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JUNE - 2016

Time to Get Away
Let Us Pray
Friday Magnificat
Via Latina
Greetings!  Vogt, Susan w mug
It's summer in most of our region (which is all north of the equator except for Australia). For many people summer also means they have some vacation time from school or work and this may provide an opportunity to travel. 

In addition to visiting relatives, national parks, and places of leisure like the beach or mountains, consider visiting a religious shrine or a different church. 

Certainly our own faith and Marianist approach to Christianity offers a profound spirituality and the path we have chosen to follow to know God. Others seek the same God but sometimes use different names for God and have grown up in different religious traditions.

It may seem contradictory, but I have found that I often learn a lot about my own faith by exploring how other people seek the Divine. I usually see some basic similarities and also interesting differences. The differences help me appreciate my own faith better and the similarities help me see how we are all united in a universal quest for meaning and goodness.

If you travel this summer consider visiting a different parish, Christian denomination, or even a different faith (Jewish, Islam, Bahai, Quaker, Buddhist, etc.) Even if you don't visit a synagogue, temple, mosque, you can always make a "virtual visit." 

For example, did you know that our Muslim brothers & sisters are currently in their holy season of Ramadan which is a month of fasting - similar to Lent. It will end on July 6 with the feast of Eid al Fitre which has similarities to Easter. 

Religious ignorance is not good for our society. It leads to misunderstandings, false stereotypes, and violence. Be a knowledgeable Lay Marianist by becoming informed about how other people worship and how God speaks to each of us through different ways.
Susan Vogt, Regional Rep for N. America and Asia

English Speaking Canada (Winnipeg area)
Judy Wagner

English speaking rep
Here in the centre of Canada we have 4 Marianist Lay Communities (Our Lady of Peace, Boa Nova, Faith and Family, and Magnificat) which continue to meet on a regular basis. 

The Magnificat Community continues to be blest having Fr. John Kracher SM share his wisdom and guidance with us. This community has the older of all the members and is dealing with dwindling numbers (5) due to the aging process. There have been surgeries and eye issues over the last while for four members but that has only strengthened their steadfast desire to pray and share their faith whether it be at our meetings or in their respective parishes. They remain positive with family support and knowing that He is always near.
On another note, on January 31, 2016 the Archdiocese of St. Boniface closed a year of Celebration of Consecrated Life. Lay people were asked to share their thoughts on the different orders. Mr. Art Martin of the Faith and Family Community spoke about the influence that the vowed Marianists had on his life. Art spoke of how the Marianist charism grows gradually in one's heart. It's an interesting reflection on how formation evolves. Click here to read Art's testimony.

Faith & Family MLC
Fr. Kracher adding his handprint


Creating New Responses for New Times
Coming soon:
2016: July 22-24, St. Mary's University, San Antonio TX
Fall: 2016: October 28-30 at Mount St. John, Dayton OH

Many ways to participate: 

2 cities, 2 weekends, add on Friday visits to local sites 


Can't be there in person? No problem. Register for the live streaming video. 

Changemakers needs you and you need to be part of it.
Click here for more information and to register.

prayinghands 2 LET US PRAY
  • For the 49 people murdered and those injured in the massacre in the Orlando Florida club on June 12.
  • That we all might seek to understand and stand with those who experience violence and hurt based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
  • That the USA as a nation find the courage to finally enact reasonable gun laws.
  • For the perpetrators of violent crimes. As heinous as the crimes may be, a person who injures or kills others must be hurting within.

Corpus Christi Centre 
Our Lady of Nazareth School
Recently, with the support of a generous parish in England, Our Lady of Nazareth School opened the Corpus Christi Centre on its campus. The parish, which is also named Corpus Christi, helped the Marianists and staff at OLN to establish this program for mentally disabled and special needs children from the slum.  

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The following articles are in the June #252 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.
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-First vows in the Province of USA
-Latin American Congress on Marianist Education
-Water shortages-a security concern
-Prayer for the participants in the Horizons meeting
-The cause of the Ven. Adèle de Trenquélleon
-E-books available on our website
-Marianist education statistics for 2016
-New Marianist books
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