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November 1, 2013 
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Yoga and Islam


In 2008, the Malaysian government issued a fatwa banning some features of yoga practice, including the chanting of mantras, claiming that they were incompatible with Islam. The move drew criticisms from Muslim and non-Muslim practitioners who have felt real physical and mental benefits from yoga. 

Elsewhere Muslims - particularly those of the Middle East - have been practicing yoga widely since the mid 1990s, and the movement is growing. In Iran, where clerics have inveighed against many other trends, yoga is popular enough to warrant its own magazines and TV shows. 

In this programme Azadeh asks, why has yoga been fully embraced in some Muslim countries but not in others? How do followers of yoga in the Muslim world view the relationship between their faith and their practice? What are the true spiritual origins of yoga and can the practice be adapted to suit different faiths and perspectives? 

She speaks to the Malaysian activist Marina Mahathir, about the 2008 fatwa against yoga in her country. And she talks to a Muslim yoga teacher in the United States whose recent blog detailing her anxieties about the relationship between yoga and Islam provoked worldwide attention.


To watch the video click here 

Muslim Personality

Ibn Yunus was one of the greatest astronomers of medieval Islam and the most important astronomer of medieval Egypt. Unfortunately, nothing of consequence is known about his early life or education. As a young man he witnessed the Fatimid conquest of Egypt and the founding of the new city of Cairo in 969. In the period up to the reign of Caliph al-ʿAziz (975-996), he made astronomical observations that were renewed by order of Caliph al-ākim, who succeeded al-ʿAziz in 996 at the age of 11 and was much interested in astrology. Ibn Yunus's recorded observations continued until 1003.
Ibn Yunus's major work was a monumental zij or astronomical handbook with tables. Three substantial fragments of it survive in three manuscripts in Leiden, Oxford, and Paris. The Ḥakimi Zij, dedicated to the caliph, is distinguished from all other extant zijes by beginning with a list of observations made by Ibn Yunus and others made by some of his predecessors.
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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a unified and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at  


North America Ziyarat Youth Group

 NASIMCO is pleased to announce the launch of the North America Ziyarat Youth Group. 


The Ziyarat group offers an experience of a lifetime aimed to unite the youth across North America on the sands of Karbala whilst invoking the passion of the tragedy of Imam Hussain (a.s.)


Specifically tailored for youth ages 16-24 year olds, the North America Ziyarat Youth Group will travel to the holy cities of Karbala, Najaf, Kadhmayn and Samarra under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Jaffer Ladak of London, England. This is an amazing opportunity for youth to come together and visit the holy shrines, experience, discuss and ask questions about their religion.


For details about the trip or to apply visit 

Muharram Reciters for North America - 1435/2013   

Jamaats in the United States:


Allentown (SIJPA): Sayed Ali Khalkali and Sister Ashraf Jaffri

Buffalo (Jaffarya Center of Niagara Frontier): Sheikh Hammam in English -
Los Angeles (SIJLA): Dr. Akbar Mithani in English & Urdu 


Maryland (IMEC) :  Sheikh Ahmad Alhaeri in English & Arabic 


Minnesota (Anjuman-e-Asghari): Sayed Saleh Qazwini in English


Minnesota (Imam Husain Islamic Center):  Sheikh Ahmed Ali Baghdadi in English, Sayed Baker Al-Mousawi in Arabic and Umeh Alliya for ladies. 


New Jersey (Masjid-e-Ali):  Maulana Sayed Rizwan Rizvi in English and Sayed Askari Zaidi in Urdu

Orlando (Husseini Islamic Center):  
Sayed Mujtaba Kamoonpuri; Sayed Ali Hur Kamoonpuri and Zakira Kauser Hasan -
Seattle (IMAN
Sheikh Arif Abdulhussein in English -


Jamaats in Canada:
Brampton (Masumeen Islamic Centre):  Sheikh Salim Yusufali in English -
Edmonton (ISIA):  Sayed Muthaffar Qazwini -
Kitchener (ISIAJ-KW): Maulana Sayed Ali Raza Naqvi in English & Urdu
London (Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre and Al Mehdi Al Muntathar Union):  Br. Akil Karim in English and Sheikh Mazin Sadkhan in Arabic

Montreal (Shian-e-Haidery): Maulana Syed Saghir Hussain Shah in English & Urdu
Ottawa (ISIA):  Sayed Aqeel Shah 


Toronto (Jaffari Community Centre)Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi in English, Sayed Adeel Raza in Urdu, Sr. Sabiha Jaffer in English and Sr. Zainab Ghulam Rasool in Urdu


Vancouver (Az-Zahraa Islamic Center): Ali Azhar Arastu English & Urdu and Sr. Masuma Jaffer in English -


Helpers of Husayn Blood Drives
Helpers of Husayn


Did you know that each time someone donates blood, they help save three lives? 


In preparation for the upcoming month of Muharram, NASIMCO is working with its member Jamaats to host blood drives around North America. In the spirit of the event that took place on the day of Ashura, donating blood seems a fitting way to make our contribution to humanity.


Do something amazing this Muharram. Give Blood. Contact your local Jamaat for more information on Blood Donor drive or visit Blood Donor Clinic and donate. Make sure to inform us or your local Jamaat on number of pints donated.

New Book - 

'Salah: My Daily Conversation with Allah'

NASIMCO, along with The World Federation, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest book, 'Salah: My Daily Conversation with Allah'. Written by Sister Fatima Valji of England, the book has been dedicated to Imam Ali (AS) who was born in the House of Allah (SWT), and martyred whilst in prostration.

The aim of this book is to encourage and inspire the next generation to make Salah a part of their daily lives. It has been written in a style and manner that will be inspirational and engaging for the young people of the community.


The book will be distributed to all member Jamaat Madressah for distribution to student age 12 years and over. To order a copy of this book for a nominal cost, please email


 Community Event - Vancouver, BC
This summer a group of youth from the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre in Vancouver launched "The Lifebox Campaign," a collaborative initiative to help the less fortunate in Metro Vancouver. The Lifebox Campaign was introduced by "Who Is Hussain". During Ramadan, members of the Islamic Centre undertook the task of filling cardboard boxes with everyday essentials, including food items, hygiene products and clothing. A handwritten letter was also enclosed in each box, explaining how Hussain's virtues such as  inspired the individuals to participate in this simple act of giving. 
Children, parents and grandparents all took part in what proved to be an enriching altruistic effort. A total of 55 Lifeboxes were assembled and with the assistance of the Helping Families in Need Society, all the boxes will be delivered to needy families, new immigrants, single mothers on income assistance or women from transition houses. The Lifebox Campaign was only the first of many Who Is Hussain humanitarian based initiatives to be brought to British Columbia.