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Dear Evolution-ites...  In our continuing efforts to educate the audio/video masses, we are pleased to offer this series of meaningful dissertations from our resident 2-Channel Guru, John Guidi.  It shall be named -

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The Spooktacular
Argentum Acoustics Cables

   (They're Scary Good)

Yes it's that time of the year with corny ''spooktacular'' sales and ''scary '' deals on products  that didn't sell during the summer.  It's probably the best time to buy camping gear and window air conditioners.

Argentum Acoustics cables are a great value all year long... they have the performance and quality construction of the top line mega buck cables at a reasonable price. Take for example their Argento Coax Digital Cable,
It uses Cryogenically-treated, Laboratory-Grade Silver conductors, aerospace grade PTFE (Teflon) insulation, even the shielding uses OCC Copper + Silver.  It's the closest thing I've found to my $1425 Acoustic Revive DSIX cable.... and it's less than 1/4 the price. That's still expensive for most people, but it's well worth the price when you consider how smooth and natural digital can sound with this cable.

Argentum Aureus2
The Mythos RCA and XLR cable along with the Aureus-2 Speaker cable use Lab-Grade Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper and the speaker cables come with interchangeable Spade and Deltron-type Bananas. These cables give surprising weight and fullness to the sound, have great dynamics but never sound bright or fatiguing. The Mythos RCA cables start at $350/ pair and outperform many $1K+ cables.

Argentum Acoustics is a division of Ultralink / XLO and somehow remains relatively unnoticed in this country (they do big business in Europe and Asia) and in a sea of mediocre cables that flood the market they stand out as truly musical products that deserve your attention.

More ''Last Chance'' deals...

JMR Offrandes w/stands  .... retail $6,000 (pair), now $2,499 (One of the best stand mount speakers ever made)

Anthony Gallo Reference Strada  Blow-out!  Making room for the V.2 editions...  Limited amounts available in black on black or stainless steel on black.  Prices are TOO LOW TO PRINT, please CALL for pricing and availability.

Merlin TSM MMe (mint) The speakers that audiophile dreams are made of...  Retail $3,099 (pair), now $1,599

Misc. Isolation Devices (Aurios, DH Cones, Sound Mechanics etc) ........  50% off

Stay Tuned!



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