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AUGUST - 2016

LEE, Sebastian
Let Us Pray
Friday Magnificat
Via Latina
Greetings!Vogt, Susan w mugDear (Contact First Name), 
Today, I invited Sebastian LEE, Korean member of our region's International Advisory Council, to share his thoughts.

We are Family!  한국어
Korea - Lee Jin Bong Sebastian
LEE, Sebastian
When thinking about being a Lay Marianist, "Family" is the word I like most. Whenever I think of this word, it reminds me of love, happiness, affection, forgiveness, sacrifice, solicitude, unconditional sharing, and longing. We are a Marianist Family. When I made my consecration as a Lay Marianist, I liked this word very much. I felt a thrill. We define Marianist Family as 
a world-wide family of men and women, religious and lay, consecrated to Mary, our Mother, and committed to living the charism of our founders, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and Mother Adèle de Trenquelléon.

When I attended the MLC International Assembly for the first time in Nairobi, Kenya, I was very surprised at becoming friendly immediately, like a family, by reason of being a Marianist. I felt the hospitality of the Marianist Family in person.

However, there can also be a negative meaning of Family. Today, the bond of family tends to be loosening because of many reasons. (Divorce, families moving farther away from each other, disagreements within a family, etc.) These can cause social disorder and even violence.
In Korea, Lay Marianists face challenges such as:
  • young adult Marianists are not increasing
  • most members are gradually aging
  • some question their religious beliefs.  
Even if these challenges are a general tendency of modern times, I'd like to find a solution. Above all, I think we have to recover our family spirit. Many people want to receive attention and love. For example, when a Lay Marianist didn't attend a community meeting because of her illness, how lonely she would feel if she didn't receive a phone call to say hello from anyone! If these kinds of things happen repeatedly, the bond of family loosens. Therefore, we have to contact often, give attention, express affection, and share each other's joys and sorrow. Then, we will be a real Marianist Family with Joseph and Mary and be more attractive. People are drawn to more caring, family-like interaction.

Currently, the most difficult thing for us in Korea is to attract those who are younger. The prosperity of family depends on the birth of a new baby. I don't know the proper solution yet, so I'd like to discuss it. Your ideas?
LEE, Sebastian (Jin Bong)
Roberge, Josee
Josee Roberge

Natl. Rep. Quebec
As seen in many regions around the world, the Marianist Family continues to grow thanks to the lay Marianists. Last January, many people in Quebec took different steps toward deeper commitments. We presently have 45 lay Marianists who made their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or more consecration-in alliance with Mary. These Lay Marianists usually meet every other week in various faith development groups like MLCs, parish evangelization communities, or Marianist related groups.

Many of them are also engaged in voluntary work at the Marianist Center for faith education which is a collaborative effort between SMs and MLCs. This Center is focused on new evangelization in the local area developing many different ways to reach people. This year, for the jubilee, we have organized "adventures" to the Holy Door in Quebec which, in fact, is a pilgrimage. More details are on our web site:

Lay Marianists also receive a monthly e-news called "Crockpot Marianiste". They can find information, news, and most importantly, formation tips for their Christian and Marianist life. The leadership team is still working on various ways of providing formation.
Adventure at the Holy Door
MLC gathering


CHANGEMAKERS: Creating New Responses for New Times
The San Antonio CHANGEMAKERS has just been completed. 
It was invigorating and holds promise for the future. The final CHANGEMAKERS will be held October 28-30, 2016 at Mount St. John, Dayton OH. After the completion of this 2nd event the Marianist Family should be empowered to make more effective social justice change both as individuals and collectively. Be part of it.
Click here for information and to register for the Dayton event.

On August 14-15, Korean Marianists held a seminar to celebrate the Bicentennial of Our Foundations in the SM Marianist Center. Around 100 members of the Marianist Family (SM, FMI, MLC) attended the Mass of the Assumption of Mary and talk by Fr. David Fleming SM which covered the following points:
  • The Marianist Spiritual Family and our Future
  • Marianist prayer life and spirituality
  • Mary, Chaminade and new evangelization
  • Pillars of the Marianist Charism
Talks by Fr. Fleming SM

prayinghands 2 LET US PRAY
  • For the people suffering from the August 24 earthquake in central Italy 
  • For the Barh Marianist Community in Bihar, India where flood waters from the Ganges River have begun to enter the Marianist compound
  • In thanksgiving for the conclusion of peace talks in Colombia which will hopefully end a half-century of conflict.
  • For those suffering from heat. 

Marianist Seminarians 

in Rome Assist Poor 
One important element in our seminarian's formation is the time spent each week in direct service of the poor, the elderly, and the sick. The seminarians concretely spend this time in different ways: collaborating with the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa; visiting the sick with the Legion of Mary; or attending to the elderly of the Sant'Egidio Community.

Read more:  ENGLISH      FRANÇAIS      ESPAÑOL

Rome (and Via Latina) are on August vacation. The following articles are in the July #253 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary. Japanese has been added.
-First professions in Ivory Coast and Togo
-Visitation of the Region of Canada
-Appointment of Regional Superior of  Argentina
-Appointment of President of the CEM (Europe)
-SM book:The Marianists and the Meiji Restoration in Japan
-Members of the GC attend AMU Symposium (USA)
-G. J. Chaminade and M.T. de Lamourous, Witnesses of Mercy

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