined Event competition also at the College of Marin this summer (possibly Pentathlon and/or Indoor Heptathlon).  Let me know if you may be interested arranging Throws Pentathlons, or other events that you feel have been underrepresented in the past. 


I shall follow this email with one introducing the members of the PAUSATF Masters Committee, who have been very helpful (as have been PAUSATF Pres Irene Herman and VP Dave Shrock helping organize the Masters meet so far).  Our Committee is nominally full except:

  • We have no Club Representative - for anyone on a Club, would you be willing to offer your Club-Insight to our tiny brain-trust?
  • Anyone else who willing to do a little more with help and insight in any area?
And finally, some unfortunate news form Mary Woo regarding cancelling of the Western States Masters Meet for 2013:
Due to unfortunate and unexpected events, meet management has made the difficult decision to cancel the Western States meet this year. We hope to return in 2014, so please check back from time-to-time. Thank you very much for your support the last five years!"


Long may you run,


Joseph Ols

Chairman, PAUSATF Masters T&F   


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