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April Newsletter
Planting season is here! Get your planters, garden benches and outdoor site amenities before the busy season!

After a brutal last few winter months across much of the country Spring has finally arrived. The winters toll has left many property owners needing to replace or repair site furnishings. 
At Dawn Enterprises we strive to provide the highest quality and most cost effective products. We take pride in our knowledgeable and friendly customer service and we strive to make the process of replacing or adding needed site furnishings as painless as possible. 

This Monthly Newsletter Contains:
- ALL TIME LOW PRICE - Aqueous Self Watering Planter
- Why the Aqueous Self Watering Planter is Perfect for Gardens
- Concrete Bollard Product Highlight 
- Exclusive "Secret" Sale on Concrete Planters 

Aqueous Self Watering Planter
Dawn Enterprises drops the price of the Aqueous Self Watering Planter!
Trivia Question Of The Month: (Answer at end of newsletter)
- Under the Gregorian calendar, exactly how long is the calendar year?
Why our Aqueous Self-Watering Planters are perfect for your garden!!!
Dawn Enterprises new "Aqueous" self-watering planter looks terrific and is the perfect low-maintenance solution for any planting project indoors or outdoors. 
Save time, water, and big money on shipping costs without sacrificing that upscale, permanent appearance. This planter ships at a weight of 13 pounds, yet weighs 300 pounds after planting! Create an attractive perimeter to your property without worrying about a huge freight bill; or losing your new planter to inclement weather. 
Aqueous Planter  
Dawn Enterprises Concrete Bollards 
Product Highlight!
Dawn Enterprises Bollards      
Dawn Enterprises, LLC manufactures a variety of concrete bollards that provide effective security measures to protect banks, schools, military bases, and other commercial and retail locations. Our concrete bollards are designed to withstand all weather conditions and are available in a variety of styles. We offer several standard bollards, and as listed below, we are happy to accommodate any custom job as well.
To check out the complete line of Concrete Bollards click below: 
Secret Sale on Concrete Planters!!!
A Sale designed for our newsletter subscribers only!!

Call us during April at 800-262-3296 and mention this newsletter to receive a price so low on these concrete planters we wont even publish it!  This is your chance to pick up a concrete planter for your garden at an exclusive price because we appreciate your interest in our newsletter. 

Call today and mention the newsletter! If you have
 an interest in Concrete Planters you do NOT want to miss this bargain.
What Else Does Dawn Enterprises Offer?

Ash And TrashOrange 8in Concrete Bollard croppedcoventry benchConcrete Planter SaleRC35STP35H

Dawn Enterprises is a complete supplier of outdoor site furnishings. This month our newsletter is focused around cost effective ways to beautify and protect your property.

Along with affordable quality products, we offer unmatched customer service. Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and engaged in the entire process of your order. Call us today at 1-800-262-3296.
Visit our website today! www.godawn.com

Trivia Question:
Under the Gregorian calendar, exactly how long is the calendar year? 
365.2425 Days
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