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October Newsletter 

What are bollards?
How do you install bollards? 
How do you choose the right bollard for the job?

Dawn Enterprises Bollards

If you do not know the answer to all (or any) of these questions there is no need to worry, we have dedicated this months newsletter to a quick overview about bollards.

Bollards can be used in the following ways:
- guide pedestrian and vehicular traffic 
- protect your property
- prevent unwanted access to restricted areas.

Below we will explain the types of bollards, installation methods, and common applications for bollards.
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Trivia Question Of The Month: (Answer at end of newsletter)
Who was the first to invent Concrete? 
a) The ancient Romans
b) The ancient Greeks
c) The Chinese

What is a Bollard?


 Bollards are a very common and essential part of most streetscapes. Bollards provide a simple purpose; to provide protection from vehicles, to guide both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to restrict access to designated areas. 

The possibilities however are nearly endless from size, shape, material, and installation methods. 


At Dawn we offer a wide variety of Concrete, Steel, Removable, and Custom Bollards. In addition we also provide Plastic Bollard Covers, a low maintenance way to maintain the appearance of your bollards, removing the need to repaint or fix chips and cracks. Below are some colorful examples of our bollard covers at the port of Miami!

Dawn Enterprises Plastic Bollard Covers

Who Uses Bollards?


12 There are many commercial applications for Bollards. Usually they fall within one of three categories; traffic control, security, and architectural


Examples of commercial applications:

- Stadiums

- Gas Stations

- Colleges

- Military

- Commercial Buildings


What types of Bollards and Installation Methods do we offer?


At Dawn Enterprises we offer a wide variety of Bollards to meet your properties demands. 


- We offer a large variety of Concrete and Steel Bollards

- We offer 3 installation methods for each. 


Our Concrete Bollards have the following installation methods; cavity and pipe, direct embed installation, and anchor bolt installation

View this link for Bollard Installations


Our Steel Bollards have the following installation methods; embedded fixed, surface mounted, and removable embedded


Our Fixed Embedded Steel Bollards are not removable and provide solid protection against vehicle incursion. The bollards impact resistance is determined by a combination of the steel bollard diameter, wall thickness, and engineered footing. Fixed Embedded Steel Bollards are often filled with concrete for additional strength.


Our Surface Mounted Steel Bollards are well suited to deter unwanted vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Surface Mounted Steel Bollards are secured to the ground with a base plate that allows for more flexibility in terms of placement, but are less impact resistant than our Fixed Embedded Steel Bollards.


Our Removable Embedded Steel Bollards provide more impact resistance then Surface Mounted Steel Bollards and are removable to allow access to otherwise restricted areas. They balance convenience and flexibility with strength and are a great solution to areas that need to both allow and restrict traffic.


To learn more about these options please call our friendly sales support at 800-262-3296.


To learn more about our Concrete and Steel Bollards and their installation methods please visit their respective pages below.


Dawn Enterprises Concrete Bollards 

Dawn Enterprises Steel Bollards 

How To Choose The Right Bollard for the Job!

To somebody unfamiliar with bollards, choosing the right bollard may seem confusing and difficult. Below we have outlined some of the factors for consideration
and questions you should ask when choosing the right bollard.

3 Most Important Factors when Considering the right bollard.

1) Access Requirements
- Does the location need to restrict access at certain times but allow access at other times?

Removable bollards can provide flexibility in deciding when to allow and restrict access.

2) Visibility
- Is the placement of bollards easily seen by the general public or out-of-view?

The more visible the bollards are to the public the more one must balance appearance versus utility. 

3) Geography
- What type of weather must the bollard endure due to its geographical location?

For example locations that receive heavy snow in the winter months must think about visibility and placement to prevent impact from snowplows. When installing bollards into the ground frost lines must be taken into consideration to determine how deep they must be placed. 

If you would like to discuss any of these questions with our knowledgeable sales team, please call 800-262-3296. Thank you.  

We are proud to provide and manufacture American made products. All of our Concrete, Steel, Stone, and Plastic products are exclusively made in America!

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What Else Does Dawn Enterprises Offer?

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Dawn Enterprises is a complete supplier of outdoor site furnishings. This month our newsletter is focused around cost effective ways to beautify and protect your property.

Along with affordable quality products, we offer unmatched customer service. Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and engaged in the entire process of your order. Call us today at 1-800-262-3296.
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Trivia Question:
Who was the first to invent Concrete? 
a) The ancient Romans
b) The ancient Greeks
c) The Chinese


 The Ancient Romans invented concrete over 2,000 years ago. One of the most remarkable monuments of the period built of concrete is the Pantheon in Rome, which has a 44 m diameter dome made out of 'light concrete', which used crushed brick, tuff and pumice stone as aggregates.

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