Adventure News from Heartland Scuba CenterNovember 2013

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Thanksgiving Snoopy  

   Happy Thanksgiving!  We will again offer our gift card sale between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is our biggest sale event of the year, so take advantage of it.

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Ron Johns
Heartland Scuba Center


March 1-8, 2014 

   We've had one cancellation for Roatan trip in March.  So, we have one unused airfare for another person.  If you have any questions, or would like to take that spot, just call or email.

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Sale on Used Training Equipment 

   We recycle our training equipment every year or every other year.  It's time for that again.  This is excellent equipment--the equipment that all our staff members wear.  The BCD'S get a bit faded from the chlorine in the pool, but they work as good as a new one.

   If you need a set of equipment, this is your opportunity to cash in.

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Roatan Trip
Equipment Sale
Recent Scuba Graduates
2013 Travel Calendar
Advanced Diver Development 2013
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2-3--Beginning Scuba Class
3--Daylight Saving Time Ends
6-9--DEMA Show--Orlando
22--Discover Scuba/Scuba Review--Kearney Family YMCA
28--Thanksgiving Day

1-2--Beginning Scuba Class
13--Discover Scuba/Scuba Review--Kearney Family YMCA
25--Christmas Day
31--New Years Eve

4-5--Beginning Scuba Class
8--UNK Beginning Scuba Class
10--Discover Scuba/Scuba Review--Kearney Family YMCA
15--UNK Beginning Scuba Class
19--Ice Diving Class
22--UNK Beginning Scuba Class
25-26--Beginning Scuba Class
29--UNK Beginning Scuba Class

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Recent Scuba Graduates
 Bare Dry Suit




Sara Neben
Ann Luther
Larry Luther
Madeleine Michalek
Angie Kauffman
Carolyn Clements
Rachel Gam
Ashutosh Atri
Sienna Athy
Andrew Hoffman
Gabe Stritt
Kolby Matheny
Danielle Treffer


Michael Luther 



Lisa Fields

Renee Flammang 



Mark Mowry

Renee Flammang

Sydney Bushhousen

Jay Marxsen

Brad Bushhousen

Scott Flammang 



Jay Marxsen 



2013 Travel Calendar

Click on the link below to see our entire travel calendar for 2013.


 2013 Travel Calendar 



 Advanced Diver Development--2013


   Click on the link below to see our entire 2012 calendar of courses.

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Folding Wetsuit hanger

Normally $15 


Sale Price:  $12

Folding Wetsuit Hanger 

These are great for travel or for general use.  The hanger part swivels so you can hang on a door, etc.  Mention this coupon for your $3.00 savings. 
Offer Expires:  November 30, 2013