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June 15th, 2013 
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Recognizing our Graduates
Solidarity Day
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Islam in the News

Making The Switch: An American Woman's Journey To Islam 


Karen Danielson converted to Islam three decades ago, was she was 19. She was raised Catholic, and then later became a Baptist and enrolled in a Baptist college, where she picked up the Koran. Now, she's the director of outreach at the Chicago chapter of the Muslim American Society.


Her experience is not as unusual as it may seem; some 20 percent of American Muslims are converts. Leaving one religion for another can be a complicated process for anyone, but in the United States converting to Islam can mean making some especially difficult personal choices, at least for some people. That was the case for Danielson.


"Islam is not about converting culture. It's about converting faith and spirituality and understanding. And I can still be American, through and through, even if I'm wearing a headscarf and even if I'm dressing in what might appear to be something foreign."


To read more, click here.


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Ramadhan Relief 1434
RRF Lebanon

This year's Ramadhan Relief Fund is already in motion. Volunteers are on the ground in countries around the world, preparing for the aid distributions that are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. 


Ramadhan Relief provides assistance to families, widows, orphans, seniors and the disabled who are affected by poverty, natural disasters,and conflict. This aid can be in the form of food rations, iftaars, debt relief as well as other basic necessities.


This year, NASIMCO and The World Federation will be working in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Gaza, Haiti, Iraq, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda.


More information will follow in the upcoming weeks, but with the holy month of Ramadhan only 4 weeks away, please begin to donate to the Ramadhan Relief Fund so that we can make sure that struggling families are taken care of this Mahe Ramadhan.


Recognizing our Graduates

"The worth of every man is in his attainments." - Imam Ali (AS), Nahjul Balagha


The achievements of the youth of our communities are a tremendous honor for us all, not only in light of the above hadith but also because the youth are the lifeblood and future leaders of our communities. Their achievements and successes deserve to be recognized and congratulated. It is with this in mind that NASIMCO recognizes the youth of our community who have graduated or are graduating from post-secondary education every year. 


Students who are graduating in North America this year, as the Class of 2013, should send the following information to by July 15th, 2013 so that their achievements can be recognized:

 Full name
 Email / Mailing address
 Home address
 Program they are graduating in
 Institution from which they are graduating 


Solidarity Day
Solidarity Day
Our Community
Our Responsibility

The Africa Federation has dedicated this year's Solidarity Day Fund towards supporting a child's school fees, medical care and a family's house rent. NASIMCO is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Africa Federation to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.

The Fund is open from 1st until 25th Sha'baan, 1434 (June 11th - July 5th, 2013), and aims to build a brighter, healthier and stronger community. In the West, many of us take for granted the roofs over our head, education for our children, and visits to the doctor. Let us take the time to think about those for whom this is not the case and donate generously towards this cause. The recommended donation is one day's salary (15th Sha'baan); however, any amount is welcome. 

Click on the poster for more information. Click the link on the left to donate.
Community News - Vancouver
Az-Zahra Newsletter
The Az-Zahraa Centre in Vancouver published the first edition of its monthly magazine. The magazine features a review of the programs and activities that took place at the Az-Zahraa Centre, community news and also features profiles of people in the community. 
Click on the image to download the magazine.
KSIMC of Birmingham Opinion Poll
Capital projects and new Imambarghas are becoming commonplace in Khoja communities worldwide. However, sometimes it is easy to embark on projects of bricks and mortar and forget the essence of what this community is really made of: its spirit. In an effort to capture this essence, the KSIMC of Birmingham is asking the entire global community to submit their responses to finish the following statement: 
"This community is important to me because................"


You can take part by responding in the following ways:

Email -

Twitter - @MehfileAbbas

Facebook -