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 Upcoming Events 

2-5 June 2014

Munich, Germany

Intersolar Europe Conference


5-6 June 2014

Brussels, Belgium



26-28 August 

Lappeenranta, Finland 

16th EU Conference on Power Electronics and Applications 


9- 12 September 

Edinburgh, UK

ELBC - European Lead Battery Conference & Exhibition


24-26 September 

Hamburg, Germany

ICBR - International Conference for Battery Recycling 


24-26 September 

Nice, France 

Batteries 2014 

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EUROBAT releases joint study with ACEA, ILA, JAMA and KAMA on automotive battery technologies 

Published on 19 May, the study concludes that lead-based batteries will by necessity remain the most wide-spread energy storage system in automotive applications for the foreseeable future. Their low cost and unparalleled ability to start the engine at cold temperatures sets them apart in conventional and basic micro-hybrid vehicles, and as auxiliary batteries in all other automotive applications. With regard to overall storage capability and potential for further fuel efficiency improvements, the demand for larger battery systems based on lithium, nickel and sodium will continue to grow through the increased market penetration of vehicles with higher levels of hybridisation and electrification. 

The publication, A Review of Battery Technologies for Automotive Applications, reached its conclusions on the continued application of existing battery technologies using the combined input of EUROBAT, representing Europe's automotive battery industry, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the automobile manufacturers' associations of Japan (JAMA) and South Korea (KAMA), as well as contributions from the International Lead Association. 

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Download the full report here

Download the executive summary here

The 2014 EUROBAT Forum is taking place this week in Brussels, on Friday morning from 09:00 to 13:00. The three sessions will include speakers from industry (Vattenfall, Volkwagen, Umicore), decision-makers (European Commission) and other industry associations with whom EUROBAT works closely (ACEA, EURELECTRIC, ILA, Eurometaux). 
We have a record number of participants this year - over 135 participants confirmed. 
We look forward to welcoming all of them in Brussels this Friday.
Download EUROBAT Forum programme here - 6 June  
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REACH Regulation

End of March, EUROBAT completed the series of meetings with the different services of the European Commission to present our arguments against authorization for the four lead compounds used in battery manufacturing. 

CEM members have made progress with their advocacy strategy to inform different Member State authorities about the situation of the European battery industry under the REACH Regulation, specifically in relation to the four lead compounds.
The EC's services have still not finalised the Risk Management Options (RMO) assessment of the Lead compounds. In parallel, ECHA's Member States Committee (MSC) had a first exchange beginning of April on which substances to prioritise this year for inclusion on the authorization list (Annex XIV). No decision has been made, and it will only be at the MSC meeting beginning of June that it will become clear which substances will be selected this prioritization round. For the substances that are subject to prioritisation, a stakeholder consultation will then follow between June and September. The final decision on the inclusion on the authorization list will be taken early next year.

Concerning Cadmium and Nickel, EUROBAT continued to support the International Cadmium Association (ICdA) and the Nickel Institute in their related activities. The EUROBAT secretariat accompanied the International Cadmium Association to a meeting with the German Competent Authorities for REACH on 26 May to present the case of industrial Nickel-Cadmium Batteries. 


Recycling Streams Working Group 
Battery Photo

EUROBAT, together with other international associations involved in the production and recycling of batteries, continued their discussions on the emerging problem of Lithium-ion batteries mistakenly ending up in Lead smelters. Several conference calls were held since February and several EUROBAT Committees have been consulted. One measure identified by the participants is to develop standards for battery labeling at international level. In parallel, members of the Working Group are currently assessing how sorting technology and other measures can lead to a better separation of different battery chemistries at the end-of-life stage.


For more information on the CEM issues, please contact Rene Schroeder. 

Over the last months, the Automotive Battery Committee (ABC) has worked primarily on the finalisation of several Joint Industry Reports in cooperation with the automobile industry (ACEA, JAMA, KAMA) and the International Lead Association:
  • A Review of Batteries in Automotive Applications
  • Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) on Lead-based batteries in Passenger Cars
  • Resource Availability of Metals used in Lead-based batteries

A workshop was organised with different representatives of the European Commission on 16th May to release these reports, and discuss their content in light of the upcoming review of the ELV Directive's Annex II exemption of lead in batteries. Several ABC members participated actively in this workshop, emphasizing EUROBAT's position that it is not possible to substitute existing battery technologies in their established applications, without impacting on overall vehicle performance and cost.


