Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center -  News Brief  4/1/16
All nonprofits look for opportunities to decrease their IT budget, so that more funds can benefit their mission directly. However, many nonprofits either do not have the staff resources or the knowledge of the digital marketplace to make strategic investments in technology that will decrease costs over time. This is especially true for smaller organizations.
To move to sustainable technology solutions, nonprofits need to outline their technology budget and options.  This whitepaper from Tech Impact features:
  • 5 Tips for Annual Technology Planning
  • Gauging the Health of your Nonprofit's Existing Technologies
  • Low-Cost Alternatives to Software, Hardware, and IT Support
Topic:  Use of Technology
OutcomeIncrease the capacity of Parent Centers to effectively manage their work and maintain a stable, effective organization.
Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center - WI FACETS