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January 1st, 2013 
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New MCE Regional Representative
New Publication: Surah Yasin
Studying Abroad Survery
Couples Retreat in Iran
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Muslim Personalities

 Ayatullah Syed Fadlullah


 His initial schooling took place in the city of Raiy. Later, he came to be known as Shaykh ul fuqaha (the leader of the jurisprudents) in Raiy. Then he migrated to Baghdad and started teaching there. Even in Baghdad he was called Shaykhul Fuqaha. When Kulaini came to Baghdad, the 3rd nominated representative of Imam was residing there, but he( the representative) was doing dissimulation (taqayyah), so much so that the ordinary Muslims considered him to be their alim, and his orders and writings were much respected, even in the court of the king. Kulaini is known as the Mujaddid( the reviver of Islam) of the 3rd century.


Al-Kafi: This book is Kulaini greatest contribution. It is a collection of 16,199 ahadeeth, comprising weak and strong ahadeeth, but no forged ones. One of the principal features of the work is that the traditions are presented systematically in chapters according to their subject matter

The Kafi is divided into 3 parts: 2 volumes of Usool e Kafi, comprising ahadeeth on beliefs, 5 volumes of Furoo' e kafi containing ahadeeth on jurisprudence, and 1 volume of Rawdhatul Kafi. Rawdha means garden. It is a type of shia encyclopaedia, containing ahadeeth not covered in the other volumes. Thus it contains assorted ahadeeth about, eg, the life and times of our Aimma and their opponents.


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Islam in the News

Local Muslim group reclaiming 'Islam' with 'MyJihad' campaign


A month after an ultra conservative group plastered controversial "Defeat Jihad" ads on 10 CTA buses and likened Muslims to "savages," a local Muslim group countered back with a campaign to "reclaim Islam" and educate the country about the true meaning of the word "Jihad."


Through CTA bus and train ads and a social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, participants are being asked to express what their Jihad is with the hashtag #MyJihad.

By Friday morning, more than 3,000 users had "liked" the campaign's Facebook page. And on Twitter, thousands have posted what their "struggle" or Jihad is.


Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago, and creator of the campaign, said the goal is to explain the very misunderstood and sometimes seemingly controversial concept of Jihad.


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Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme - Higher Education
ZCSS HE For over 30 years, the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme, or ZCSS as it's known, has provided education to tens of thousands of needy Shias worldwide in a bid to raise literacy in the developing world. Many generous donors have sponsored students through their primary and secondary education. This Ashra-e-Zainabiya, NASIMCO is reaching out again to ask for your assistance in helping these students through university or college so they can finally become self-sufficient.

By sponsoring a student for only $2.75 a day ($1,000 a year), you can empower them with the tools they need to provide for themselves and their families. Below is an account from one student showing how sponsorship of her higher education changed her life:

"The ZCSS took charge of my higher education. It was my dream come true. When I passed my exams, I joined the Committee School as a teacher. Our condition improved. I was offered different jobs and I played a positive role in persuading many others to go to school." - Naznin Akhter, Sponsored by ZCSS Higher Education

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New MCE Regional Representative from NASIMCO

NASIMCO is pleased to inform the community that Br. Ali-Hassan Panju has been appointed as the new regional representative from North America to the Madrasah Center of Excellence team after Shaykh Hasanayn Kassamali stepped down. In his new role, Br. Ali-Hassan will network with regional madaris to further the MCE mission as well as assist with the marketing of the work of the MCE within the regional community. 


After graduating from the madressah system in 2005, Br. Ali-Hassan undertook a teachers training program and subsequently became a Qur'anic studies teacher in Brampton, ON. He is currently a full-time teacher for Dinyat and Qur'an. 


Upon taking the role of NASIMCO MCE Representative, Br. Ali-Hassan shared the following words:


"Islamic Education in a child's life is integral to the individual's development as a Muslim in their community and society. The institutions teaching children should therefore be well equipped and organized to be able to take on the responsibility and overcome obstacles. The scope and goals of the MCE will assist Madaris to do just that, and will also create a network so that ideas and best-practices may be shared. The MCE is a noble cause and Inshallah I will help in any way I can." 


New Publication from NASIMCO
NASIMCO is pleased to announce the launch of a new publication, entitled The Core (The Soul) of the Qur'an by Ma'alim Muhammadhusein Kermali. 
The book deals with the Surah that is often referred to as the 'core' of the Qur'an, Surah Yasin. It begins with an overview of the  Surah's main themes and moves on to a closer analysis of Ayaat. It incorporates the Arabic, the English translation and a concise commentary of the Surah.
The book is available at a cost of $5 from the NASIMCO Secretariat. 
Studying Abroad
The World Federation of KSIMC is conducting a survey about students within the worldwide community who have opted to undertake their higher education away from home. The purpose of the survey is to facilitate a paper that will aim to find new locations, countries and universities where our community members could attend in the future with high quality education and lower tuition fees.

If you have studied abroad, are currently studying abroad or are planning to study abroad in the future, please complete the following survey to assist this cause:  

Thank you for your time.


Couples Retreat in Iran
Couples Retreat The World Federation of KSIMC has organized a couple's short course in the holy city of Qum. The course is ideal for couples wishing to gain a deeper understanding of Islam for their future life together. The course is aimed at couples between the ages of 22 and 40. Please note that if accepted, participants will be responsible for obtaining their own visas.
The course will take place between 15 April - 25 April 2013 and costs $1,125 per person. Please click here for more details.


Jaffari News Magazine

Jaffari News Cover The Jaffari News magazine is a publication of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto that has been published for over 15 years. It aims to provide the community with knowledge and information on a variety of topics, from religion, to health and lifestyle, finance, community events, and much more. Catering to all ages and showcasing the talent of the community, the Jaffari News magazine is an integral part of the community.


The latest issue, released for Ashra-e-Arba'een 1434, features Real Talk with Hajj Hassanain Rajabali (an interview), The Significance of 'Forty Days' by Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali, The Great Personality of Bibi Umul Baneen (AS) by Zakira Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla, New Year, Old Habits: Muharram Resolutions, Yoga: A Tool to Help You Concentrate in Salaat, Challenges of Spouse Selection, and many other articles.


The magazine is available online at  Print copies can be obtained from the ISIJ of Toronto.