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JUNE  - 2015

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When You Are All Alone

With a world population of over 7 billion people, how could anyone be all alone? But it's possible to be alone in a crowd. I may have many people around me at home, at work, in my city, or on the internet, but we may not share a spiritual bond. 

COMMUNITY is an essential element of the Marianist Charism because it helps individuals move Christ's mission forward by working together. For Marianist Laity this normally takes the form of participating in a Marianist Lay Community (MLC). However, life isn't always neat and community does not always come easily. Some find being part of an MLC elusive due to:

  • Moving to a new city for a job or advanced education. We can't always choose a city based on where there is an existing MLC.
  • Marrying a person who is not attracted to the Marianist way of life. Ideally married couples share basic values but that doesn't always mean they have the same faith.
  • Living in an area that is far from any other Marianists, lay or professed.
So, what's a person who seeks to continue to lead a life as a Lay Marianist to do? Here are a few ideas:
  1. Be a Founder. This may seem daunting and it is not for everyone, but don't dismiss it too quickly. Look for other people who seek to deepen their faith. Get to know them. Explore your mutual yearnings. Gather several people. Propose being a community. Grow into the Marianist part. MLFI and NACMS can help. See Quick Links column at left.
  2. Go Virtual. If a local MLC is not possible, use technology to connect. This takes significant commitment to sustain, but Chaminade believed that new times required new methods. Contact Joanne McCracken for help.
  3. Find community. Although it's nice to be in a Marianist community, sometimes you have to build community with those who are given to you. It might not officially be Marianist or faith-based but bring your Marianist sensitivity to your natural work, cause, or friendship groups.
  4. Take leadership. When a local MLC is not possible, some people actualize their commitment to community through taking leadership on a national or regional level. Contact MLNNA, the Visitation State Community, or Affiliates for opportunities.
  5. What are your ideas?_______  Vogt, Susan w mug


Susan Vogt

Regional Rep. for North America, Asia, Australia, Ireland



Mike Wasno -
Natl. Responsible USA

The first 6 months of 2015 have been a blessing to the Marianist Lay Communities in the USA. We have been had a number of new commitments to the Family of Mary.

  • In March, 11 young adults made a commitment to Hokupa'a Community in Oahu, HI
  • In April, 15 young adults made a commitment to Cana Community in Dayton, OH
  • In May, Lori Criscione became a new Affiliate in St. Louis, MO
We are grateful that they have chosen to commit themselves to the Marianist Family and be a part of this wonderful journey of faith. We are also grateful to the mentors who guided them along this part of their journey.


We also recognized the 10th anniversary of the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative. This program, sponsored by the Marianist Family Council of North America, brings together cohorts of Marianist Laity from different parts of the country to strengthen them to found and animate MLC's. This year's cohort has 12 members and is led by Pati Krasensky.


In addition to these gifts, we are also blessed by MLCs taking on new responsibilities. So many MLCs are in constant mission, but this month the Cleveland, OH MLC begins a new task. After a year of transition, the Cleveland MLC will be the primary bearers of the Marianist Charism at St. Aloysius Parish in Cleveland.


Your MLNNA leadership team continues to work to help us move forward together. We recently held a team retreat and identified how we can work better as a team and prioritize our tasks to help MLNNA to be relevant to our members.

Clockwise: Marceta Reilly, Diana William (facilitator), Marg Van Herk-Paradis, Matt Dunn, Mallory Green, Ted Cassidy SM. Not visible in photo: Mike Wasno, Susan Vogt, Terri Maze


We are blessed with these gifts and the continuing mission of our Marianist Laity and MLCs.                                                                      Mike Wasno, Chair



QUEBEC - Marianist Call to Advance Justice

A number of Marianist Family members in Quebec City, Canada gathered June 14 for a Marianist Call to Advance Justice workshop. Participants included members of Marianist lay communities, Marianist brothers and priests and members of the Alliance Mariale. And for the first time, the workshop was done in French! Thanks to Marcel Dion for translating.

Attendees at the Marianist Call to Advance Justice - Quebec





Fr. James Dungdung SM celebrates Mass with Ranchi school children at the end of the school year.








  • Upon the death of Josephine Ford, member of the Shekan MLC in South Bend, IN and theologian at Notre Dame, we thank God for her contribution to the Church and community life.
  • May we take to heart Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si and make lifestyle changes to live it more fully.
  • For the political will to deal with the causes of violence - hatred, fear, selfishness, the misuse of guns...
  • With our Marianist brothers and priests who are taking part in their national Assembly/Retreat these next few days.

(correction: The 6th European meeting will be held in Warsaw.)


Padre Valerio Rempicci Community Centre
Condofuri, Italy - 

The Padre Valerio Community Centre, opened in 1987 on the initiative of the Marianist community of Condofuri, Reggio Calabria. It is a physical place for gathering and meetings that offer young people of this area various educational, cultural, sports, and wellness activities. Read more...  




The following articles are in the May, #244 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

-Six New Professed in India

-Newly professed and Re-admission in the Province of the USA

-Josephraj Rymond (India) ordained deacon in Rome

-Institution of the Ministries of Lector and Acolyte

-Recent Appointments from the General Council

-Memorial of the Madrid Martyrs


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