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Agreements Signed with EC JRC, RGI and EASE
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 Upcoming Events

26-27 February 2013

Aachen, Germany

Advanced Battery Power 2013 


13-15 March 2013 

Brussels, Belgium  

13th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2013 


18-19 March 2013

Dusseldorf, Germany 

Energy Storage Summit 


19-20 March 2013

Istanbul, Turkey 

5th World Lead Conference 


23-25 April 2013

Berlin, Germany  

6th Energy Storage Forum  


14-16 May Oslo, Norway 

World Electric Vehicle Summit


29-30 May


Third Israeli Power Sources Conference  


6-7 June 2013 

Rome, Italy

EUROBAT AGM & Forum 2013  

Forum Logo 2013
With the end of 2012 approaching fast, this Newsletter brings you the latest news of the association (preparations for 2013 annual event), the projects it has been working on (agreements signed with the European Commission, EASE and RGI), the events attended and a summary of the various Committees and their activities with regards to environmental, industrial and automotive matters.    

Season greetings,

Agreements Signed with the European Commission Joint Research Centre, the Renewables Grid Initiative and the Association for Storage of Energy

EUROBAT concluded three important agreements in the past weeks with well-known platforms and institutions: the European Commission Joint Research Centre; the Renewables Grid Initiative and the European Association for Storage of Energy  

European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC JRC)

EUROBAT begun formal co-operation with the EC JRC in view of supporting their Battery energy storage testing for safe electric transport (BESTEST) activities. The MoU signed in November will allow EUROBAT to provide industry expertise in the process and tackle any issues relevant to the European battery industry. Continue reading here  


Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI)

RGI event The RGI is a coalition of Europe's largest grid operators and environmental organisations supporting the EU ambition to boost renewable electricity and cut carbon emissions. The coalition handed over to EU Commissioners Günther H. Oettinger (Energy) and Janez Potočnik (Environment) the European Grid Declaration on Transparency and Public Participation. EUROBAT is pleased with the declaration said Alfons Westgeest: "batteries of all technologies provide electrical energy storage at different levels in the grid, with centralised, decentralised, community and local-level storage all facilitating renewable energy integration." Continue reading here    


European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)

EASE Agreement The MoU signed with EASE will facilitate co-operation between both associations on items of mutual interest notably positioning battery energy storage as an important tool to improve flexibility and stability of Europe's grids. 

Continue reading here 

Association News 
EUROBAT 2013 AGM and Forum in Rome, Italy - 6 and 7 June
Forum Logo 2013Preparations have started for EUROBAT 2013 annual event - EUROBAT AGM & Forum. The two-days event will take place in Rome, Italy, on 6th and 7th June 2013. As in previous years, the first day will include meetings of the different Committees, the Board and the Annual General Meeting. This first day will finish with a social event. During the morning of the second day - Friday 7th June - EUROBAT will host the Forum. The Forum programme is being discussed within EUROBAT Committtees and Taskforces. Topics include new market developments (UPS integration, grid parity for PV), regulatory developments related to safety and environment and updates on R&D and technology latest advancements (for instance nanotechnology and microelectronics). 


Practical Details:
Venue: Rome Marriott Park Hotel (Via Colonnello Tommaso Masala 54, Rome 00148)
Date: 06 and 07 June 2013
More information will soon be available on our website. 


Update CEM Committee - ENVIRONMENT


A workshop of EUROBAT members on Blood Lead Mitigation took place on 7th November. Presentations made at the meeting are available on the members-only section of our website. The workshop was the occasion to discuss the latest best-practices for Blood Lead Mitigation. As a result, EUROBAT's Blood Lead Mitigation Programme will be updated in the coming months, to ensure continued improvements in blood lead levels across the industry.


* Answer to the European Chemical Agency 's (ECHA) consultation on 4 Lead compounds used in battery manufacturing. The CEM is now preparing the next steps in the process in cooperation with other industry associations such as the International Lead Association, car manufacturers and users of industrial batteries.

* Answer to another ECHA consultation on the harmonized classification and labeling of Lead. This consultation closed on 7th December and EUROBAT will be supporting the answers to the consultation prepared by the Reach Lead Consortium and Eurométaux.  

* Briefings of European Commission and national authorities on the position of industry and specifically on voluntary programmes in place to protect the health of workers in the battery industry. 

Members of the Automotive Battery Committee have cooperated closely with the European Commission in the last four months, with meetings held with the Technical Advisory Council to amend the Capacity Labeling Regulation (1103/2010/EU) in order to prevent market distortions; and with DG Enterprise and DG Trade to clarify the European battery industry's position regarding new Brazilian INMETRO regulations.

