Region 4 PTAC News Brief - 1/29/16
Speak-up! Self-Advocacy Manual
The Speak-up! is a research based Action Guide created to empower youth and young adults with disabilities to become self-advocates. The manual provides several exercises for youth to getting to know themselves, communicating with assertiveness and to practice problem solving. The guide also includes a section on youth rights, helping other students to speak-up, and definitions of Self-Advocacy, Inclusion, and Self-determination.
Speak-up! is a very high quality product. Parent Centers can use it to create trainings to serve youth with disabilities. This tool is available for free on STIR-a webpage hosted by the UNC-Caroline Institute for Developmental Disabilities
Topic:  Building Self-Advocacy Training
Outcome:  Enhancing your Center's ability to serve youth and young adults with disabilities
Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center - WI FACETS