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April 15th, 2013 
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NASIMCO Annual Conference 2013
Pakistan Genocide Appeal
NASIMCO Secretary General honoured by US Congressman
Update on Collapse of Building in Dar-es-Salaam

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Al-Farabi:Turkistani Muslim Philosopher
Abu Nasr Mohammad Ibn al-Farakh al-Farabi was born in a small village Wasij, near Farab in Turkistan in 259 A.H. (870 A.D.). 
 As a philosopher and scientist, he acquired great proficiency in various branches of learning and is reported to have been an expert in different languages.
arabi contributed considerably to science, philosophy, logic, sociology, medicine, mathematics and music. His major contributions seem to be in philosophy, logic and sociology and, of course, stands out as an Encyclopedist. 
As a philosopher, he may be classed as a Neoplatonist who tried to synthesize Platonism and Aristotelism with theology and he wrote such rich commentaries on Aristotle's physics, meteorology, logic, etc., in addition to a large number of books on several other subjects embodying his original contribution, that he came to be known as the 'Second Teacher' (al-Mou'allim al-Thani) Aristotle being the First.

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NASIMCO Annual Conference 2013
Conference Logo 2013 The theme of this year's conference is"Strengthening Families, Building Community". Dialogues on this topic will provide glimpses into the experiences of community members as well as challenges among the young and the old.

The conference is sure to be a valuable experience as we evaluate ways in which Jamaats can effectively build stronger and more engaged families, and thereby fostering supportive communities.


NASIMCO invites all members of constituent Jamaats to attend the conference as observers of the proceedings.

Pakistan Genocide Appeal
Pakistan Genocide
In 2012, 173 separate attacks took place in Pakistan by which over 700 people were killed. These attacks have increased in 2013 and continue to target minorities in Pakistan. 
As the unrest continues and people are targeted and killed because of their faith, funds are needed more than ever to provide temporary relief and help rebuild the  lives of the victims' families. Donations will go towards covering the costs of medical care, temporary housing and food. 
NASIMCO Secretary General honoured by US Congressman 

Washington State Democratic treasurer Br Habib M. Habib was recognized on March 17 for his political record of providing long standing services to the Seattle, Washington community.   Praising him for his dedication, knowledge and numerous previous awards and accolades, USA Congressman, Jim McDermott, presented Br Habib with a plaque in front of a packed audience consisting of high profile dignitaries, community leaders and special invitees.  Br Habib was especially lauded for his leadership efforts in organizing two U.S trade missions to India as well as for a Washington State Summit on U.S-India Trade and Commerce which has greatly encouraged trade relations between the two countries.


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Br Habib's prolific political career has been previously profiled in the August 2010 issue of the Africa Federation Samachar
Update on Collapse of Building in Dar-es-Salaam
Dar Collapse After the collapse of the 16-storey building that was under construction in Dar-es-Salaam, on March 29, communities from around the world responded with shock and disbelief. Rescue efforts on the ground began almost immediately with people of all backgrounds pitching in to help. A total of 54 people were trapped beneath the concrete and steel rubble. Of these, 18 people survived but sadly, 36 people lost their lives. 

On behalf of Africa Federation, the KSIJ of Dar-es-Salaam and The World Federation, NASIMCO offers its thanks all of those individuals and well-wishers who took the time to write and extend their support. Thoughts, prayers and messages of condolences to the affected families in Dar-es-Salaam were also welcomed and appreciated. It is only with the prayers and support of the global community that disasters such as this one can be borne and overcome.