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April 15, 2014 
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Muslim Woman Returns to Boxing Ring

In its basement sanctuary, the boxing ring is, like the altar inside the church above it, sacred.


Within its four roped corners, fighters wash away their past, submit to the present and come clean in the truth of battle where there can only be one winner and one loser.


Tucked under the Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral on Lebreton St. in Ottawa, Final Round Boxing (FRB) is holy ground from some of its more committed fighters.


Aaida "Mombasa" Mamuji, 29, is one of those fighters.


Born in Kuwait, Mamuji has called Canada her home since 1997 and FRB her second home since 2010.


She has eight bouts under her belt and, after a two-year hiatus to focus on her PhD from the University of Ottawa, she is back in the ring competing in the 2014 Silver Gloves tournament in Toronto this weekend.


One look at her resume reveals her academic drive carries as much force as her right cross.


And while she may seem extraordinary, she just says she's not out of the ordinary, just a tough Muslim--Canadian girl who knows when to sting and when to float.

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This year's NASIMCO conference theme will be Islamic Charities & Charity Law. Representation by all Jamaats at the conference will be greatly valued as we discuss how our community nonprofit organizations can strengthen their governance standards and improve financial accountability  with regards to moving charitable funds. There will be a presentation and workshop by a lawyer to help understand local and international laws regarding charity and how to comply to those laws.

The conference will be held on June 7th-8th, in Vancover hosted by the Shia Muslim Community of British Columbia. It will be a valuable experience as we evaluate ways in which our communities can effectively build stronger and more transparent processes, and thereby fostering law complaint communities.


NASIMCO invites all members of constituent Jamaats to attend the conference as observers of the proceedings.

Five students from As-Sadiq Islamic School in Toronto participated in the York Region Science Fair on Saturday, April 5, 2014. 
Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding accomplishment: 

Maleeha Meghjee - Gold 
Sabika Panjwani - Silver 
Anisa Khalfan - Silver 
Aadil Jaffer - Bronze 

Two of the students, Sabika Panjwani and Maleeha Meghjee
also received monetary awards. These two will be proceeding to Windsor to take part in the Canada Wide Science Fair in May, 2014.
Community News - Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy, Vancouver
Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy is seeking applications for an exemplary educational Leader for the position of Elementary Principal, commencing July 31, 2014. Details on qualifications, responsibilities and how to apply can be found here or log on

Marhum Akbarbhai Rajmohamed passed away and buried in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on April 6, 2014.


Marhum Akbarbhai Rajmohamed was one of the founding members of the Allentown Jamaat over 40 years ago. He was born in Uganda in 1931 and went to India for further education. He returned to Uganda where he opened his first general merchandise store in a town called Jeza. A few years later, he opened another store in Masindi.


In Uganda, Akbarbhai was involved with the Jami-ul-Muslimeen Anjuman, an organization of Muslim communities in Uganda. He served as the Zaakir for the Jamaat of Masindi before the Resident Alim. He was a member of the Lion's Club and participated in local sports. In 1972, Akberbhai and his family left Uganda, with the help of the Red Cross, to Europe before migrating to the US.


Marhum Akbarbhai also had the honor of serving as the first President of the SIJPA Jamaat. He will be greatly missed.


Please recite Sura-E-Fateha for Marhum Akberbhai Rajmohamed.
Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammed Mehdi Dastgheib passed away in Najaf, Iraq on March 28, 2014 (26 Jamaadi Al Awwal, 1435) and was buried in his city of birth, Shiraz, Iran.

Ayatollah Dastgheib was a jurist and source of emulation to many Shi'a Muslims around the world as well as an accomplished personality in the fields of theology, politics, economics, law, sociology and human rights. 


The Department of Homeland Security are offering grants for security enhancements (cameras, motion sensors, etc.) to mosques, Islamic schools, churches or other nonprofit institutions in the U.S.
In order to better understand and take advantage of the grants, Muslim Advocates are hosting a special Teleconference on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 featuring experts from Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) to learn about the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) and how your mosque, Islamic school, or other nonprofit institution can apply.


The deadline for this program is next month, so Register now to receive your teleconference access code and learn more about the grants available and eligibility to apply.