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October 15th, 2012 
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Al-Razi: Persian Physician 


One of the greatest names in medieval medicine is that ofAbu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya' al-Razi, who was born in the Iranian City of Rayy in 865 (251 H) and died in the same town about 925 (312 H). A physician learned in philosophy as well as music and alchemy, he served at the Samanid court in Central Asia and headed hospitals in Rayy and Baghdad. A story is related that he was instrumental in determining the location in Baghdad of the hospital founded by `Adud al-Dawlah, for he is said to have chosen its position by hanging pieces of meat in various quarters of the city and finding the quarter in which the putrefaction of the meat was the slowest. Since, however, the `Adudi hospital was founded in 980 (370 H), more than 50 years after al-Razi died, it must be an earlier hospital, probably the one founded during the reign of al-Mu`tadid (ruled 892-902/279-289 H), which he helped locate and of which he was later director.


The most sought after of all his compositions was The Comprehensive Book on Medicine (Kitab al-Hawi fi al-tibb) -- a large private notebook or commonplace book into which he placed extracts from earlier authors regarding diseases and therapy and also recorded clinical cases of his own experience. The material comprising the Hawi is arranged under headings of different diseases, with separate sections on pharmacological topics. The National Library of Medicine is fortunate in having the oldest recorded copy of this treatise, or rather part of the treatise, for the manuscript contains only the section on gastrointestinal complaints. The unnamed scribe completed the copy on the 19th of the month Dhu al-Qa`dah in the year 487 of the Muslim era, which is equivalent to 30 November 1094.

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ZCSS Higher Education

ZCSS HE "Verily knowledge is the life of the hearts, the light of the eyes from blindness and the strength of the bodies against weakness"

- Imam Ali (as)  

Did you know that graduate and diploma holders in India are likely to earn almost 47% more than those who have only studied till higher secondary level? This income enables them to provide for themselves and their families. Thus, the provision of further education will eventually eradicate poverty in whole communities.

Already, the ZCSS team is receiving success stories from graduates who have become teachers who are hoping to give back to their communities, mechanical engineers who are building their country's infrastructure and doctors that are providing healthcare to some of the poorest districts.
Be part of the mission to give hope and alleviate poverty. Download the brochure here.



Hajj Preparation

With the Hajj season approaching, the World Federation is proud to launch its first series of Hajj lectures on iTunes!

As society is progressing rapidly, the need to embrace technology and use it as a platform to propagate the message of the Ahlulbayt (a.s) is greater then ever.

A series of lectures on Hajj by Dr. Mahmood Datoo are now available on iTunes. To download them  click here  


In addition, Maulana Sadiq Hasan has printed an Urdu Booklet on Hajj rules and guidelines based on the rulings of four maraaje who are followed by majority of the people: Ayatullah Khoei, Ayatullah Khomeini, Ayatullah Khamenei and Ayatullah Seestani.

This book has been translated into English and is available for download in both languages here


Community Event - Minnesota

Az-Zahra MN On Friday, September 14th, Az-Zahra Madressah was covered as part of a feature story on Minnesota Public Radio. 


The feature served to provide a positive insight towards Muslims in the West in the current midst of violent protests in the Middle East. Parents, staff and students were all represented in the story. The feature was played multiple times as part of "All Things Considered" between 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm. 


Br Hussein Walji spent a number of hours with MPR personnel, providing them with information on historic, social and spiritual significance of the institution. 


The feature was also published as an article and can be read here


Community Event - Toronto

Syed Abbas, of Brampton, received the Queen Elizabeth II

Diamond Jubilee medal for his commitment to community service including being a member of the special olympics swim team, the smile organization and several other community groups.


Recipients of the award must have made significant contributions to Canada or to a particular province, territory, region or community within Canada, or have an outstanding achievement abroad that has brought great credit to Canada. They must also be citizens or permanent residents of Canada.


Abbas will receive the Medal on Sunday Oct. 21, 2012. 


Community Event - Los Angeles

SIIJLA Walk On September 22nd, a team comprising of members from the Shia Ithnasheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles took part in a fundraiser walk for people with Alzheimer's. The Muslim Memory Walkers was founded by Yasmin Kermalli in 1997. She has been motivated to continue walking until the Alzheimer's Association reaches its ultimate goal: a world without Alzheimer's.

To celebrate 15 years of support, the Muslim Memory Walkers raised about $4,000 this year. 33 team members, including members of SIIJLA (Shi'a Ithna'Asheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles) and other centers in Los Angeles, participated in the walk on Saturday morning. This year, many walkers also attended a workshop organized by Mehdi Reza Hirji that focused on educating the general public about three main aspects of Alzheimer's.
A.L.I. Online Course
The Academy for Learning Islam is pleased to announce the upcoming online workshop for the month of October 2012.

Islamic Nutritional Wisdom
Sr. Aziza Meghjee
Oct. 27, 2012    
11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon


For more information, visit