November 19, 2016
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Dear Readers,

Salaam Alaykum!

This newsletter aims to engage the NASIMCO membership. We and our membership want to hear about interesting activities, campaigns, workshops or best practices at your center. To include this information as part of this e-Post or on NASIMCO's social media streams, please email us at Together we will strengthen the bonds of our community and promote a unified and caring environment for all.

We want to thank you for your valuable contributions. This newsletter showcases the outcomes of your support. We could not have done this without you.

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation
Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation in Iraq is an independent charitable humanitarian organisation, primarily aimed at providing for the needs of orphans in Iraq and their families.

Since its 
establishment in 2006, Al-Ayn has been supporting and sponsoring orphans, and providing care for them in all aspects of their needs (physical sustenance, medical and dental care, educational attainment, psychological care etc.).

Bilal Charitable Trust - India
Bilal Charitable Trust in India provides monthly financial assistance in form of salaries to 19 teachers, who help educate the Shia students of Al Mahdi English Medium School which falls under Bilal Charitable Trust.

Alimaan Charitable Trust - Najafi House (India)
Alimaan Charitable Trust - Najafi House in India provides monthly financial assistance to 500 needy Sadat widows.

This financial assistance ensures that food and shelter is provided to the widows and their children.


Ramadhan Relief - Tanzania
NASIMCO supported Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania (BMMT) in the disbursement of food baskets in various regions in Tanzania during the month of Ramadhan 1437.

The food baskets 
comprised of staples like rice, sugar, flour, salt, cooking oil, etc to provide these families with Iftaar during this Holy month.
Ramadhan Campaign Against Hunger - Toronto
NASIMCO contributed towards Ramadhan Campaign Against Hunger (RCAH) during the month on Ramadhan 1437 in Toronto.

With the support of over 80 volunteers the team was able to provide over 450 deliveries to families in need within Toronto. These packages consisted of food items like dates, sugar, oil, etc. and Eid gifts for children of these families.

Ramadhan Relief - Kenya
NASIMCO supported Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya (BMMK) in distributing food baskets in various villages in Kenya during the month of Ramadhan 1437.

These food baskets comprised 
of Maize Flour, Wheat Flour and Cooking Oil. Maize is the most common crop grown by rural poor households.
Fort McMurray
NASIMCO after having launched an emergency appeal was able to provide relief to those affected by the raging fire and worked with Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Association of Edmonton as well as the Wood Buffalo Food Bank in Fort McMurray who were involved in supporting the Fort McMurray community.


Syria Humanitarian Relief
NASIMCO answered the call for emergency assistance for Syrian refugees by partnering with UNHCR. A partnership that provided opportunities to help alleviate the plight of the Syrian Refugees.

NASIMCO, within its area of 
operation, encourages and promotes communities to help alleviate human suffering throughout the world.

Check out our partnership webpage here.

Syria Dental Hygiene Clinic
NASIMCO, in conjunction with the ISIJ of Toronto, hosted a Dental Hygiene Clinic for Syrian Refugee families at the Jaffari Community Centre (JCC).

The event was a great success with many positive comments received from the MP's that attended.

Check out the article by York Region Media Group here.


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