Adventure News from Heartland Scuba CenterJune 2013

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Lake Oahe  

   We had a fantastic trip to Lake Oahe last weekend.  The hunting was challenging, but that's what made it fun.  Everyone had a blast!  Especially the tail race divers.  We often say that's the most fun you can have in a wetsuit.

   Some disturbing news today.  It seems that the Game and Parks Commission is broke, so they are temporarily closing 20-some state parks and recreation areas--as early as September 15 and staying closed till May 1.  Sandy Channel is on the list.  They say that you can walk in, but there will be no vehicle traffic. 
   That's really upsetting because that's about the only lake in this part of the state with reliable visibility.  Divers from North Platte to Omaha come here to dive.  For fishermen and campers, they can go to another lake that remains open and continue.  But for divers, we can't just go to any lake and dive because there's no visibility. 

   Rest assured that we will be working on this to see if we can get something resolved.  The Game Commission isn't usually too accommodating to divers, so don't hold your breath hoping for a good outcome.


Ron Johns
Heartland Scuba Center


 Haigh Quarry 
September 27-29, 2013 
  Haigh Quarry

   Join us for September trip to Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, IL.  Haigh is called "The Caribbean of the Midwest" because of the palm trees and flamingos around the quarry.  Dive attractions in the 12-acre spring-fed lake
include a marine dump truck, rock crusher, a cabin cruiser, a tricycle park, and more. You'll see bass, walleye, muskies, and even paddlefish along with other common freshwater species.

   It's a fun trip with a great dive facility.  If you want to do your Deep Diver certification, we can do that here.  They have one spot that is about 85 feet deep.  With the underwater attractions, including a big boat, we can do the Wreck Diver certification here as well.

   All in all, it's a fun, inexpensive trip.  Divers have already signed up, so get your name on the list.

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Rock Lake 
October 18-21, 2013 
  Rock Lake

   We're heading back to Rock Lake in October.  We had a fantastic trip there last year.  Everyone who dived it for the first time raved about it and vowed to return this year.

   Rock Lake is small, but very unusual because it's 280 feet deep  It's small enough that you can easily swim all the way around it at sport diving depths on one tank.  You'll see vertical or undercut rock walls, freshwater sponges, unusual geologic formations.

   Rock Lake sits on private property and the owner requires anyone who dives here to hold at least an Advanced certification.  We'll dive all day Saturday and Sunday, then return home on Monday.
   For all the details:

    Rock Lake 
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Master Scuba Diver  
Mark Mowry 
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