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APRIL- 2014

Let Us Pray
Friday Magnificat
Via Latina

Greetings!   Vogt, Susan w mug

He is risen, Alleluia! What a great feast we celebrate at Easter. Christians' belief in Christ's resurrection has made a huge difference in the history of humankind over the past 2,000 years. Followers of Jesus have fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, healed the body and soul, worked for justice, and created community in His Name. Regrettably, we have also fought wars and fought with our brothers and sisters, calling upon his name as justification. These big things make a difference for good and for ill. But what difference does it make to you and me?

At Easter, I am reminded again that Jesus passes on to us responsibility for making our world a better place. Healing our environment, working for world peace, and eliminating poverty are just some of the great global causes that our faith leads us to embrace. But, sigh, don't you get tired just thinking about how impossible it is for one humble person to make a difference. Sure, Jesus could do it. He was God! But me? I'm too small and powerless.

Don't believe it. "For God all things are possible" (Mk 10:27) That is what comes to mind when I remember the resurrection. We must all arise and be transformed.


So, what can one humble Marianist or Lay Community do? Yes, we can work on those big, mega issues, but while we're sitting around waiting for the time to be right, the courage, or the grace to tackle something big, why not at least make a difference in a small way. This is what motivated me to prune A-Drawer-A-Day this past Lent. It was a small step, but it was a start. What step can you take to change the world this Easter season? Beware though, these small steps might lead to something bigger.


Perhaps this "Unsung Hero" video clip will help you get started. It doesn't need to involve more meetings, money, or time - just open your eyes to what's around you and respond generously.



Susan Vogt  
Representative for N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland

Atsuyuki Yanagawa

Marianist Lay Communities in Japan started in 1979. At present, Japan has 10 Marianist Lay Communities with 70 consecrated Lay Marianists. Atsuyuki Yanagawa is the newly elected National Responsible. Atsuyuki writes of several major recent events of the MLCs


On Jan. 19, 2014 the SM, FMI, Alliance Mariale, and Marianist Laity of Japan met to celebrate the Marianist founders and to unite with the Marianist Family around the world. They started with Mass, followed by a talk about Mère Adèle given by Sr. Kobayashi, FMI. 

Members of the Marianist Family who participated







They concluded the day with a social gathering at Marian House which featured a Vietnamese folk dance performed by FMI Vietnamese candidates and sisters.







On Nov. 8, 2013,

the ITOSUGI MLC had a meeting with the FMI General Leadership Team from Rome (Superior General Sr. Franca Zonta, Sr. KIM Susanna, and Sr. Gretchen Trautman). Through this meeting they felt themselves belonging more closely to the World Marianist Family. 

Last May, the ITOSUGI group held a bazaar at the Kodaira Catholic Church in Tokyo. Proceeds went to help the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.




Susan Buckley, National Responsible for Ireland writes that: 

Bro Jim Contadino SM celebrates 50 years of religious life. To mark the occasion Bro Jim and his friend, Madeline O'Shea, have just completed an 800 kilometre walk on the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage walk starting in France and ending in Santiago de Compostela.

The Marianist Family will come together to celebrate Bro Jim's Golden Jubilee on Saturday April 26th with Mass and dinner at St. Columba's, the home of the Marianist Community in Ireland. We are looking forward to celebrating this joyful occasion with Bro Jim.

Peter Nam, National Responsible for Korea writes:
Thank you to all the Marianists who have said they are praying for us. Even though none of the ferry victims are Marianist Laity, all of them are our family. I think that this incident is a human disaster. The MLC members in Korea are all praying for their survival. Mary, Help them. Lord. Have mercy on us.
prayinghands 2
  • We continue to pray with all the Korean people in your sadness, grief, and even anger. You did not ask for a Good Friday of mourning but you have experienced the Crucifixion in a very personal way. It's hard to remember that Easter will come when you are in the agony of the April 16 tragic ferry accident. We are here to remind you that Christ is risen and you too will eventually arise from your time of sorrow.
  • For the Lay Marianists of Australia who are trying to figure out how to remain faithful as they age; and for Julie Ahern, their National Responsible who has completed a year of chemotherapy. 
  • For young adult Lay Marianists, may they have the courage and creativity to found MLCs if they are in an area that none exist. Don't let that spark of commitment fade even if you feel isolated.



Karl Rahner

Hans Eidenberger SM of Austria sends the following Easter note:

Three days ago I came across a text from the theologian Karl Rahner which reminded me very much of our Peru Assembly theme: "Faith of the Heart in the Heart of the World." 

"Easter means: In the depth of the heart of the world HIS heart is waiting."

May these words lead us through the dark days of Holy Week into the brightness of Easter. See the full quote in English & German.

Blessed and joyful days of our Lord's resurrection!





St. Mary Antony High School students seek to become "stewards of society" by holding gatherings to meet the homeless people of Paris. They do not aim to replace the Red Cross or similar aid organizations, they simply take time to be with and share with the homeless people. The students bring thermos bottles of coffee, other drinks, and food. Most importantly, no adult is present with the youth...

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The following articles are found in the April #231 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary. 

Three Vietnamese Candidates for the SM
- Fr. Eddie Alexander reappointed as Superior of France
- Prayers for the canonization of Blessed Chaminade
- European Marianist Formation Center promotes Symposium on Faith in Rome


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