Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center -  News Brief  3/18/16
How to Incorporate Principles of Adult Learning into Training

Andragogy - what in the world is it and what does it have to do with parent center work?  By definition, andragogy is: the method and practice of teaching adult learners. Providing trainings that meet the diverse needs of adult learners is a standard that we all strive for, but can be quite challenging to actually accomplish. This blog post provides some great suggestions for how to incorporate adult learning principles, such as:  self-direction, experience, time orientation, relevance, benefit, self-esteem, and participation. As an added benefit, at the end of the blog post is a link to a free download of a good article about how to deal with difficult training participants.

Topic:  Effective Parent Training Principles
Outcome:  Enhancing your center's skills in providing parents with the information they need to improve outcomes for their children.  
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