Region 4 PTAC News Brief - 2/12/16
Why Collaboration Often Fails (and How to Deal With It)

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."     -Henry Ford
Collaboration is a great way to solve certain problems, but we've all hit that wall when we're told to "work together." You know - that point where, no matter what you try, you are not able to get traction or hit your stride. When we get stuck in situations like these, it's often because we're practicing certain behaviors that make collaboration much harder. Worse still, it makes it much easier for your team to fail. This short article explores some of the behaviors that might be sabotaging a collaboration and offers easy-to-implement strategies for how to navigate past the behaviors.
Topic:  Effective Communication and Collaboration
Outcome:  Information that enhances your center's ability to partner & collaborate with other entities.
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