International activities have also continued, with ABC members attending the latest UN-ECE Electric Vehicle Safety meeting in Bonn from 23rd to 25th October, and mapping the European standardisation framework for EV batteries as part of the EU-China Trade Project (EUCTP). 


Both the Industrial Battery Committee Taskforces on Smart Grids and Rural Electrification have begun drafting external position papers for publication in 2013. Members of the IBC TF Smart Grid have also successfully drafted detailed technical factsheets for all four battery technologies in on-grid energy storage applications. These will be used by the European Association for the Storage of Energy (EASE) to benchmark battery technologies against other storage options  


EUROBAT also continues to input on position papers on energy storage from other key stakeholders, including most recently for the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) (read more about the report here) and EURELECTRIC (read more about the report here).  

Latest Industry Events 
EUROBAT Present at Main Energy and Transport Events
EUROBAT members and staff continue to participate and speak at the main events taking place in Brussels and in other locations with a view of promoting the batteries industry, especially in new market applications.
Solar PV Summit - Verona May 2012
Video Report about event
EUROBAT Executive Director, Alfons Westgeest, took part in a session with representatives from EPIA (Photovoltaics Association) and the European Commission. Speakers highlighted the difficult situation due to subsidy cuts in many countries, but remain positive about future, emphasizing opportunities and emerging markets. Speakers also pointed out the importance of energy storage solutions in the further expansion of solar PV. Continue reading here
European Lead Battery Conference - Paris September 2012
Ray Kubis, EUROBAT President, spoke at the ELBC event in Paris. On his presentation, Ray Kubis confirmed the strong interest from customer and business organisations for batteries of all technologies. This growing demand indicates the significant role batteries play on the development of important energy storage applications in Europe, be it solutions for the transport and electro-mobility or the renewable energy field.


International Trade Fair for Battery and Energy Storage Technologies, Battery + Storage - Stuttgart October 2012 
EUROBAT was represented by Alfons Westgeest who spoke at the opening session of the event. EUROBAT's Executive Director put the emphasis on the different technological developments taking place in the battery industry and the importance of continued support to manufacturing and advancement of the supply chain in Europe.
Batteries 2012 - Nice October 2012
EUROBAT presentation touched upon the standards debate, pinpointing the need for open markets and interoperability for electric vehicles on a global level. 
European Electric Vehicle Conference EEVC - Brussels November 2012
Representatives from member companies spoke at the opening plenary and sessions of the event. EUROBAT also featured in a closing panel debate on Safety & Standards. Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA's VP for Industry & Governmental Relations and EUROBAT Board member emphasized the important role that battery industry can play in the increased electro-mobility concept.
EUROBAT in the News 
See below latest contributions of the association to press publications and media: 

Pan European Networks Magazine 
Editorial published on Winter 2012 edition 
Download here

Batteries International Magazine 
EUROBAT Forum Review
Download here 

Batteries International Magazine    
Editorial on safety and standardisation 
Download here 

Upcoming Events
13th IARC 2013 in Brussels - 13th to 15th March 
IARC 2013

The International Automobile Recycling Congress will include an exhibition area and a different sessions focusing on topics such as:

* How do car manufacturers and the industry close the recycling loop?
* New cars and new recycling technologies
* Best available recycling technologies
* Reports about illegal export of wrecks
* European ELV Directive towards 2015
* E-mobility - influence on car recycling and dismantling
* Rare earth recycling - what does it mean for the car industry
* CO2 reductions and emissions trading potential of car recycling activities
* Implementing new laws and regulations 

Event Website


Energy Storage Production Technology Forum in Düsseldorf - 18th March 

Dusseldorf 2013Part of the Energy Storage Summit 2013, the event will explore current manufacturing technologies, application opportunities, challenges, economics, as well as the fundamental factors to the growth and expansion of the battery and electrochemical-based storage marketplace.

Event Website 


5th World Lead Conference in Istanbul - 19th to 20th March

World Lead Conf

EUROBAT Board Member Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff of JCI will be speaking at this event. EUROBAT will also be represented by Attila Turker from MUTLU AKU VE MALZ.SAN.A.S. 

The event will focus on following topcis:

World lead supply and demand dynamics and pricing forecasts
The shift in emphasis from primary to secondary lead production and what this means for supply across the globe
Trends and innovations in end user applications within the batteries and renewable energy industries
Managing LME pricing and the outlook for premium prices
Protecting the reputation and regulation of lead across the globe

Event Website


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