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Dear Evolution-ites...  In our continuing efforts to educate the audio/video masses, we are pleased to offer this series of meaningful dissertations from our resident 2-Channel Guru, John Guidi.  It shall be named -

Guidi's Gab*...

Transient Leaves the Offramp Behind
Finds a Home at Evolution

According to their chief designer, Dusty Vawter, The Channel Islands Audio Transient MKII is a ''USB audio Multi-tool'' (sans the Pliers, Bottle opener and Corkscrew).  It's not only a state-of-the-art USB to S/PDIF or I2S
CI Transient MKII Front
Convertor but performs Digital to Analog conversion using a Wolfson circuit with built-in high resolution volume control. Power to the Transient MKII Asynchronous USB Converter is provided by the USB cable making it completely portable or an optional upgrade power supply can be connected for improved performance. Transient is an extremely musical and versatile little device that will be welcome in any computer based music system, from an audiophile on a budget system, to a ''I have more money than God'' dream system.

Channel Islands Audio has been building incredibly well made audio components for 15 years in lovely Port Hueneme, Ca, where the surf meets the industrial park.  I've been using C I Audio amplifiers for most of that time, from the original VMB-1's (Vawter Mono Blocks) little cuboidal gain clone amps to their early Class D Mono's, the D-100.  I purchased them to be used mainly during summer months when it's too hot to run my tube amps in a non-air conditioned bedroom.  But to help conserve energy and precious vacuum tubes, I've beeCI Transient MKII Rearn running them year round. They have been on 24/7 since I got them and have worked flawlessly.  I have no reason to doubt they'll be working long after I've gone to the big audio festival in the sky.

It seems that at least 90% of the audio equipment in this country is made in China (or designed in USA - Made in China)... It's refreshing to see products that are not only US made but made locally. Even the metal casework is manufactured in nearby Westlake Village.  I must say it's beautifully made, perfect fit and finish like an Omega Watch.  It's obvious these people take pride in their work, but the products not only look good, they sound like they should cost thousands more... At least that's what my clients are telling me. You're welcome to come in and see for yourself.

(*For the English Translation of above verbiage,  please contact Mr. Gab at the contact link below.)

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