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Like us on Facebook   Spring is finally here???  We have done Open Water Dives the last three weekends at Sandy Channel.  On the first weekend, on Sunday, we had high winds, rain, sleet, thunder, and snow (locally known as thunder snow)--not a pleasant day at all.  The second weekend was beautiful.  Then, last weekend, on Sunday, we had high winds, lightning, rain, hail, and a tornado watch to deal with.  Diving in Nebraska can be very exciting.
Sandy Channel
   Our trip to Bull Shoals next month has already filled up.  If you'd like to go along, we can put your name on a waiting list just in case someone has to cancel.

   Let's get out and dive.  In spite of the weather, the visibility at Sandy Channel has been good.  Check out the calendar for our Wednesday afternoon Hump Day dives.  We meet at the lake at 6:30 for at least one, sometimes two, dives.  Then, if anyone wants to, we will hang around and do a night dive.   


   Thanks to all the divers who pitched and helped with taking care of Sandy Channel to keep it open from October till May.  The state seems to have come up with money for the parks now, so maybe we won't have to do that again. 



Ron Johns
Heartland Scuba Center


May 30-June 1, 2014 

   Our trip to the Blue Hole is coming up fast.  If you plan to go, we need your deposit so we can make plans for transportation and hotel.  Also, if you want to do any advanced classes, we need to know that.

   Join us for a fun trip.  Since they installed a new grate last summer, the visibility has gotten much better.  Stella, the dive shop owner, says it's the clearest she's ever seen it in 25 years.  So, now, instead instead of just being great viz, it's now super-great.

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July 24-29, 2014 

   We have one opening left for our trip to Thunder Bay in July.  Remember, this is a recreational trip with all the dives within the 130-ft range--no technical diving.

   Lake Huron has fantastic, clear water with very well-preserved shipwrecks.  Many of them are old wooden schooners that wrecked in the 19th century.  Join us for an unforgettable trip.

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August 22-24, 2014 
  Oahe Hero Shot

   Our Lake Oahe trip in August is already beginning to fill up.  Don't wait too long till both boats are full before trying to sign up.  This has become one of our most popular trips combining diving in the tailrace below the dam and spearfishing in the lake.

   Join us for a really fun trip.

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Sale on Used Training Equipment 

   We recycle our training equipment every year or every other year.  It's time for that again.  This is excellent equipment--the equipment that all our staff members wear.  The BCD'S get a bit faded from the chlorine in the pool, but they work as good as a new one.

   If you need a set of equipment, this is your opportunity to cash in.  At this writing, we only have two sets left.  Don't procrastinate and be left out.

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3-4--Beginning Scuba Class
10-11--Lake Diving Weekend
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26--Memorial Day
30-June 1--Blue Hole Trip

7-8--Beginning Scuba Class
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20--Discover Scuba--Kearney Family YMCA
27-29--Bull Shoals Trip

4--Independence Day
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16--Hump Day Dive
19-20--Lake Diving Weekend
24-29--Thunder Bay Trip

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