The Illinois Arts Council Agency is pleased to announce the release of Fiscal Year 2014 guidelines and application materials for Artstour & Live Music and the Ethnic and Folk Arts Master/Apprentice Program.


Artstour & Live Music provides support to eligible Illinois not-for-profit organizations seeking to present Illinois performing artists, companies, or groups for performances, collaborations, or short residencies held in conjunction with performances.  Grant requests for fiscal year 2014 are for activities occurring between January 15 and December 31, 2014.


Examples of programs:

  • A library engages a storyteller to present stories during a children's story festival.
  • A school district brings in a theatre company to perform at the local high school.  In addition, the company visits the elementary school to work with 3rd and 4th graders involved in the school's upcoming theatre production.
  • A theatre company collaborates with a folk musician in the creation and presentation of a new play.
  • The local college brings a jazz orchestra to town to perform.  The musicians also give a mini-performance at the local senior center.
  • A dance company engages a classical music ensemble to provide live music for a performance.

This is an open deadline program.  Applications will be accepted through June 1, 2014 and must be submitted at least 10 weeks before activities begin.


To access the Artstour & Live Music guidelines follow this link:  


The electronic application will be available through the Illinois eGrant System on Friday, November 1, 2013.


For further information about Artstour & Live Music, contact Walter Buford, Director of Performing Arts and Partners in Excellence Programs, by email: or by phone: 312-814-4992.



The Master/Apprentice Program recognize the vital role of the master artist/apprentice relationship in the preservation of the state's cultural heritage. The Master/Apprentice Program helps communities preserve their own culture by providing an opportunity for master traditional artists to pass on their skills to a qualified apprentice in a time-honored method. Past awards have supported traditional or ethnic art forms as diverse as East Indian dance, split wood baskets, Chinese drum and bell music, fish net making, Ukrainian pysanky, and Illinois fiddle traditions.


Master artists are recognized within their communities as exemplary practitioners of their traditional or ethnic art forms. Apprentices applying to this program must have prior experience in the art form. The Master Apprentice award is a fixed amount of $3,000, and is awarded to the master artist.

The deadline for applying to the FY14 Ethnic & Folk Arts Master/Apprentice Program is December 16, 2013. 


To access the Master/Apprentice Program guidelines and application materials follow this link:


Three webinars have been scheduled to assist applicants interested in applying to the Master/Apprentice Program.  The webinar dates and registration links are listed below:


For further information about the Master/Apprentice Program, please contact Susan Dickson, Director of Ethnic & Folk Arts, Literature & Presenters Programs, by email: or by phone: 312-814-6740.

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