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EWFA Article Published in European Energy Innovation Magazine - page 38  

 Energy Innovation Magazine Dec 2012

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 9 & 10 May 2013

Bucharest, Romania

EWFA Annual General Meeting


EWFA will be having two days of internal meetings in Bucharest in May this year. More information will soon be available on EWFA website  



On this start of 2013 we bring you a summary of the main highlights of the past year for the European Window Film Association.


2012 was a very positive year for EWFA. It started very well with the launch of the new website for which we are very happy although it requires continuous work and input from members. In April we had two successful days of meetings in Istanbul, Turkey. For the first time, the working groups and the distributors were given the opportunity to meet which was welcomed by everyone and is something we will definitely repeat next year. 


To conclude the year in the best way possible, the Board has just commissioned the Italian test house SSV - Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro - to evaluate the energy saving impacts resulting from the usage of window film in buildings. This study will provide us factual data about the energy saving impacts of window film which will be paramount to position window film in the energy saving debate in Brussels as well as at national level.


EWFA has a lot to hope for on the start of this new year!

Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me or our offices in Brussels.   


Season greetings,

David Cox

EWFA President  


EWFA commissions energy study on use of Window Film to SSV 

EWFA has commissioned the Italian test house SSV - Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro - to evaluate the energy saving impacts resulting from the usage of window film in buildings. The study will measure the energy saving impacts of the installation of six different types of window film on buildings via data modelling.

The EWFA Technical Working Group has spent most of 2012 discussing the parameters of the study, the types of window films to be used, the climatic zones and type of buildings. It was a long process, but the final details of the scoping document have now been confirmed, with SSV set to begin the study in January 2013.

David Cox speaks about solar control strategies at the Energy Forum in Italy 

Dave Cox Energy Forum 2012 On 6th December, EWFA President David Cox presented on "Window film as a solar control strategy" at the 2012 Italian Energy Forum on Solar Building Skins. The conference looked to explore strategies for saving energy in buildings, and presented several new ways of integrating renewable energy technologies into multifunctional building elements to achieve affordable net-zero and green buildings. 
Download David Cox's presentation here 

New EWFA Distributor Member  - GLASTINT 

EWFA Glastint

EWFA's Board is proud to welcome aboard a new distributor member - Glastint. Created 30 years ago, the company Glastint is based in Monaco. It has more than 80 centers (franchisees) in France and employs over 240 technicians' applicators. Glastint works with 11 different products for automobile applications and other 11 for buildings. More information available on the official website of the company - click here

Other News  

Limited ambition for building renovation leaves much to Member States 

On 13 June 2012, embattled negotiators from the European Parliament, Commission and Council were able to endorse a trilogue agreement on the Energy Efficiency Directive. Their compromise text has since been approved in the European Parliament through a final plenary vote on 11 September, giving Member States until April 2013 to present their national programmes for its implementation. EWFA is grateful for the political impetus that has enabled an agreement to be reached, as to be left with no common framework for energy efficiency would be a damaging result for European industry. 

Continue reading here

Window Film participates in the League of Green Embassies initiative 

League of Green Embassies Window film is one of the product technologies participating in the renovation campaign taking place in the US embassy in Brussels, Belgium, as part of the League of Green Embassies initiative.
The League of Green Embassies was established in 2007 by Michael M. Wood, former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. The initiative, gathering over 80 US diplomatic missions, aims to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation among US embassies.
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Window Film included in new California Building Standards Code

After a successful lobbying effort by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and ConSol, provisions for window films have been included in the proposed text of California's state-wide 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, which was approved on 9 May 2012 and is scheduled to take effect in January 2014. 

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New Australian rating scheme aids Window Film selection   


WERS For Film - a newly introduced programme within Austrialia's Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) - provides a clear rating scheme for window film products, enabling end-users to make informed comparisons and selection based on performance. The initiative is jointly managed by the Australian Window Association (AWA) and the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ).  

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UK school tackles glare and room temperatures thanks to coloured Window Film

Window film is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to tackle a variety of problem situations building occupants are usually faced with such as glare, UV exposure, fading, temperature control, graffiti attacks among other. Window film also improves the safety and security aspects of glass applied to both vehicles and houses, contributing at the same time to increased privacy and in some cases even improving the buildings' interior and exterior looks.

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Photo of old truck driver with photoaging makes noise in the press   

truck Driver The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported on 66-year old William Edward Mcelligot, whose skin has been irreparably damaged by the sun only on the left side of his face. The damage was caused in the course of Mcelligot's 28-year career as a delivery truck driver, where the left-side of his face was constantly exposed to the sun through the truck's side window. The photo published by the New England Journal of Medicine hit the press everywhere in the world in the past months. Continue reading here 
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