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June 17, 2015
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Ramadhan Duas Application

ShiaMobile has revamped its Ramadhan Application, "iDuas Ramadhan" which contains supplications and salutations that are highly recommended to be recited during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, including the Nights of Power (Laylatul Qadr) and Eid-ul-Fitr. A special feature includes the ability to download MP3s and Video files for each Du'a/Amaal to follow along while reciting or listening.


Other new features include:

- A new better interface for all your devices
- Better Arabic font with sizing options via Settings
- New Du'as added - Du'a Jawshane Kabeer, Du'a Abu Hamza Thomali, Du'a Mujeer
- Eid-ul-Fitr Section
- Transliteration section
- Can customize the app using the Settings (i.e. view Arabic, transliteration, font size)
- Can view Full Du'a OR Line By Line via Settings
- Sharing options 
- Landscape and portrait compatibility 
- Bookmarking and much more!


Download the app as follows:

Android Devices 

Apple Devices


for more information visit

Children's Resource
There are 2 new children's books which have been recently authored and published by young mothers from our community.

The Spottywish
- By Saajida Rhemtulla
Every little girl will love this vibrant story where wishes are granted and candies are in plentiful supply. But do we always wish for the right things? Discover what happens when Samiha's wish doesn't quite turn out the way she expected.

Watch the Trailer
Pre-Order your copy here

Princess Siyana's Pen
- By Zainab Merchant
When evil Shargor captures the baby Princess Siyana and leaves her in a barren land, he thinks his dreams have come true, and that the kingdom of Lusitania is his to rule forever. But as the beautiful and talented princess grows up at El Sol Orphanage in Baetica, her deep connection to God is strengthened with every letter she writes, using her special pen. It seems Siyana never knows her true purpose, until the day of the tornado...
Share in Siyana's epic journey home, as she learns to put her trust and faith in God alone!
Includes a recipe for Pepe's favourite macaroons and a game to play!

Watch the Trailer
Order your copy here

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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a unified and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at  


Ramadhan Relief Fund 1436 | 2015

As we near the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadhan, preparations begin by shopping to fill our pantry, ensuring that there is enough food to eat after we break our fast. Today, the trial and tribulations around the world are increasing on a daily basis and does not allow those from war torn countries to cities devastated from natural disasters, to prepare for this special holy month.

The Ramadhan Relief Fund has been created to help these and other struggling families by providing them with food rations, iftaar, water, medicine and other essential needs to make the holy month of Ramadhan a little easier. Your donation assists families who are in desperate need for some relief from the hardships of their lives.


Although any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated, $52 USD or $65 CAD is the cost for food that can feed a family of four for one month.


Individuals wishing to make donations can do so by visiting our website at or through their local Jamaats.


CSAA Scholarship Awards 2015-2016

"Being a recipient of the NASIMCO Scholarship has provided me further motivation in my academic and professional career. I encourage my fellow peers to excel in their academic career and be an active member on your university campus, and most importantly, your community."

- CSAA Scholarship Recipient 2014

Each year NASIMCO awards scholarships to students for Community Service and Academic Achievement (CSAA). The awards aim to encourage the youth of North American communities to excel in their academic achievements and also to reward them for their voluntary services in their respective communities.


Application Forms can be downloaded from


The Application Deadline is August 3, 2015.

Recognizing our Graduates - Class of 2015


"Knowledge and wisdom are really the privilege of a faithful Muslim. If you have lost them, get them back even though you may have to get them from the apostates." - Imam Ali (AS), Nahjul Balagha


The achievements of the youth of our communities are a tremendous honor for all of us, not only in light of the above hadith, but also because the youth are the future leaders of our community. Their achievements and successes deserve to be acknowledged.


It is with this in mind that NASIMCO recognizes the youth of our community. Students in North America who have graduated or are graduating from post-secondary education this year, as the Class of 2015, should send the following information to by July 3rd, 2015 so that their achievements can be recognized:

 Full name
 Email / Mailing address
 Home address
 Program they are graduating in
 Institution from which they are graduating


Ramadhan Speakers 1436 | 2015

Jamaats in USA


Anjuman-e-Asghari - Minnesota
 Syed Saleh Qazwini (2nd half of Ramadhan)
Language: English

Imam Hussain Islamic Center (IHIC) - Minnesota
Speaker: Sheikh Abu Mujtaba Alamiri (1st half of Ramadhan)
Language: Arabic

Speaker: Sheikh Murtada Abu Abbasiya (2nd half of Ramadhan)

Language: Arabic


Speaker: Umeh Aliyah (Ladies) - Saturday/Sunday

Speaker: Sheikh Odeh Muhawesh - Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Language: English

Muslim Foundation Inc (MFI) - New Jersey 

Speaker: Maulana Syed Rizwan Rizvi (1st half of Ramadhan)
Language: English

Speaker: Maulana Syed Suleiman Abidi (2nd half of Ramadhan)

Language: English

Online Streaming:


Husseini Islamic Center of Florida, INC (HIC) - Orlando

Speaker: Sheikh Ayub Rashid (1st half of Ramadhan)

Language: English

Speaker: Sheikh Ali-Al-Najjar (2nd half of Ramadhan)

Language: English

Online Streaming: 


Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Pennsylvania (SIJPA) - Allentown

Speaker: Sheikh Jaffer Ladak (1st half of Ramadhan)

Language: English

Speaker: Syed Aliraza Naqvi (2nd half of Ramadhan)

Language: English

Online Streaming: 


Imam Mahdi Education Center (IMEC) - Maryland

Speaker: Sheikh Ahmad Alhaeri

Language: English


Jamaats in Canada


Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Toronto (ISIJ)

Speakers: Sheikh Jaffer Jaffer (1st half of Ramadhan)

Speaker: Maulana Syed Muhamad Rizvi (2nd half of Ramadhan)

Online Streaming:


Razavi Islamic Center - Hamilton
Speaker: Maulana Shafiq Hudda
Language: English and Urdu 


Masumeen Islamic Center - Brampton

Speaker: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi (1st half of Ramadhan)
Language: English

Speaker: Sheikh Jaffer Jaffer (2nd half of Ramadhan)

Language: English

Online Streaming:


Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Association of Ottawa (ISIAA)

Speaker: Maulana Sayed Javed Jafri


Aza-e-Hussain Association of BC
Speaker: Maulana Hayder Shirazi - (Saturdays)
Language: Urdu and English 


Yemen Appeal 2015

There is a major humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Recent events have led to hundreds of people killed and many more injured.The latest reports from the World Health Organisation indicate that since March 19, 2015, more than 700 civilians have been killed and more than 2,900 injured.

Out of the population of over 20 million in Yemen, nearly 1,000 are from our community. Many have lived there for years. They are at risk of losing everything, including their homes and businesses. 

The situation continues to worsen day by day. The UN high commissioner for human rights has already warned that Yemen is "on the verge of total collapse".


Thousands have fled their homes and are struggling to find basic necessities such as drinking water, food and habitable shelter. With the number of casualties increasing daily, hospitals too are struggling to cope.


NASIMCO has launched an emergency appeal to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the current conflict in Yemen. Through your support, we will be providing humanitarian aid to those who need it most. You can help by donating today.


Those who wish to make donations can do so by visiting our website at or through their local Jamaats.