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FEBRUARY  - 2015

Let us Pray
Friday Magnificat
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In the January issue of Gifts & Tasks, I asked the question, Can mixed age communities thrive?
Following is a partial response I received from Lay Marianist, Patricia Rooney, who is a member of Ascension Parish in Dayton, OH and 70 years old.

I've said to myself for many years with great vehemence that I do not want to end up in an old people's ghetto. Yet I do find myself reaching out to holy people who God puts into my life who are close to my age. There are frustrations that go a long with aging that you sometimes need to identify with people your own age.

Although we do appreciate the ease of explaining our needs, our fears, our wants to people close to us in age, I believe the Marianist community as envisioned by Fr. Chaminade included so much more than just people who were defined by being in the same age range. We are truly challenged to make the charism ever alive and new.
Now I'd like to hear from the "under 40" generation.

Topic #2: Lent
I've been thinking lately about various Lenten practices - what's helpful, what's not. Is it better to give things up or doing something proactive to deepen one's faith or make our world a better place. Often the "giving up" part is primarily a prompt to remember to be more mindful of a commitment to do something positive. For example: be more charitable in my words, be more generous with my time or money, work more diligently on a justice cause, or pray more intensely. Click here for Busted Halo's Lenten basics or click on the video below for a modern musical take on Lent.




Susan Vogt

Regional Rep. for 

N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland



National Meeting & Founders Day Celebration

On January 10, Saul Damestoir and MLC representatives from the northern and western regions of Haiti met with Agnes Dumas and representatives of the CLMs in the southern area to discuss ways to work together.


More work still needs to be done to include representatives of all the regions of Haiti that have CLMs and to develop an efficient way of communicating and supporting each other, but this meeting was a start.


On January 18, in a related event, about 100 members of the different Marianist Lay Communities gathered in the lower Artibonite region of Haiti to pray and to commemorate the founders, William Joseph Chaminade and Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon.


When Lay Marianists arrived by bus they found that the local hosts had beautifully decorated the chapel with drapes and commemorative ornaments. They had breakfast and then processed into the chapel for prayer. The homily focused on Christian morality and continuing our commitment to Jesus and the Virgin Mary as a model of solidarity with Jesus. Different members of the MLCs took various roles in the liturgy including two young Faustino members who offered a large rosary as a gift to the Chapel of Our Lady of Altagracia of Grassette.


National Responsible Saul Damestoir spoke of the historical significance of the day and the goal of uniting the various MLCs throughout Haiti. He said that perhaps a motto for the CLMs could be: "Aim high, shoot great!" After Saul's talk the group enjoyed some musical entertainment and enjoyed lunch prepared by the local CLM.  


To read more details of the day in French, Click FRANÇAIS. 



Fr. Marianus Lugun SM reports that they had a gathering on January 25 in Singhpur and celebrated Chaminade Day with Cardinal Telesphore Toppo who was the main celebrant and confirmed children from the parish. The Binda MLC also joined the ceremony. Hopefully, many of the Binda participants will take on more responsibility for our local communities during this next year. Keep us in your prayers.
Parishioners at Bl. Chaminade Parish, Singhpur, gather to celebrate Chaminade Day

LET US PRAY: prayinghands 2
  • For people for whom fasting and hunger are not temporary or voluntary, but rather a necessity.
  • For our fellow humans who need our alms and prayers.
  • For an increase in generosity from those who have to those who have not.



The Marianist Mission Foundation in Argentina developed an annual Christmas Eve event that invites families to put together a Christmas box for needy families in the province of Chaco, in northern Argentina. The box includes non-perishable food, toys, hygiene items, and other items. This creates what they refer to as a SOLIDARIO BRIDGE (Solidarity Bridge). Read more:



PS: The March 6 issue of Friday Magnificat will begin a new feature. We will be starting a Facebook page on which you will be invited  to share your comments. Watch for it.



The following articles are in the February, #240 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

-First professions in Chile and Eastern Africa

-Perpetual professions in India

-District Assembly in India

-Diaconal Ordination - Rome

-Appointment of Joe Kamis SM Assistant Provincial U.S.A.

-40 years of Marianist presence in Brazil

-Judgment of the medical consultation in the cause of Blessed Chaminade


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