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 Upcoming Events

23-25 April 2013

Berlin, Germany  

6th Energy Storage World Forum  


29-30 May


Third Israeli Power Sources Conference  


28 April - 1 May 213 

Maryland, USA

BCI Convention 2013


8-9 May

Milan, Italy 

Global Solar Summit 


14-16 May 

Oslo, Norway 

World Electric Vehicle Summit 


6-7 June 2013 

Rome, Italy

EUROBAT AGM & Forum 2013  


19 June

Prague, Czech Republic  

Lead Occupational Exposure Workshop 


19-20 June

Prague, Czech Republic 

18th International Lead Conference - Pb 2013  


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2012 Annual Report is now available 

2012 Annual Report Cover EUROBAT is pleased to announce the publication of its 2012 Annual Report which passes in review the activities of the association and the milestones achieved over the last year.    
This overview of EUROBAT activities is dedicated to the Committees of the association - automotive batteries, environment, health and safety matters and industrial batteries.  
The EUROBAT 2012 Annual Report includes an updated version of the Map of the Battery Industry and Supply Chain Operations in Europe and Neighbouring Countries.
The publication is available for download here. Printed copies are available upon request (contact secretariat here). 

Getting ready for the 2013  Forum and AGM 

Forum Logo 2013

EUROBAT annual event - EUROBAT AGM & Forum - is taking place on 6 and 7 June 2013 in Rome, Italy.


Thursday, 6 June, will be dedicated to EUROBAT internal meetings (Committees, Board and AGM). On Friday, the EUROBAT Forum will gather high level speakers in three different sessions. This year, the sessions will discuss topics such as recent R&D developments, international regulatory matters and the use of battery technologies in new markets and applications like UPS integration, industrial storage, just to name some.      


Event practical details:

Venue: Rome Marriott Park Hotel
Date: 6 and 7 June 2013
Event programmeclick here
Registration linkclick here  


The early bird rates are available until 1 May 2013. We suggest you to proceed with your registration as soon as possible so you can benefit from the reduced rate. 

Association News 
EUROBAT joins forces with other 11 partners in the Platform for the Electrification of Surface Transport 
Platform Event 19 March Together with various stakeholders EUROBAT has set-up a common initiative calling for the electrification of the transport sector in Europe. The Platform for the Electrification of Surface Transport was officially launched during an event in Brussels on 19 March 2013. The event was hosted by the MEP Gesine Meissner (ALDE, Germany) and counted with over 100 participants. The panel debate included representatives from the European Commission and associations representing the public transport, electricity, railways, regional authorities and car manufacturers. Discussions highlighted the importance of a stable and concrete policy framework with a long-term vision. Different actors pleaded EU decision-makers to provide investors with the needed security in terms of legislation so that they can roll out appropriate technology solutions to decarbonise the transport sector in the EU. Continue reading here.  
EUROBAT inputs on project assessing the economic impact of decarbonising light duty vehicles 
Study For the last 9 months, EUROBAT has participated in the Core Working Group of industry stakeholders contributing to a research project, sponsored and coordinated by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and undertaken by Cambridge Econometrics and Ricardo-AEA, to assess the economic impact of decarbonising light-duty vehicles. EUROBAT members have provided information for the project's initial dataset, and continue to hold interviews with the consultants to outline the specific situation for Europe's battery industry. The results of the first phase of this project, An Economic Assessment of Low-Carbon Vehicles was released on 19 March. Continue reading here 
Green Paper on 2030 Framework for climate and energy targets 
EUROBAT welcomes the Green Paper issued last month by the European CommissionMeaningful 2030 targets for emissions reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency are an important policy measure to encourage long-term investments into low-carbon technologies and smarter energy infrastructure across Europe. EUROBAT will emphasise the necessity of a coordinated and ambitious approach across all three areas when responding to the consultation launched by the European Commission. Continue reading here.


* Four Lead compounds used in Battery Manufacturing were added to the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) under the REACH Regulation in December 2012. EUROBAT has published an information brief providing Members with an analysis of the consequences of this listing for battery manufacturers.  

