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APRIL  - 2015

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Over the past 9 months Gifts & Tasks has focused on different elements of the Marianist charism:

The one element that is probably assumed but I have not dealt with directly is Faith. So what do we believe? My mother's recent death has prompted me to re-ask some basic beliefs about life and faith. 

Is there really a God?

Is there really an afterlife? 

Yes. Of course. But what proof have I? Is it mostly wishful thinking? 


Let's start with the basics of our faith. As stated simply in the Apostles Creed:

"I believe in God, the Father almighty, 

creator of heaven and earth."

This leads me to ponder. What is God like? 

  • Almighty? The creed says, Yes. 
  • Loving? Scripture and human nature tell us, Yes.
  • Merciful? Pope Francis reminds us, Yes.
  • Creator of heaven and earth? Science may put doubt in our minds, but for believers this phrase means that Earth Day is not just about us saving the earth, it's about protecting God's creation. It's a matter of faith. How big is creation and where do we fit? Click here for a mind expanding experience. 

    Marianists in the USA and around the world are committed to protecting God's creation. It's part of our faith. It's part of being a Marianist. Click MEEC, Global Catholic Climate Movementand Pachamama to see some examples. Vogt, Susan w mug

  • Peace,

    Susan Vogt

    Regional Rep. for N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland



    Sanjay Saraiya Natl. Rep. India

    Ranchi MLC Day Of Recollection

    On March 28, the Family of Mary from Kolambi and Singhpur (NE India) had a day of recollection at the Novitiate House in Nirmal Deep. Fr. David Fleming SM and Fr. Santosh Tudu SM were the mentors and helped the Lay Marianists prepare to celebrate Easter. Our young novices made the atmosphere very prayerful and the music for the liturgy was especially moving. Members of the MLC thanked them and wished them Happy Easter. We offered special intentions for the MLC members across the world.


    Report prepared by Fr. James Dungdung SM on left. Right: Ranchi MLC


    Learn more about the Marianists' work in India by clicking on the video at left. 
    Marianist in India - 
    Breaking the Cycle of Poverty 



    prayinghands 2

    In this Easter season, there is so much human suffering and tragedy throughout the world it may be hard to feel hopeful, to get beyond the horrible headlines of the bad news. May Jesus' life and suffering not be in vain but remind us that there is life after death and that we are all "worth it."

    Perhaps today we can "pray the headlines."
    • EnvironmentGlobeDuring Earth Week, may we remember that we share this planet with millions of God's children who barely survive day to day. May the choices we make be mindful of their worth and dignity.
    • For the 800+ people who died in the Mediterranean Sea trying to escape a life that felt intolerable. May world leaders find ways to change the politics of desperation.
    • For the 147 Kenyans who were killed by terrorists at Garissa University on Holy Thursday. We pray for all the people Kenya, especially for the Christian communities persecuted by the senselessness of terrorism.
    • AshWedCross For those killed by misguided police and for the conscientious police officers who risk their lives to protect us.
    • For those executed by the government in our name through the death penalty. 
    • For the 3 peaceful students who were killed in Chapel Hill. They were practicing Muslims, with especially graced hearts and promise.
    • For ourselves and our children - that we not give up hope and remain strong in our efforts to make a positive difference in this hurting world.



    The Mission of Two on the Ivory Coast

    Two members of the Alliance Mariale from the Ivory Coast have put themselves at the disposal of their parishes to be available to vulnerable persons who appear at the CARITAS Center.

    Veronica and Helene's commitment has become more concrete since 2011 when HIV / AIDS reached a crisis point in the Ivory Coast. They were asked to identify and track people with HIV /AIDS and eventually prevent it. Read more...   ENGLISH      FRAN«AIS     ESPA—OL 


    VIA LATINA - ONLINE Via Latina

    The following articles are in the April, #242 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

    -Extended General Council meets at Via Latina 22

    -Visit to the Chaminade International Seminary

    -Patronal Feast of the Marianist Family - March 25

    -Celebration of the Bicentennial of our Foundations


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