Members of the ABC's SLI working group have also finalized their methodology for the collection of aggregated statistics on sales of conventional and advanced automotive batteries. After legal approval on the methodology, a retrospective data collection has been completed, to give an overview of general market trends for the European automotive battery market. This data will be presented at EUROBAT's AGM and Forum.


The ABC's e-Mobility working group has continued its review of forthcoming calls under the Horizon 2020 European Green Vehicles Initiative, and has given input onto priority areas to be covered in 2016/2017 call topics.  Alongside this work, members have regularly shared information on EV battery statistics, transportation, standardisation and safety. EUROBAT has also continued its participation with other international battery associations in drafting transportation guidelines, as well as its active involvement in international regulatory bodies including the UN-ECE WP.29. 


For more information about the ABC activities, please contact Chris Heron.
The work of EUROBAT's Industrial Battery Committee is continuing with growing needs to refine market statistics and knowledge on product applications to understand the dynamics of the markets. The Industrial Battery Committee met on 18 and 25 February 2014 as it could not cover all agenda items in one single meeting.

More standardization activities related to storage system integration in networks are developing at worldwide level (IEC or ISO), with increased involvement of non-European National Committees who are taking a leading role in the process. These developments will have increased impacts on the work of the IEC TC21 on "Secondary cells and batteries". The IEC TC21 plenary meetings in Washington of April 2014 will be further discussed during the next committee meeting. 
Research & Innovation
Another focus of the Committee is the participation and follow-up of the Horizon 2020 Energy and Smart Cities topic. The recently created IBC Storage Working Group gave further input to the battery roadmaps 2030 (on lead, nickel, lithium and sodium based). Part of the joint "EASE/EERA EU roadmap on Energy storage technologies, the battery roadmaps provide recommendations to the EC on further calls. The Storage WG met several times to follow up the process of the Horizon 2020 calls. In cooperation with the Commission services from DG ENER, we succeeded to increase the involvement of the European industry in participating to proposals. Further efforts will be made to advise the Commission in writing the EC's Energy programme to prepare for future calls in view to kick-off new storage markets.
EUROBAT cooperation with DG Energy on grid-connected battery markets
In a series of meetings, EUROBAT and DG Energy discussed market barriers as well as the drivers needed to accelerate the deployment of new storage markets. The Storage Working Group will provide more information on the different grid functionalities and how batteries could be rewarded. We will need to better understand the customer demands and elaborate economic business models for commercial and residential battery energy storage.

UPS Eco-Design Study finalised 
The UPS Eco-design Preparatory Study finalized its task and provided its final report to the Commission, advising to go for the implementation through legislation and not with voluntary agreements. The EUROBAT Storage WG monitored and contributed to the study with information related to statistics, lifetime, recycling and battery characteristics to improve the environmental impact of the battery component. The study reports can be downloaded from the UPS Eco-Design website here.

Based on the EU initiative "Building the Single Market for Green Products", the UPS was proposed by the sector and selected by Commission for a three-year testing pilot project to develop product- and sector-specific rules through stakeholder consultations via the establishment of a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). The purpose is to agree on how to measure environmental performances of the UPS. The pilot project is led by Schneider Electric. EUROBAT staff attended the kick-off meeting will follow up the actions from the first consultation meeting.

For more information on IBC activities, please contact Erwin Marckx.
Latest Industry Events 
EUROBAT Present at Main Energy and Transport Events
EUROBAT members and staff continue to participate and speak at the main events taking place in Brussels and in other locations. 

Energy Storage Europe - 24 March, Düsseldorf  

Alfons Westgeest represented EUROBAT at this event. 

He also participated at the first international energy storage policy and regulation workshop "The Transformative Power of Storage: Developing IRENA's Electricity Storage Roadmap", part of the elaboration of REmap 2030, the global renewable energy roadmap. 


