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December 1st, 2012 
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ZCSS Higher Education
Helpers of Husayn Update
Community Member Receives Award
Community Event - HIC, Orlando
10,000 Soul March
2012 Walk for Life
ALI Courses

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Muslim Personalities

  John bin Huwai - Abyssinian Slave 

Among those who were martyred at Kerbala were sixteen slaves or freed slaves. Most of them were from Abyssinia, the present day Ethiopia. Some of them belonged to Imaam Hussain's family and others to the companions of Imaam who remained with him.


On the night before Ashura Imaam and the companions freed all their slaves and urged them to go away and seek their safety, but these sixteen would not leave. Amongst them was an Abyssinian called John bin Huwai.


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Islam in the News

Ashura Epitomizes Modern Battle for Islam's True Voice  


Thousands of people across the Muslim world came out in droves on Nov. 24 to express their grief over a seventh-century assassination that characterizes one of the darkest chapters in early Islamic history. Given previous demonstrations of grief and anger toward cartoons and films that insult the Prophet Muhammad, a public procession by Muslims shouldn't be surprising. Those that take place on Ashura day should be even less so because the victim of the assassination on that day was Husain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.


But what's peculiar about Ashura day commemorations is that for most of the Muslim world, they will either fall upon deaf ears or be stifled. Some mourners in IraqAfghanistan and Pakistan will almost certainly be attacked, as they are each year by extremists loyal to the Taliban and al Qaeda. The reason behind such attacks -- and widespread ignorance in general about Ashura -- is deep-rooted in early Islamic history.


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ZCSS Higher Education

ZCSS HE 1 "Verily knowledge is the life of the hearts, the light of the eyes from blindness and the strength of the bodies against weakness" - Imam Ali (as)  

Did you know that graduate and diploma holders in India are likely to earn almost 47% more than those who have only studied till higher secondary level? This income enables them to provide for themselves and their families. Thus, the provision of further education could eventually eradicate poverty in whole communities.


Already, the ZCSS team is receiving success stories from graduates who have become teachers who are hoping to give back to their communities, mechanical engineers who are building their country's infrastructure and doctors that are providing healthcare to some of the poorest districts.


Be part of the mission to give hope and alleviate poverty.  Download the brochure here.   
Helpers of Husayn Blood Drives in North America
Donation Thermometer Jamaats all over North America are holding blood drives this Muharram to save lives in the name of Imam Husayn (AS). NASIMCO has a target collection of 300 pints and, thanks to our member Jamaats, we are already at the half way mark!

Check our website or facebook page for updates.


Former President of Seattle Jamaat Receives Honorary Award
Jawad Khaki Br Jawad Khaki, the former President and founder of the Ithna-Asheri Muslim Association of the Northwest and former Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from the University of East London at The O2 in London earlier this week.

Br Jawad has always demonstrated a dedication to education as well as community. At UEL, he contributed by backing research bids, which will create opportunities for both staff and students. He has also introduced staff to key people in the industry.

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Orlando Jamaat Publishes Community Magazine
twelvers The "Twelvers" magazine is an initiative by the youth of the Husseini Islamic Center of Orlando that is published every quarter. The aim of the magazine is to share articles and newsworthy stories to community members of not only HIC but of other communities around the world.

Religious, educational, medical, sports, youth, women and children's articles are included in the magazine.

To date, two issues have been published and can be accessed at the links below:
Twelvers Issue 1

10,000 Soul March in New York

On Friday, December 7th, a 10,000 Soul March will be taking place in New York to protest the Shia deaths in different parts of the world, particularly in Pakistan.  


The program will begin with a gathering at the United Nations at 11:00AM. There will then be Friday prayers at the park in front of the UN building, followed by a silent vigil, a march from the UN to the Consulate of Pakistan and ending with a protest.   

For more information, visit:

2012 Walk for Life
CAI A team of volunteers from Orlando are undertaking a 90km 3-day walk in Iraq. The members from Orlando are walking from Najaf to Karbala to raise money for orphan children in Iraq. By sponsoring them or even by giving $30, you can improve the life of an orphan child. Click here for more details.

ALI Courses

The Academy for Learning Islam (ALI) is holding classes on  Qur'an Tilawah (recitation) and simple tafseer for  Muslim men 15 years and above. The sessions will be held at the Jaffari Community Center (9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, ON L4J 8A7) from 8:30-9:30pm on Tuesday evenings.   


For more information, please visit: