Brought to you by RHF Bootcamp
November 24, 2012- February 9, 2013
(12 consecutive Saturdays)

3 Classes
35 Min. Duration 
(subject to change based on number of signups)

Group 1 Starts: 6:00am
Group 2 Starts: 6:40am
Group 3 Starts: 7:20am


AT&T Sports Pavillion
11111 O'Malley Centre Drive
Anchorage 99515
On the first day (Nov. 24) please arrive 30 minutes early for the class you want to attend to sign in. You only need to sign in once. Each Saturday thereafter be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the class you want to attend. We will track your attendance so just mention your name each time you attend. 


We are taking RHF bootcamp offsite to a larger venue for 12 straight Saturdays beginning November 24, 2012. This is 35 minutes of metabolic training to help start your Saturday right. Bring a large dose of will power. It is all body weight drills. Fun, fast and functional is how many people describe the RHF workouts. Rest assured you will maximize your calorie burn and test your will power in these sweat sessions.


RHF is designed for intermediate and advanced level individuals. Beginner or persons with acute or chronic physical issues should start on a beginner program before participating in RHF Saturday Shredder. Personal training is available in such instances. If you are a beginner (injury free), super motivated, and coachable boot camp is for you!

How it works...  
We need you and your "burn buddies" to arrive 30 minutes before your first workout. We will be asking all of you to sign an exercise release form in case there are any casualties of war (joking - well, actually no). RHF Saturday Shredder 2012-2013 may consist of running, ab/core exercises, and body weight strength. Please mention to trainer before the workout if you have knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder or any other physical issues. Must be over 18.

The workout... 

We operate fast and furious. You are expected to have a basic level of understanding and skill level in order to participate in RHF Saturday Shredder. If you are a beginner (with the will power) we will attempt to work with you. Let the trainer know (before the workout of any pre-existing conditions that may hinder your performance during the sweat session. We CAN make some reasonable adjustments and modify many of the moves for you.


The music...

RHF Studio Boot Camp plays loud music! Please let the trainer know before the workout if you have hearing issues so we may play you in the proper spot to suit your needs.


Show & Go Method...

We use a "show and go" method this way everyone can participate and fit in. You do your own counts so you can work at your own pace. We will make necessary corrections as we go.


Please bring indoor shoes free of rocks, dirt, mud, snow, or other debris to keep the training floor reasonably clean. You must wear shoes during the workouts. It is also recommended that you bring a towel, a water bottle, and a mat. Please wear workout attire (look good...feel good). Nike "Shox" or "Shape Up" shoes are NOT recommended.

Discontinue exercise if...

You feel faint, dizzy, short of breath, nausea, or are in pain. You must stop training and let the trainer know without interrupting the sweat session.

Recap, please bring: 
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Mat (optional but recommended)
  • Proper Shoes
  • Proper Attire (look good...feel good)
  • 2-3 canned goods to donate to Bean's Cafe (each workout)
  • AND Friends! You can bring one new friend to each workout! 

RHF Event cancellations due to weather or unforeseen circumstances are corresponded through email per the policy. Last minute cancellations may not include a notice on the window. Be sure to check your email daily (before you plan to workout) for any announcements. Make sure we have your email on file in order to get any announcements. Any schedule changes will also be made through email.

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