Energy Storage World Forum, 1-4 April, London 
Organised by Dufresne, Energy Storage World Forum is a platform for experts from various industries - TSO, DSO, Utilities, Regulators among others. EUROBAT's Executive Director Alfons Westgeest was the moderator of the session on residential energy storage (To feed in or not to feed in? Should Residential Energy Storage be used to feed in to the grid or only for self consumption?). The session included speakers from RWE, Western Power Distribution and ESB Network.
BCI Convention - 29 April, USA
EUROBAT's President, Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff (Johnson Controls) spoke at the Battery Council International annual conference and exhibition in April. As in previous years, EUROBAT presentation provided an overview of the latest development and achievements of the European Battery Industry.
E+Storage, The Innovation Cloud, May 8, Milan 
Alfons Westgeest Executive Director gave a presentation at this event (Small-medium scale electrical storage: a European view) which as part of the SolarExpo exhibition in Italy. The event was attended by over 400 people. More details are included in the press release published earlier this month - click here.  
Energy Storage for Electric Vehicles: challenges, what's new and what's next - 22 May, Brussels  
Alfons Westgeest was a speaker at this event in Brussels. The workshop analysed the European energy policy role in today's and tomorrow's storage systems, the main challenges to further development and deployment, and the technological and regulatory solutions that would enable further electric vehicle development. EUROBAT presentation focused on 'the impact of all automotive battery technologies'.
Upcoming Events
EES - International Trade Fair for Batteries, Energy Storage & Innovative Production, 4-6 June Munich 
EES is the industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and users of stationary and mobile electrical energy storage solutions. Covering the entire value chain of innovative battery and energy storage technologies - from components and production to specific user applications. Event website
14th European Lead Battery Conference, Energy Sustainability with Lead Batteries - 9 September, Edinburgh, UK 
14ELBC will provide an ideal opportunity for anybody involved with the global lead battery industry to review and discuss the most recent technical advances associated with lead-acid batteries, especially in the areas of emerging new automotive and renewable energy systems. More than 600 delegates and 100 exhibitors attended 13ELBC in Paris 2012 and similar numbers are confidently expected in Edinburgh. Event website
World of Energy Solutions, 6-8 October, Stuttgart, Germany 
The event will gather the makers and shakers of the ongoing energy transition: battery and fuel cell manufacturers, mechanical engineering and plant construction companies, system integrators, as well as decision-makers from the areas of energy supply, the automotive industry and facility management. The event is the link between the innovation fields of energy supply, energy storage and mobility with its diverse services and offers. Since May, over 40 percent of the stand area has already been allocated. Event website 
Energy Storage India Conference & Exhibition 4-5 December 2014, New Delhi, India
The theme of the 2nd conference is "Re-Imagining India's Energy Infrastructure" and will focus on various applications where energy storage and micro-grid technologies will help India leapfrog the energy infrastructure development. Event website 

EUROBAT will be speaking at the following events:  


Intersolar Europe - 2 June, Munich

Alfons Westgeest will be speakling at the session: 'Energy Storage: Markets Session'. His presentation will cover ' Battery energy storage in Europe: status and prospects' 


Intersolar Europe - 4 June, Munich

EUROBAT will be hosting one session on 'Current EU Battery Markets'. Speakers include Dr. Martin Sinz (Exide Tecnologies); Gery Bonduelle (EnerSys EMEA); Stefano Nassuato (FIAMM); Michael Lippert (SAFT). The session will be moderated by Frauke Thies, EPIA Policy Director and Secretary General   


Grid-Scale Energy Storage, 1-2 July, Brussels  

Alfons Westgeest will be speakling at this event 


EU Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, 26-28 August, Finland  

Alfons Westgeest will be speaking at this event  


14th European Lead Battery Conference, 9 September, Edinburgh, UK 

EUROBAT's President, Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff (Johnson Controls) will be speaking at this event


World of Energy Solutions, 6 - 8 October, Stuttgart

Speaker needed  


Batteries 2014 24-26 September, Nice 

Alfons Westgeest will give a presentation together with the European Commission Joint Research 

Centre on the status of the projects both parties are working on (see press release here)  



EUROBAT is promoting all battery technologies and their improvement through R&D.   
EUROBAT is the dissemination partner of the Batteries2020 Project, which is sponsored by European Commission 7th Framework Programme. For more information please visit

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