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July 15th, 2013 
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Ramadhan Relief 1434
Graduating Class of 2013
CSAA Scholarships 2013-14
Ramadhan Speakers 1434
Directors of MARC
New Book from Taqwa Media

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Muslim Personalities

Nuruddin Zangi - Muslim Crusador 
Nuruddin Abu al-Qasim Mahmud Ibn Imad ad- Din Zangi born 1118, died 1174 in Damascus, Syria. He was Emir of Damascus and Aleppo and reigned from 1146-1174. He was a member of the Turkish Zengid dynasty which ruled the Syrian province of the Seljuk Empire.


Nuruddin was the son of Imad ad-Din Zangi, the Turkish ruler of Aleppo and Mosul who was a devoted enemy of the crusaders. After the assassination of his father in 1146, Nuruddin began a continuous war against the crusaders. He sought to make alliances with his Muslim neighbours to strengthen the Muslim front against their crusaders.

He considered the crusaders invaders in Muslim territory but was tolerant of the Christians who lived under his authority. Nuruddin constructed universities and Musjids in all the cities he controlled. These universities were principally concerned with teaching the Quraan and Hadith. He enjoyed specialists read to him from the Hadith, and his professors even awarded him a diploma in Hadith narration.

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Islam in the News

10 health tips to a happier Ramadan!
So Ramadan is around the corner and you're thinking... How do I stay healthy? Well at least I hope you are. If you want to avoid fasting headaches, weight gain and hunger pains read on for some tips on how to stay healthy this Ramadan.
1. Don't skip suhur. This will help you avoid getting hungry during the day. Try to eat complex carbs and proteins at suhur, they take much longer to digest and this will effectively keep you feeling fuller for longer. Good options include yogurt parfaits, dried fruits, scrambled eggs, dates, raw nuts, labneh with whole grain breads and fiber cereals such as all bran.
2. Avoid processed foods. Processed foods tend to be high in calories, high in sodium and low in nutrients, what I like to call a nutritional disaster! When fasting you only have a few hours to nourish yourself so don't fill up on these empty calories. Foods high in sodium and salt also tend to make you thirsty and let's face it, thirst is a highly unpleasant feeling when you have a long hot day of fasting ahead of you!

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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a unified and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at  


Ramadhan Relief 1434
RRF image
During this holy month of Ramadhan, as we experience the hunger that is a part of some people's daily lives, let us reach out and assist those families who desperately need respite from their hardships.
For as little as $45, you can feed a family of four for one month. The money goes towards a food basket containing flour, oil, rice, sugar, tea, dates, and meat. Among the countries where Ramadhan Relief work takes place are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Iraq, South Africa, India, Tanzania, Kenya, and Syria. 
Last year, a Haiti distribution agent had the following to say:
"Haiti is a poor country and the Muslim community is in very bad condition because most of them are not working. They are living with less than USD $1 per day."
Together, let's give hope this month of Ramadhan....

Graduating Class of 2013
Are you or do you know someone who is graduated this summer? If so, NASIMCO wants to hear from you!

NASIMCO believes that the achievements and successes of our youth deserve to be recognized and congratulated. We therefore undertake to publish a special edition of the NASIMCO Post with the names of all graduates from the North American community as well as send each one a small gift.

If you are graduating from post-secondary education, send the following details to: to be recognized.

 Full name
 Email address
 Home mailing address
 Program graduating in
 Institution from which graduating


CSAA Scholarship Awards 2013-14
CSAA Poster
If you are a dedicated volunteer looking for some extra cash to help with your post-secondary studies, then consider applying for the NASIMCO Community Service and Academic Achievement Scholarship Awards. The awards range from $1,000 to $3,000 and are specifically targeted towards students who are actively involved in community work while also excelling in their academic studies.

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Ramadhan Speakers 1434

Jamaats in United States: 


Allentown (SIJPA) - Sheikh Mohammed Baig and Sheikh Ali Al-Najjar 

Boston (IMF) - Maulana Farhat Abbas

Los Angeles (SIJLA) - Dr Farid Mousavi and Sheikh Jihad Ismail

Maryland (IMEC) - Sheikh Ahmed al-Haeri 

Miami (IJA) - Sheikh Fayyaz Jaffer and Maulana Mohammed Jaffer Banglori 

Minnesota (Anjuman-e-Asghari) - Sheikh Jaffer Ladak

Minnesota (IHIC) - Br Odeh Muhawesh, Br Saleh Radhi and Sheikh Ayad Alamiri 

New Jersey (Masjid-e-Ali) - Maulana Syed Rizwan Rizvi and Syed Amaar Nakshwani 

New York (SIJNY) Dr Mohamed Raza Dungersi, Sheikh Fayyaz Jaffer, Dr Sayyed Qasim Mujtaba Kamoonpuri and Br Ali Hur Kamoonpuri   

Orlando (HIC) - Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo and Br Ali Najaf

Seattle (IMAN) - Dr Farrokh Sekaleshfar 

Jamaats in Canada:  


Brampton (Masumeen Islamic Center) - Syed Mohammed Rizvi and Sheikh Jaffer H. Jaffer  

Edmonton (ISIA) - Sheikh Fayyaz Jaffer

Kitchener (ISIAJ-KW) - Br Mohammed Hussain and Br Sameer Ali

London (Ahlul Bayt Islamic Centre and Al Mehdi Al Muntathar Union) - Sheikh Mazin and Dr Ali Jrardi 

Ottawa (ISIA) - Syed Javed Jafri, Moulana Inayat Ali Shakir, Sheikh Ali KaramAli and Br Mounthather Al Karabalai

Montreal (Shian-e-Haidery) - Maulana Syed Saghir Hussain Shah

Toronto (Jaffari Community Centre) -  Sheikh Jaffer H. Jaffer and Syed Muhammad Rizvi

Vancouver (Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre) - Sheikh Ali Al-Najjar, Syed Ali Aqib Jaffry and Br Hussein Walji 


Mulla Asghar Memorial Centre (MARC) Directors
During the Fifth Executive Council Meeting of The World Federation for the term 2011-2014, Br Shaneabbas Hassam, Secretary General of The World Federation, gave an update on the directors that have been appointed for Mulla Asghar Resource Centre. NASIMCO's Secretary General, Br Habib M Habib has been appointed as a joint director from both the donor family and The World Federation. In addition, Br Raza Ali Hiridjee and Br Hasnain Walji have been appointed as the Directors from the Donors' Side (Hiridjee Family) while Dr. Asgar Moledina and Br Aunali Moledina have been appointed as The World Federation Directors.  
New Book from Taqwa Media
Al Kafi
Taqwa Media was established in September 2012 as a digital publishing, marketing and distribution company. In addition to being publishers themselves, Taqwa Media also offers opportunities for other independent publishers and authors to circulate their works to a growing distribution network. 

Taqwa Media's first publication is 'Al-Kafi'. Written in the 10th century, al-Kafi is the earliest and most important compilation of traditions from Prophet Muhammad and his successors. Al-Kafi Book I: Intellect & Foolishness is the first in the series of thirty-five books. This English translation also features detailed, original commentary that makes a challenging text accessible to readers of all backgrounds.
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