Region 4 PTAC News Brief - 2/19/16
Volunteers as Leaders-A HandsOn Network's Guide to Develop a Parent Volunteer Program

This handbook is designed to help your organization establish the business processes needed for a solid volunteer leadership program. It is meant to be a user-friendly resource, but it does not prescribe how your programs should be structured. It does, however, provide pointers and resources you can adapt to meet your Parent Center leadership needs, including:
  • Develop your volunteer leadership program framework
  • Recruit volunteer parent leaders for your service opportunities
  • Equip parent leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed
  • Support leaders in their service efforts
Topic:  Developing a Volunteer Parent Leadership Program
Outcome:  Enhancing your Center's ability to provide parents with the knowledge and skills needed to partner to improve outcomes for their children at the individual child.

Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center - WI FACETS