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September 15, 2014 
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Islam in the News
Muslim America: 
Islamic, yet integrated


The State Department estimates that up to 100 American jihadists are fighting in Iraq and Syria. A video appearing to show a second American journalist being beheaded by the Islamic State is circulating. You might think this would be a difficult time to hold the annual conference of America's largest Muslim organisation.


Yet the Islamic Society of North America's gathering, which took place in Detroit over the Labour Day weekend, served as a reminder of how well America is assimilating a religious minority that has often struggled to feel at home in Europe. The conference hall was filled with Muslims of different races wearing clothes that identified them with different traditions. The Islamic Boy Scouts had a stand, as did a Muslim liberal-arts college from California. People discussed how to erect mosques without infringing America's arcane building regulations, or swapped business cards in the food court. The star turn was a Southern Baptist, Jimmy Carter (whose grandson is in the news, too: see page 42). The only overt hostility to Israel came from two Hasidic Jews in fur shtreimelhats, who had come from Brooklyn to announce their solidarity with the people of Gaza.

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Quran Camp  - Toronto

Summer Quran Camp (SQC) held its fourth annual session this past August at the Jaffari Community Centre, in Toronto. Organized by the Ladies' Tabligh and Education Committee, the camp was filled not only with Quran memorization, but reflection on its meaning, stories about the life of our beloved first Imam as well as daily crafts and activities based on the Surah. It was heart warming to witness 42 campers ranging in age from 5 to 12 years of age, enthusiastic about memorizing the Surah.



The campers enjoyed playing both indoor and outdoor sports, yoga lessons, and using their creativity to complete art projects including a lap book about the life of Imam Ali A.S., an 'Allah' painting, a fish bowl lantern, fresh fruit sculptures, a glow in the dark bedtime a'maal frame and a canvas bag to take them all home in. Quran camp lemonade sale for charity was a great experience with each child getting a chance to help make fresh lemonade to sell to family and friends. In addition, the 8 to 12 year old campers also had the option of choosing a sewing project or training in basketball. Both these projects were taught by very competent instructors.


SQC 2014 was the highlight of the summer for many children, and the love of memorizing and understanding the beautiful words of the Quran will stay with them forever, insha'allah.


Community Event - Toronto
As-Sadiq School, Toronto is celebrating its 20th Anniversary Dinner, oSaturday September 27th, at 5:00PM in the Marhaba Banquet Hall, Ja'ffari Community Centre.


The banquet will allow the community to reminisce the As-Sadiq journey over 20 years as well as be inspired by the keynote speaker, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, who will share his personal journey on being a NBA player, discovering Islam and achieving success in a demanding league while staying true to his values.


In addition to the keynote, there will be  a presentation by students, history of As-Sadiq and the vision of the high school. Come help them make the vision a reality.


Click here for more information and to buy tickets for the dinner.
Community News - UMOJA Games

As it takes further strides in delivering its Vision Plan, Umoja Games invites you to join the committee and play a big part in their journey. The description of the roles and the application form can be found here and can be submited to


The deadline for submitting is September 30, 2014.