Adventure News from Heartland Scuba CenterNovember 2013

Like us on FacebookOur website is finally up to date.  I've been able to add a lot of photos and videos.  Check it out.

Pictured above is our new scuba tank water bottle.  The detail makes it look real.  It's aluminum and holds about 25 ounces.  Very Cool!

 This is our new watershirt.  We have them in both blue and white.  You know how a tee shirt soaks up water like a sponge when you put it on after a dive--and then it takes two days to dry--this eliminates that problem.  It just doesn't absorb water, and it's UV resistant.

Shown above is the new My Blue Buddy (not to scale--it's only 1-1/2" X 2-3/4"--much smaller than the phone.)  Just carry it with you, in a pocket, or anywhere, and it keeps track of your dive profile--depth, time, water temperature.  Then download it wirelessly via bluetooth to your smartphone.  You can add photos and text and then share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Shown above is the new Torid Pulse--a really fun toy.  Hook it up to a low pressure hose and it shoots air rings great distances.  Check out the video HERE

Above is the new microfiber towel--it's extra great for travel.  They absorb water just like a thick cotton towel, but don't take up any space.  The small sport size is 15" X 30" and the large beach size is 32" X 60".  You can pack a huge beach towel in less than half the space a tee shirt takes up.  



Back in stock--Spicy Diver hot sauce.  There are three kinds:  Red Habanero, rated 10 on a scale of 10; Garlic Serrano, rated 7 on a scale of 10; Caribbean Lime, rated 5 on a scale of 10.  Everyone who has tried the Caribbean Lime raves about it, myself included.  It has a great flavor without being too hot.  A diver from New Jersey was making these sauces to bring on the dive boats and his buddies kept telling him that they were so good that he should bottle them and start selling them, so he did.  Stop in and try one. 


Ron Johns
Heartland Scuba Center


 Bonne Terre 
March 28-30, 2014 
  Bonne Terre Dock

   Our trip to Bonne Terre in March is filling up fast.  If you would like to go, you should sign up as soon as possible to ensure your spot.

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Sale on Used Training Equipment 

   We recycle our training equipment every year or every other year.  It's time for that again.  This is excellent equipment--the equipment that all our staff members wear.  The BCD'S get a bit faded from the chlorine in the pool, but they work as good as a new one.

   If you need a set of equipment, this is your opportunity to cash in.

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