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MAY - 2016

FMI 200 Anniversary


Dancing together

Friday Magnificat
Via Latina

Mother Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon
May 25, 2016, marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (FMI) by Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon. It also opens the bicentennial of the founding of the Society of Mary (1817).

So what does this mean for Lay Marianists? To me, it is a reminder of discipleship of equals and interdependence. 

Discipleship of Equals: As one co-equal branch of the Marianist Family, Lay Marianists have a unique relationship with the FMI, SM, and Alliance Mariale. Many religious orders these days foster relationships with the laity and include them in their charism as Associates. This is good, but it is different from the foundation of the Marianist Family which started with the lay branch but soon added the religious institutes. Lay Marianists don't take a vow of chastity and don't usually live in a common household but this doesn't make us any less "holy" or committed to bringing Christ into the world than our vowed religious partners. 

Interdependence: All of the branches of the Marianist Family operate collaboratively but independently. What a visionary gift the Marianist Family has in having 4 independent branches that operate with their own leadership and decision making but united under the same charism.
  • The vowed religious are stronger when they draw upon the insights and talents of married couples, of parents, and of single men and women working in the secular world.
  • Lay Marianists are stronger when they draw upon the availability and freedom to focus on prayer and mission which vowed religious living in community can bring to our common work. 
It is the collaboration of different people coming from different lifestyles, each informing and enriching the other that makes for a fuller expression of faith.

The bicentennial jubilee will close on January 22, 2018, the Feast of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. The motto for the FMI and SM during this bicentennial jubilee is "To Know, Love, and Serve." 

Today we join especially with our Marianist sisters in this common goal. Click here to see a montage of the opening ceremony of the Jubilee year in Agen, France. Be patient. It takes about 90 seconds to download.

To read an overview of the jubilee click ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS, or ESPAÑOL  

Mike Wasno
USA Natl. Resp.
The North American Lay Marianists have been very active so far this year. The continental leadership team recently met in Dayton, Ohio and included
 Br. Ray Fitz, SM for a discussion about lay ecclesial movements and looking at the Family of Mary as the "Marianist Movement." We talked about the importance of the MLCs in this regard. The ideas from our discussion encouraged us to be bold as we reviewed the many initiatives we have been working on as part of our 2014 Strategic Plan, especially formation and identity.
Preparations for our 2017 Continental Lay Assembly are well under way and we expect to draw a large group. To help with the Assembly and improve overall communication with our members, this summer we will be completing a census of MLC's in North America.
In February, a group of 13 people from the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative (MLFI) completed their 1-year formation. (MLFI is co-sponsored by the SM, FMI, and MLNNA.) In March, a new group of 10 began their MLFI journey.
And as always, many MLC's continue to actively serve in their local parishes, communities, and Marianist sponsored ministries. 
Best regards,
Mike Wasno


As I reflect on all the ongoing problems of the world (wars, nasty politics, natural disasters, the gap between the rich and the poor, looming environmental degradation, bullying, injustice...) it can all feel so heavy and overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to cry. I can't fix everything. I can't even fix my own computer. This drives me to prayer...

But it also drives me to dance. Sometimes the two merge. Dance is a movement of the spirit usually done with 2 or more people. The more people, united in an action of the Spirit, the more the possibility of positive change. 

Hopefully the video at right will lift your spirit, remind you of our solidarity not only with the Marianist world, but the whole world. Let us move forward together. Together we are a genius.

Vogt, Susan w mug
(Besides, it's been a slow news day.)
Susan Vogt
Your dancing Regional Responsible

Rebuilding from Rubble
Five years after the devastation caused by the 2011 earthquake & tsunami, our brothers and sisters in the Tohoku regions of Japan still continue to rebuild. They are not alone, as they receive support from the Marianist Community in Tokyo.
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