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November 1st, 2012 
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NASIMCO Councillors Received Award
Community Event - New Jersey

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Al-Idrisi: Geographer and world traveler


Al-Idrisi is best known in the West as the geographer who made a silver globe for King Roger II of Sicily. On a 400 kilogram ball of silver, he meticulously recorded the seven continents with trade routes, lakes and rivers, major cities, plains and mountains. He included such information as distance, length and height as appropriate. The globe was accompanied by his book, Al-Kitab al-Rujari (Roger's Book). He also made a second representation of the known world on a disc.


Like Muslim geographers before him, Al-Idrisi traveled many distant places, including Europe, to gather geographical data. The Muslim geographers had already made accurate measurements of the earth's surface, and several maps of the whole world were available. Al-Idrisi combined this available knowledge with his own findings to create comprehensive information for all parts of the known world. As his fame spread, he gained the attention of European sea navigators and military planners and eventually that of Roger II, the Norman King of Sicily, who invited him to produce an up-to-date world map.


Al-Idrisi also made major contributions in the science of medicinal plants and wrote several books, the most popular entitled 'Kitab al-Jami-li-Sifat Ashtat al-Nabatat.'


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Superstorm Sandy Assistance

As of yesterday, Superstorm Sandy caused flooding and widespread power failures; leaving more than 8.2 million households without power in 17 states.


Because many of our communities and community members on the East Coast were also affected by the storm,  NASIMCO and the World Federation reached out to centers in Allentown, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Maryland and Toronto to offer assistance where needed.


Alhamdulillah, we were informed that our community members overall are safe, suffering only power-loss in certain areas. 


Kitchener-Waterloo EC Orientation

On Saturday, October 13, a Governance Seminar by NASIMCO was held at the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Kitchener-Waterloo (ISIAJ-KW), Ontario. The seminar is offered to all new committees and boards within NASIMCO member Jamaats. Its primary aim is to teach the meaning of service to the community as well as elaborating on legal rights and responsibilities.


The seminar held at the ISIAJ-KW was attended by the Executive Committee and Madressah of the Jamaat. It began with a tour of the centre and a meet and greet. NASIMCO facilitator, Br Mujtaba Datoo, then made a presentation specifically catered to the Jamaat, touching on their constitution and history, Canadian non-profit law, demographics and other administrative requirements.


Feedback from the participants showed that the seminar was both informative and enlightening. They felt the delivery was professional and interactive and that it invoked the spirit of service in everyone, whether a newcomer to the EC or a long standing patron of the Jamaat.


NASIMCO Councillor Receives Award

shyrose_abtv NASIMCO Executive Councillor Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla was recognized for her contribution towards Female Public Speaking by Ahlulbayt TV at their Gala Dinner held in London, UK.  The event, which was broadcasted live on the channel and over the internet, honored seven "remarkable members of the community who have done exceptionally well in their respective fields". Sister Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla was presented with one of the Awards for Excellence alongside personalities like Al-Hajj Murtaza Bandali for his recitations and Marhoom Mulla Asgher M. M. Jaffer for his legendary leadership.


Watch award presentation here


Watch other highlights here 


Community Event - New Jersey

Seminar1 Mission Possible: Controlling Nafs al-Ammarah" was the title of the seminar held by Masjid-e-Ali New Jersey, on Sunday September 30th. While the event was open to the whole community, it was organized by and geared towards the youth. 


Speakers included Syed Rizwan Rizvi, Syed Ammar Naqshawani, Dr. Farooq Bandali and Sr. Nicole Correri. The opening talk was presented by Syed Rizwan Rizvi who spoke of how Islam prescribes spirituality as a barrier against illicit carnal desires.


Thereafter, the program was split into three workshops: "Drugs and Alcohol Abuse", "Domestic Abuse: Prevention and Support" and "Media's role in Sexual Perversion". 


The program ended with a presentation by Sayed Ammar where he emphasized the role of hijab for both men/women and discussed the risks associated with its absence through the use of examples in Islamic history 


To see some of the presentations of the Seminar, you can access the "Mission Possible" Seminar Playlist here 


Marhumeen Directory - Mombasa
Great importance is given to visiting the graves of those no longer with us. Imam Jaffer-as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said: "Marhumeen recognize you (when you visit them) and feel lonely when you leave them".

Like its predecessor, the ISIJ of Toronto, Mombasa Jamaat has developed a website that 
allows users worldwide to search for the burial locations of marhumeen buried in Mombasa. The website,, features a search-engine allowing individuals to find the graves of any Marhumeen buried in Mombasa by location, grave number and first and last names.
The site contains some missing information, which the global community is encouraged to help fill in order to make the site comprehensive and accurate. Any omissions or errors found on the page may be reported by sending an email to  
The Mombasa Jamaat is extremely grateful to all those who have worked tirelessly in preparing this useful website.