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New MEPs presented with EUROBAT recommendations
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Sudden Passing Away of John Searle
New EUROBAT team member
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 Upcoming Events 

4 - 6 November 2014

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

European Utility Week


19 - 21 November 2014

Beijing, China

3rd Annual Energy Storage Tech China Summit


2 - 5 December 2014

Brussels, Belgium

European Electric Vehicle Congress



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New MEPs presented with EUROBAT recommendations

The composition of the different European Parliamentary Committees is now firmly in place. EUROBAT has used the transition period to present new and re-elected Members with a set of policy recommendations which, we hope, they will take into consideration when it comes to decisions that would impact our sector:


1. Continue to invest in EU competitiveness and innovation, with a focus on establishing industrial leadership in key enabling technologies, such as advanced batteries. Very often, Europe leads in scientific knowledge, but fails to translate this know-how into global manufacturing competitiveness.


2. Ensure that regulation of substances is based on risk- and science-based approaches, which should be coherent and proportionate across all environmental legislation and which should take into consideration socio-economic considerations.


3. Encourage the implementation of a supportive market framework for grid-connected energy storage technologies.


4. Develop an integrated response to improve the business models, consumer acceptance and market competitiveness of hybrid and electric vehicles.


5. Maintain efforts to establish a European circular economy, while recognising the contributions already being made by European industry towards environmental protection and health of their workers.

EUROBAT's new Information Graphic

Our infographic presents the benefits that our sector has to offer for European competitiveness, innovation and sustainability. These are first steps for a broader EUROBAT media strategy. A first media briefing will be held by EUROBAT in October. The objective is to reach decision-makers on both European and Member States levels.

Sudden Passing Away of John Searle, EUROBAT Vice-Chairman

With deep sorrow EUROBAT commemorates the passing away of its Vice-Chairman, John Searle, and President of SAFT's management board. We thank John for his high commitment to the company, employees as well as EUROBAT where he served 12 years as Board Member and Vice President. His eloquence, insight and commitment showed at Board meetings and in chairing our Annual Forum. He will be very much missed and our thoughts are with his family.

New EUROBAT team member

Francesco Gattiglio joined EUROBAT  on 1st September. He is Italian and speaks fluent English and Spanish.  He also has good knowledge of Portuguese.He holds a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Florence also studied International Political Economy at the University of Warwick, UK. 


Prior to joining Kellen Europe, he worked as an intern at Burson-Marsteller in the Environment and Energy teams.  He also worked as interim policy officer at DG Environment, dealing with International, Regional and Bilateral Relations.   He had other internships at  the NGO "Doctors of the World" in Lisbon and at the Italian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela.

At EUROBAT, he will be working on automotive, industrial and large energy storage batteries.


Association News
New EUROBAT Associate member: 
Siemens AG, Industry Automation Division


REACH Regulation - Launch of the ECHA consultation on lead compounds


On 1 September ECHA has launched the public consultation on the priority list under the REACH Regulation. On this list there are 21 lead compounds, four of which are essential for battery manufacturing. The consultation consists of two parts: questions related to prioritisation and a section on socio-economic impacts. The deadline for the public consultation is 30 November 2014.

EUROBAT's Committee for Environment Health & Safety (CEM) is now preparing the input to this consultation. We will present solid arguments why these Lead compounds should be exempted from the authorization requirement under REACH. We maintain that there is better risk management option than authorization. 


ELV Directive, Annex II - Launch of the EC consultation

On 24 September, the European Commission launched the consultation on the renewal of the exemption of lead and lead compounds in batteries.


EUROBAT is preparing the input to the consultation, together with International Lead Association (ILA) and the Brussels-based car industry associations (ACEA, JAMA, KAMA). Together these partners have prepared a series of studies to provide evidence why the current exemption for lead in automotive batteries needs to be continued and why there are at present no alternatives to lead-based-batteries in these mass market applications:
1. Review of Battery Technologies for Automotive Applications
2. Resource Availability of Metals used in Batteries for Automotive
3. Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Lead-Based Batteries for Vehicles
4. Availability of Automotive Lead-Base Batteries for Recycling in Europe.

The public consultation will close on 17 December 2014. For information contact Rene Schroeder. 




Since June, the Automotive Batteries Committee (ABC) has finalized and realised their annual statistics on European sales of conventional and advanced lead-based automotive batteries. For the first time, this charts the growth of advanced lead-based batteries in micro-hybrid vehicles, with those batteries now comprising an increasing share of the total of OEM and After Market automotive battery sales in Europe:


EUROBAT data on advanced lead-based automotive battery sales, Europe, 2010-2013 (AGM and EFB)




Data was collected from EUROBAT's members through a process under legal compliance and which will be held on an annual basis.


The ABC's working group provided comprehensive contributions to IHS' study demonstrating the closed-loop for automotive lead-based batteries in Europe, identifying the technical specifications for the average weight and lifetime of automotive batteries for different vehicle types. 


Members have also engaged with officials at Brazil's INMETRO authority, to explain the burdens faced by European industry as a consequence of its restrictive auditing and testing requirements for automotive batteries exported to Brazil within the vehicle.


The e-Mobility Working Group has continued its review of forthcoming calls under the Horizon 2020 and European Green Vehicles Initiative, and is working on a complete EUROBAT Roadmap about R&D priority areas for e-Mobility battery technologies.  

EUROBAT has become member of the EGVIA the association related to these initiatives.


For more information about the ABC activities, please contact Erwin Marckx .



