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May 1st, 2013 
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LDP Vancouver
Youth Retreat 2013
Election Results - Boston
Election Results - Montreal
Community Event - Montreal
Community Event - Bramption
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Muslim Personalities

Thabit ibn Qurrah 


Thabit was a scion of a prominent family settled in Ḥarran, a city noted as the seat of a Hellenized Semitic astronomical cult of which Thabit was a member. By calling themselves Sabians, after a group mentioned in the Qur'an, the cult members established themselves as "People of the Book" and hence were freed from the requirement of conversion to Islam. Some sources describe Thabit as a money changer in Ḥarran, and, although the sources give two different accounts of his life, both agree that he went to Baghdad to work for three wealthy brothers, known as the Banu Musa, translating Greek mathematical texts. Among the major Greek mathematicians whose works he translated (or whose translations he revised) were EuclidArchimedesApollonius of Perga, and Ptolemy. He also prepared summaries of the works of the physicians Galen of Pergamum and Hippocrates as well as the philosophy of Aristotle. He soon wrote original works on geometry, staticsmagic squares, the theory of numbers, music, astronomy, medicine, and philosophy.


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Islam in the News

Islam Encourages Scientific Progress 
The word Islam conjures up a disturbing picture in the minds of some people outside the Muslim world. It is a fact that many in the West imagine Islam to be a faith far removed from modern life, closed to science and that attaches no value to a good quality of life. The first reason for this erroneous belief is that various people who claim to be Muslims in fact have views and lifestyles that fly in the face of it. However, someone looking in from the outside cannot recognize that and will be unable to evaluate matters accurately. Another important reason is associated with the first: Most people are unacquainted with the truths of Islam and the correct interpretation of the Quran. In point of fact, these people who make incorrect evaluations are not only from outside the Islamic world; many people within the Islamic world as well are unable to properly understand the Quran. The reason for the appearance of mistaken and radical views is that the Quran is not correctly understood.

The only point of reference to truly learn about Islam is the Quran but we see that some people do not interpret the Quran correctly and produce their own perverse and foolish deductions from it in order to support their own misguided and superstitious beliefs. One of the subjects most easily capable of being misinterpreted in this way is science and scientific activity.


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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a unified and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at  


Leadership Development Program - Vancouver

LDP Vancouver NASIMCO is pleased to announce the upcoming Foundational Leadership Development Program taking place in Vancouver from July 5th - 7th, 2013. Like other programs under the Capacity Building portfolio, the Foundational Leadership Development Program broadly aims to develop leadership capacity across Muslim communities. Specifically, it will allow individuals to recognize their own leadership styles and to evolve their skills to ensure more efficient working methods.


If you are above 25, have actively participated in and served the Muslim community, have creative ideas and want to shape and influence the future, then this course is for you. 


Register Now until May 20th, 2013 to qualify for the Early Bird Special


NASIMCO Youth Leadership Retreat 2013
Are you passionate about youth issues? Want to be part of a progressive community? Wanna think OUTSIDE the box?  Youth Retreat 2013

Want to take YOUR community to the next level? 

Join us for an invigorating weekend designed to challenge you and your community! Learn about different leadership strategies that will motivate the hidden leader in you. Come and experience innovative ways to advance social justice through action-orientated leadership principles.


The NASIMCO Youth Retreat is part of NASIMCO's Capacity Building Program which aims to unlock the potential of participants to serve the community and humanity. This year's retreat theme is "Thinking Outside the Box: Making Your Voice Count". For more information please visit or contact


Watch the Retreat Trailer Here


Spots are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment. To register, please click here! 


Election Results - IMF Boston

The Imamia Muslim Foundation Inc. in Boston recently held elections for their Executive Committee. The elected positions for the term 2013-2015 are as below:  


President: Akbar Ansari

Vice President: Mukhtar Zaidi

Secretary: Safdar Abbas

Vice Secretary: Shabi Zaidi

Treasurer: Raza Ali


Election Results - Shian-e-Haidery, Montreal

The Shian-e-Haidery Islamic Assocation Inc. in Montreal recently held elections for their Executive Committee. The elected positions for the term 2013-2015 are as below:  


President:  Mushtaq Sanji

Vice President:  Tufail Shah

General Secretary:  Sultan Moosa

Finance Secretary:  Nisar Ladha

Program Secretary:  Mehboob Alibhai

Joint Secretary:  Syed Mohammed Abbas

Joint Finance:  Baqer Ali Maknojia


Community Event - Montreal
Montreal Youth

The youth of Shian-e-Haidery Association (SHIA) of Montreal, in conjunction with United Muslims of Montreal, recently organized a Fajr Program with their new Resident Alim, Maulana Syed Saghir Shah.  The program began with Salaat Fajr at 5:45 AM on April 7. Heartfelt duas were recited by Br. Mostafa-El-Diwany, after which Maulana Shah spoke about Parents' and Children's rights in Islam and the implementation of these in contemporary society.


A 15-minute question and answer session followed where participants were able to discuss their concerns with the Maulana. The program ended with breakfast and smaller group discussions.


Maulana Syed Saghir Hussain Shah holds a Bachelors Degree in Islamic Jurisprudence & Islamic Sciences from Qom Iran, and a Master Degree in Tasfeer and Quranic Sciences from Al-Mustafa International University in Iran. He is fluent in English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian and is a Hafiz-e-Quran. The youths of SHIA enjoyed being able to discuss their concerns with their new Resident Alim during the session.


Community Event - Bramption

In honor of Amir ul-Momineen, Imam Ali ibne Abu Talib (AS), the Masumeen Youth Committee of Brampton Jamaat, in collaboration with various other youth groups in the GTA, is holding a charity dinner entitled: The Light of Wilayah: Understanding Wilayah & its Applicability From the Life of Amir ul-Momineen, peace be upon him in the 21st Century.The evening will feature poetry by Br. Nouri Sardar and Mulla Ali Fadhil; a lecture by Br. Ali Al-Najjar; and a special interactive program for children 3 to 8 years old. 


The event will be held on Tuesday May 28th starting at 6:30PM at the Masumeen Islamic Centre and it is open to everybody. Profits from the event will go to the Islamic Humanitarian Service (IHS) to help orphans in Iraq. Early bird tickets will be on sale till May 21st for $25.00. For more information and to register, click here. 


Taqwa Media

With a goal to share the message of God-consciousness (taqwa), Taqwa Media was established in September 2012 as a digital publishing, marketing and distribution company. In addition to being Publishers themselves, Taqwa Media also offers opportunities for other independent publishers and authors to circulate their works to a growing distribution network. They also offer the opportunity for brick and mortar bookstores, online stores and religious organizations to purchase these books at wholesale prices.  


Taqwa Media's first publication is entitled, 'Al-Kafi', the earliest and most important compilation of the traditions of Prophet Muhammad and his successors. To learn more about this book or Taqwa Media, click here.