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How New Healthcare Laws May Impact Customer Dining Experiences


What kind of an impact will the new health care laws have on customer dining out experiences?


As restaurants adjust to new laws on healthcare for employees who work more than 30 hours per week, managers will juggle employee schedules and budgets even more so than in the past. The restaurant industry's reliance on part time workers ensures that the industry will feel a big impact when the new law comes into play in 2014.....

Whether food service companies reduce the number of employees who work over 30 hours or simply reduce hours per employee, management challenges will prevail. 


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"..So I Bagged Myself" and Other Mystery Shopper Comments  


Bag over headWe are constantly reminded of why our quality assurance process is so valuable to our clients. Despite ever-smarter technology, there is no replacement for an actual review of a report before it's released to our client. Spell check can't and won't uncover all errors!


  • "There were no baggers helping the cashier so I bagged myself".
  • "I ordered tuna and the server went into a drawer for it."

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Our favorite is "Remains from a previous customer were still on table. I cleaned it up myself."

Telephone Mystery Shopping: 4 Reasons Why Using a Call Center May Not Work


Do you ever wonder about the best way to employ telephone mystery telephone trainingshopping? Should a call center place the calls, or should a variety of callers phone your locations? Companies who use traditional call centers to conduct telephone mystery shops may feel that quicker results and smaller fees prevail. Before you consider this strategy, think about the following pitfalls:

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Alcohol Compliance: Holiday Reminders


Restaurant mystery shopping and training efforts are even more important during the holidays, with busy employees facing the challenges of managing more customer traffic.   With holiday celebrations for family and offices soon to be in full swing at restaurants across the nation, and alcohol often a big part of these celebrations, we thought that the National Restaurant Association's infographic on alcohol service was timely.


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Lana Meade Retires from Confero after 11 Years of Service


After over a decade of service, Confero's team wished Lana Meade well as she announced her retirement. In honor of her long term contributions and successes, our staff gathered on November 27th at the Confero headquarters for an evening of fellowship and farewell.


Lana's career with Confero began as a project manager and scheduler. Her quick problem-solving skills, ability to manage multiple priorities with efficiency, and keen eye for details led to her promotion as Client Services Manager (CSM). As a CSM, Lana has provided her clients with reliable management of mystery shopping programs, on-time results, a personal touch, and ongoing suggestions for improved programs. 


We are sad to see Lana go but we are also excited for her as she begins her retirement adventures. Her thoughtful insights into many client projects, leadership, companionship, and her office dog, Ellie, will all be greatly missed. We wish Lana fun and relaxation in her retirement!

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How New Healthcare Laws May Impact Customer Dining Experiences
"..So I Bagged Myself"...and Other Mystery Shopper Comments.
Telephone Mystery Shopping: Five Reasons Why using a Call Center May Not Work
Holiday Gatherings and Restaurant Alcohol Compliance
Lana Meade Retires from Confero after 11 Years of Service





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November 2012,
Issue 27