* The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) now has to make proposals to the European Commission for the most adequate risk management option (RMO) to be taken (authorization, restriction or other measures). EUROBAT is advocating for the fact that RMOs other than authorization may be best suited, and that the battery industry is already well covered by legislation protecting human health and the environment and may therefore qualify for an exemption from authorisation under article 58.2 of the REACH Regulation. 

* EUROBAT will also respond to ECHA's public consultation on the use of Lead and Lead compounds in small consumer articles. Although the restriction does not affect batteries, EUROBAT disagrees with a number of statements made in Sweden's proposal relating to batteries, and so will work with other stakeholder in the supply chain to ensure adequate information is provided.  

* In early March, Sweden proposed to include Cadmium and Cadmium oxide to the Candidate List of SVHCs under the REACH Regulation. A consultation is open on ECHA's website for stakeholder input until 18 April 2013. Industry's input into the consultation is coordinated by the International Cadmium Association, with which EUROBAT Members using the substances cooperate. 


In March, EUROBAT published its "Transportation Guidelines ADR 2011: Explanatory Notes for the internal and cross-border transportation of new batteries by road for the implementation of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)", available on our website.
The document only covers the transportation of new batteries by road. In the coming months, EUROBAT will consider updating its Transportation Guidelines for new batteries, used batteries and other battery-specific dangerous goods to reflect changes in ADR 2013.  

For more information on the CEM issues, please contact Michel Baumgartner.

start-stop The Automotive Battery Committee (ABC) continues its regulatory activities, engaging directly with Brazilian INMETRO authorities to reduce the burden of extra testing and auditing requirements that have been placed onto automotive lead-based batteries intended for export to Brazil. The ABC has also inputted into CENELEC standardization discussions on Start-Stop battery labelling, and assisted the European Commission in resolving uncertainties in the Capacity Labelling Regulation (1103/2010/EU)

The ABC Taskforce II on mild, full, plug-in HEV and EV battery issues has escalated its cooperation with the European Joint Research Centre, with both entities working together to improve the scientific information available through battery testing support (BESTEST) and a common database (BASiT) to collect data on incidents and accidents within three levels of confidentiality on battery safety. 
For more information about the ABC activities, please contact Erwin Marckx and Chris Heron.

panel Across the first three months of 2013, the Industrial Battery Committee has begun to establish itself as an important stakeholder in the European Commission's work to promote energy storage as an essential component of the EU's future smart grid. EUROBAT has met with Commission representatives, and inputted into the Joint Industry EU Energy Storage Technology Development Roadmap 2030 to promote the key role that all battery technologies will play in the transition to a decarbonized power system. 

EUROBAT's IBC Task Force Smart Grids is now preparing a response document to the Commission's Working Paper on the Future Role and Challenges for Energy Storage in the EU Grid. This is being carried out alongside the work of IBC Task Force Rural Electrification to prepare a Guidance document on Battery Energy Storage for Rural Electrification. Both should hopefully be completed in 2013.

For more information about the IBC activities, please contact Erwin Marckx and Chris Heron 
Latest Industry Events 
EUROBAT Present at Main Energy and Transport Events
EUROBAT members and staff continue to participate and speak at the main events taking place in Brussels and in other locations. 
World Lead Conference - Istanbul 19 March 
World Lead Conf
Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff (Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA), EUROBAT Board member, spoke at Metal Bulletin's World Lead Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, last month. This year's event gathered 150 delegates from over 15 countries. Dempwolff's presentation focused on the technology advancement of lead based batteries and their role in the development of electro-mobility and renewable energy integration in the grid - both of them are important pillars for the decarbonisation of Europe's economy. The EUROBAT Board member reviewed the main pieces of legislation tackling the use of lead in batteries, highlighting the continuous scrutiny the industry is faced with and how this undermines investor's confidence in the sector. 

Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff presentation is available for download here.  


EWEA Annual Conference - Vienna 4 February 

Alfons Westgeest, EUROBAT Executive Director, presented a poster at the Wind Energy Association annual event in Vienna this year. This event is a reference point for the wind and renewables industry in Europe. With over 10.000 attendees, the conference and exhibition was a great promotional venue for EUROBAT to leverage the role of batteries in facilitating the integration of renewables, including wind energy, in the grid. Panel discussions showed initial discussions and interest for storage solutions.

