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August 15, 2014 
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Islam in the News
Unity in a Strange Land
Photographing New York City's Islamic Communities
Philip Montgomery calls his photographs of New York City's various Islamic communities an unfinished project, one driven by changing perspectives and questions. He began in 2009 as a new arrival from California and fresh from photographing Sufi Muslims in Kashmir. In an unfamiliar city, Mr. Montgomery, now 26, said he felt a yearning to "work my way back to the kind of connected communities I saw in Kashmir."
What he found in New York was an incredible diversity of cultures and practices: West Africans in Harlem; Indonesians in Jamaica, Queens; Palestinians in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; large and small congregations from all over the Islamic world.
"They were all keeping the traditions of where the individuals came from," Mr. Montgomery said. "These are Americans, but this is their connection to home. I was looking at people bound together by faith but also by the city they lived in." 
After a break, Mr. Montgomery returned to the mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, which this year is June 28 to July 28. In 2009. many of the Muslims he encountered were still navigating the anti-Islamic sentiments that arose after the Sept. 11 attack. This year, the world event moving many of the congregants has been increasingly bloody conflict between Palestinians and Israelis in Gaza and West Bank.
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World Federation - INSIGHT Special Edition August 2014

A Special Edition of the Insight (issue 26, Shawwal 1435/August 2014) has been published. The digital copy can be seen here.


It includes seminal articles amongst others on Iraq, the importance of active civic engagement, the ruined Eid of the innocent Palestinian Children, the potency of Social Media, the Destruction of Holy Places, Volunteerism & Relief as well as A first-hand account by a Relief Volunteer.


You are requested to contribute articles for future editions of Insight. The next issue to be published in September/October will be on volunteering. You can send in articles to the Editor, Bashir Damji at


Community Events - Orlando
Seniors Health Talk Program

On July 25th, the Seniors Sub-Committee of Husseini Islamic Center (HIC) organized a Health Talk and Sehri Program for all the seniors after the regular program. 

The program included the presentation of "Stroke 101" by Dr. Aunali Khaku followed by general health related questions and answers by Dr. Amirali Bhalwany and Dr. Sohail Ali. After the program Sehri was served. The program was well attended by the seniors of the community.

Orlando Youths Organize Night of Power Quran Drive

The Youth girls of Husseini Islamic Center organized the first ever Night of Power Qur'an Drive during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.


Participants of all ages could choose to recite Surah Ankabut, learn the meaning of Surah Dukhan, and/or create a visual representation of Surah Rum. Children 5 and under were presented the challenge of learning to recite Surah Qadr and create an art piece reflecting their understanding of the surah.

On 'test day', despite the stormy weather, over 50 individuals participated in one or more categories and they were later honoured at a Recognition Party.

A donation on behalf of the participants was made to the World Federation Ramadhan Relief Fund.


Kiddy Time Organizes Eid-ul-Fitr From Another Culture

Husseini Islamic Center Kiddy Time Team organized a kids event titled Eid-ul-Fitr from Another Culture for its weekly event. During this event, each child came dressed up from another culture. Along with dressing up, the mother brought a dish from that culture.


It was truly a celbrative event and a perfect post-Eid celebration, that ended with a delicious array of culture foods.


Workshop on Practicing Forgiveness


On a weekend in Mahe Ramadhan, the Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Toronto (ISIJ) hosted a workshop for ladies. Sr. Marzia Hassan, a relationship consultant led this workshop titled "Practicing Forgiveness - Moving from Resentment towards Peace". The workshop was well attended by the ladies of the community.


As always, Sr. Marzia did an excellent job facilitating and sharing some valuable points. Some of the key points highlighted in the topic included  resentment in the beginning and hate in the ending of a process where people are injured and offended. We are therefore encouraged to allow ourselves to feel hurt before letting it go instead of just keeping it within.


The presenter went on to then define forgiveness as being able to drop resentments and give up claims on the offender with no strings attached. Several steps towards forgiveness were suggested to include some core components where a person is encouraged to view the offense less personally. When a person is able to take responsibility for his/her own emotional experience, s/he is then also able to change the situation to reflect their own choice to grow and prosper.


Most people in attendance agreed that they left the workshop feeling a lot lighter and highly motivated to reduce their emotional baggage!

Community Events - Minnesota

Ja'afari Islamic Center (JIC) Hosts Interfaith Ramadhan Dinner

On Sunday, July 6th, JIC hosted open house and interaith guests for Ramadhan dinner. Guests enjoyed a warm welcome by their volunteers, a tour of the facility, a unifying and educating lecture on fasting by Hussein Walji followed by a feast like Iftaar. While most of the guests visited a masjid for their first time, some had been coming for this dinner in past years and had indicated every experience to be a new learning opportunity and enlightening.
Serving Hot Meals in Minneapolis
On Saturday, July 19th, volunteers from Ja'afari Islamic Center (JIC) joined Masjid An-Nur to help prepare, pack and serve food to the needy in Minneapolis. JIC plans to have this event every month with  Masjid An-Nur. The meal was prepared and served to almost 120 needy and homeless people.

Interfaith Food Packing
On Monday, July 19th, volunteers from JIC joined community members from other faiths to pack food for needy kids of Honduras.

All together, 15,000 meals were packaged during the hour and a half session.


The event was held at the Feed My Starving Children.

Election Results - Kitchener-Waterloo

The Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Kitchener-Waterloo recently held elections for their Executive Committee. The elected were:

President: Irshad Rashid

Vice President: Dr Syed Mahmood

Secretary: Salim Somji

Treasurer: Ali Jaffar

Chairlady: Nahid Shah