The Industrial Batteries Committee (IBC) noted that the IEC TC21 ('Secondary cells and batteries') is finalizing the standard on safety requirements for traction batteries. Furthermore, IEC TCs 21 and 82 

('Photovoltaics') have set up a Joint Working group to prepare an international standard for rechargeable batteries used for the storage of renewable energy. 


Recently, IEC TC21 completed the IEC 61427-2 ('Standard on secondary batteries for RES Storage in griapplications'). The document will help with the introduction of batteries in the markets for grid-connected electric energy storage systems.

The IEC TC21 decided to broaden its scope to include technology and chemistry for flow batteries. Flow batteries are starting to be deployed in the market and the purpose is to align standards regarding existing battery tests and safety standards.


IBC Storage Working Group


A joint meeting of the IBC and its dedicated Storage Working Group was organized in June to review the goals and set directions of the activities in 2014-2015. The Working Groups expertise proved to be very useful for the Joint EASE-EERA Energy Storage Technology Roadmap. The Roadmap's section on batteries now covers all technologies. Its inclusion received significant attention as to how they differentiate from the other storage technologies, for the fact that batteries are highly flexible and production capacities already exist in Europe.


Thanks to the Storage Working Group, EUROBAT continues to build strong relationships with key stakeholder associations, in particular EASE (Storage), EPIA (PhotoVoltaic) and EURELECTRIC (Electricity Industry). EUROBAT also provides direct input to the European Commission's Directorate General for Energy at highest level as well as through technical meetings with its key officials.

For information on IBC activities contact Erwin Marckx and for Storage contact Francesco Gattiglio.


Visit of EUROBAT and members by Chinese delegation

A delegation of Chinese academics and public authorities visited the EUROBAT office and facilities of member companies on 23 - 26 September. This delegation's trip to Europe was part of the EU-China Environmental Sustainability Programme for the lead-based battery sector in China.


Batteries 2020

The FP7 Project Batteries 2020 held a workshop in Seville, Spain at the premises of ABENGOA in early October to discuss standard protocols for performance testing. EUROBAT is dissemination partner of this project that is investigating new . The project will soon enter a new phase with results to be released on the findings of the different industry partners (Ikerlan, Umicore, Leclanché, CFR-Fiat and Abengoa) and universities (Brussels, Aachen and Aalborg).


Latest Industry Events 

Members and staff of EUROBAT presented at important conferences in the past weeks.



EUROBAT's President Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff gave a key note presentation at the ELBC 2014 in Edinburgh, UK on the latest regulatory and application market developments for batteries in Europe.


Alfons Westgeest and Dr. Andreas Pfrang (Joint Research Center of the European Commission) presented latest research and testing developments on the JRC's test laboratory and the EU batteries 2020 project at Batteries 2014 in France.



Alfons presented at the EUROSEF 2014, the Energy Security Conference in Brussels, chaired by former German parliamentarian Hans-Josef Fell. Other interventions included a senior staff member of the European Council and Members of the European Parliament. 





Several Members of EUROBAT presented at World of Energy Solutions in Stuttgart about significant new battery applications for storage of renewable energy in the grid and off-grid, including the M5Bat and Pellworm projects in Germany, in a session moderated by Alfons Westgeest.





Upcoming Events

European Utility Week 2014, 4 - 6 November, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The European Utility Week is the annual landmark event of the European energy calendar bringing together 10.000+ global utility industry stakeholders under one roof. Event website

Lithium Battery Power 2014, 11 - 12 November 2014, Washington, DC, USA
The Lithium Battery Power: Driving Breakthrough Energy Technologies from Lab to Market conference addresses critical issues facing the industry, presents innovative and game-changing research on lithium-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries, and fosters cross-industry discussion on ways to advance viable technologies from pure research to practical application and commercialization.  Event website


Battery Safety 2014, 13 - 14 November 2014, Washington DC
The Fifth Annual Battery Safety conference addresses key safety challenges of lithium batteries and technologies for improvement. The conference gathers electrical engineers, cell manufacturers and safety officials to share cell-level research, systems-level safety analysis, research applications and cost reduction strategies with examples from industry, academia, government and the military. Event website

3rd Annual Energy Storage Tech China Summit, 19 - 21 November 2014, Beijing

The 3rd Annual Energy Storage Tech China Summit is designed to gather 350 professionals represe
nting policy makers, experts, decision-makers and manufacturers in the renewable energy and energy storage industry. Event website


European Electric Vehicle Congress, 4- 5 December 2014, Brussels

The  European Electric Vehicle Congress strengthens its position as global platform to foster exchange of views between the R&D, the industry, the authorities, the end-users and the NGO's actors, so to develop synergies in the field of eMobility. Event website

Energy Storage India Conference & Exhibition 4-5 December 2014, New Delhi, India
The theme of the 2nd conference is "Re-Imagining India's Energy Infrastructure and will focus on various applications where energy storage and micro-grid technologies will help India leapfrog the energy infrastructure development. Event website 

EUROBAT will be speaking at the following events:  


European Utility Week 2014, 4-6 November, Amsterdam

Alfons Westgeest will chair the session on "energy storage innovation and leading projects under
the spotlight".


European Electric Vehicle Congress, 4-5 December, Brussels

Alfons Westgeest will give a keynote speech and EUROBAT will prepare a special session.

Energy Storage India Conference & Exhibition, 4 - 5 December, New Delhi

EUROBAT companies will be present. 


4th Graphite & Graphene Conference, 9 - 10 December, Berlin

EUROBAT will be speaking this conference.


Rene Schroeder
EU Affairs & Communications Manager


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