More info about the event is available here.


Raw Materials Conference - Brussels 19 March 

Michel Baumgartner, EUROBAT EU Affairs Manager, represented the association at a high level round table about raw materials demand in the value chain ('how can the efficient use of resources help to address global challenges'). Members of the panel included the Dutch MEP Judith Merkies, a professor of the Leiden University, the President of the Nickel Institute and a representative of the British Geological Survey. The discussion focused on the resource efficiency agenda set forth by the European Commission and the push for further low-carbon technology development.  

More info about the event is available here. 

EUROBAT in the News 
See below latest contributions of the association to press and media publications

Pan European Networks Magazine 
'Charging ahead', article published on February 2013 edition  
PV Magazine 
'Spoilt for choice, battery overview', article published on February 2013 edition

Upcoming Events
6th Energy Storage World Forum - 23 to 25 April - Berlin, Germany  
Berlin Energy Storage The 6th Energy Storage Forum Berlin will feature 50 speakers including 17 utilities/TSOs/DSOs and 7 regulators from over 17 countries. There will be over 40 topics to be discussed covering all aspects of energy storage. The past 5 Forums had a total of 200+ speakers including more than 30 leading utilities such as EDF, E.ON, ENBW, RWE, GDF SUEZ, TERNA, DONG ENERGY, CHINA STATE GRID, ENEL, with participants from over 35 countries. Tech Soap Box is a unique feature of the Forum featuring the best new cutting edge energy storage technology. Audience will evaluate the winner. 

Global Solar Summit - 8 to 9 May - Milan, Italy  
Solar Summit The Global Solar Summit is the annual event of the Global Solar Alliance, a joint initiative of Solarexpo (Europe), SNEC (Asia) and Solar Power International (North America). Backed by this authoritative partnership, the Summit offers a comprehensive analysis and perspective of the solar industry, its ecosystem, its competitive environment, with the declared intent of formulating and advocating global strategies to drive the sector forward. This year, industry executives, leading investors, senior government officials and thought leaders will convene in Milan to debate challenges and opportunities related to the rationalisation and transformation of an industry that is entering a new phase and needs to grow up, to become fully competitive in the broader energy market. 
Alfons Westgeest, EUROBAT Executive Director, will be speaking at this event.
World Electric Vehicle Summit - 14 to 16 May - Oslo, Norway 
Oslo event The World Electric Vehicle Summit brings the industry and end users together for three days, including senior fleet decision-makers, retail property owners and property management companies. Focusing on tested strategies to catalyse electric vehicle markets, WEVS 2013 will have an emphasis on consumer-led business models for deployment and procurement of EVs and charging solutions that reflect today's market conditions, as well as exploring the development of essential charging and EV technologies to enable businesses to turn market potential into market growth today, not 10 years from now. EUROBAT members can claim a 15% discount off the registration fee for this event.   
18th International Lead Conference - 19 to 21 June - Prague, Czech Republic 
Organised by the International Lead Association since 1962, the event provides a comprehensive overview of the issues affecting the lead industry worldwide. Pb2013 will include a Lead Occupational Exposure Workshop on 19 June. The workshop is being held with the support of EUROBAT, the Association of Battery Recyclers and Battery Council International. 


EUROBAT will be speaking at the following upcoming events 

30 April - David Shaffer, President EnerSys EMEA & EUROBAT Board Member - BCI Convention - Baltimore, Maryland, USA 

9 May - Alfons Westgeest, EUROBAT Executive Director - Global Solar Summit - Milan, Italy 

17 June - Alfons Westgeest, EUROBAT Executive Director - Intersolar 2013 - Munich, Germany 

18 June - Michel Baumgartner, EUROBAT EU Affairs Manager and Karsten Kurtz, EXIDE Technologies - Lead Occupational Exposure Workshop during the PbB2013 - Prague, Czech Republic   


Raquel Ponte Costa
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