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MARCH - 2014

Haiti, Canada
Let Us Pray
Lent 2014
Mar. 25 Patronal Feast
Friday Magnificat
Via Latina

Greetings!   Vogt, Susan w mug


It's Lent of course and I've been feeling guilty. Sure, I have several Lenten practices that I've been working on - the usual fasting from sweets plus my Drawer a Day purging project, but guilt came to me on two different occasions recently.

  1. I was walking in my neighborhood on a cold February morning and saw a teen girl coming toward me without a coat. I wondered. I nodded. I passed her by. Afterwards, my walking companion asked if I had noticed that she didn't have any shoes on? I hadn't. Perhaps, she was escaping an ill conceived night with a boyfriend. Hmmm. I should have at least asked if she needed help.
  2. A week ago, I was driving to Sunday Mass. I needed to get there early because I was responsible for the children's ministry that morning. A school bus was parked by the side of the road. Behind it an older, somewhat harried woman was trying to flag me down. I drove on thinking she probably just wanted money and I'd be late if I stopped. Then, I thought of Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan and how the priest passed by the man who had been accosted by robbers. Hmmm, hadn't I learned anything from my experience of passing by the young girl?
These experiences prompt me to evaluate how too often I hyper-focus on a goal and don't allow interruptions that might be God calling me to stop what I am doing and pay attention to the person in front of me. Lent is about turning from self-centered ways in order to respond better to others. I hope that the third time I pass a person in need, I'm ready to not just pass by. Perhaps your Lent is not bringing you pangs of conscience like mine. How is your fasting going?
Check out this video "The Skinny on Fasting.

It may not relieve guilt but it should make you smile and put Lent in perspective.



Susan Vogt  
Representative for 
N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland

NAM, Peter
NAM, Peter
Natl. Responsible
K-MLC Newsletter Renewed    한국어

We Lay Marianists in Korea believe that we have been called to be part of the Marianist Family by the grace of the Lord. At the wedding feast of Cana, Mary said to the servants, "Whatever He says to you, do it." (John 2:5) With these words, Mary helped Jesus to begin his public life. Her wisdom, love, and courage were important first steps. Mary's family is the community of people who wish to emulate the life of the Holy Mother.


One way that we Koreans have decided to be a more public and unified presence in Korea is through the publication of a Korean MLC magazine (K-MLC). This magazine had been published from 1991-1999 and then discontinued. In the past ten years, our society has developed rapidly, particularly in terms of information technology. However, too often the scope of such information is quite restricted and self-centered.
Under these circumstances, the Korean Marianist Family decided that we would again start to publish a magazine which could reflect the characteristics of K-MLC as a way to more deeply live the spiritual path of the founder, Father Chaminade. The new K-MLC magazine will serve as a connector within Mary's Family here and continue the history and tradition of our communities. It will 
will be a tool for furthering our MLC prayer, teaching, and sharing. This requires the active participation of each MLC community and the generous guidance and love from SM and FMI.


Through this collaboration, we hope to more fully realize God's gift of love, live it, share it with the Church, preserve the legacy of Marianist life, and hand it down to future Marianists.


We could face a variety of hardships in achieving this goal. However, we believe that such hardships will turn into a fountain of grace when we ask for help through the intercession of Mary. We offer our sacrifice, service, and perseverance as support.


Peter Nam

K-MLC Magazine planning committee




Saul Damestoir
Natl. Responsible

Both the Communautés Laïques Marianistes (CLMs) and SMs in Haiti have been in transition during 2013. Gratefully, Jean Eddy Pierre was able to act as interim National Responsible and represent Haiti at the Intentional Meeting of Marianist Laity in Peru. Before he left to resume his studies with the SM in France, Jean Eddy visited all the CLMs and was able to coordinate the election of a new National Responsible. Thank you Jean Eddy.


I am happy to announce that Saul Damestoir has been elected as the new National Responsible for Haiti. Since Haiti is French speaking, Josée Roberge of Quebec has graciously agreed to be my liaison with Saul. Josée has visited Haiti and is familiar with the culture. Thank you Josée.



Haiti had 3 geographic areas in which there are CLMs (St. Marc, Pilette, and Croix des Bouquets). Below, Saul is pictured with the other two CLM Coordinators.


Lisez à propos de l'installation de Saül Damestoir en  FRANÇAIS






CANADA - Quebec

A fantastic gathering with our MLC members took place on March 15. The objective was for us to share our experience in Lima and allow our members to live and deepen their knowledge of the theme "Faith of the Heart in the Heart of the World". This was followed by a nice dinner!
Samedi le 15 mars nous avons eu une rencontre fantastique pour partager un peu de Lima avec nos membres de CLM et pour leur permettre de vivre et d'approfondir le thème "La Foi du Coeur au Coeur du Monde." 
Un bon souper a clôturer le tout!

prayinghands 2
  • For the people of Ukraine and Russia that they may find healing and forgiveness. 
  • That all Lay Marianists may embrace with energy the challenges from the International Meeting in Peru.
"I have no foot to wash."








Holy Thursday Meditation

Landmine Reflection Park




CARÊME 2014 (LENT 2014)

Fondation Marianiste is a Marianist development organization based in France. It is committed to helping the poor. This Lent focuses on Marianist works in Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo and India. Click here to learn about their Lent 2014 efforts. The original text is in French. Click "Translate" in the upper right hand corner to translate into English.


PATRONAL FEAST - March 25 - It's late, but it's good.

At its last meeting, the World Family Council decided that the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25) would be Marianist Family Day and would become the Patronal Feast. This will be an occasion for giving thanks for our Marianist vocation in the Church, inspired as we are by Mary's wholehearted response to the angel. This date was chosen because on it we celebrate Mary's "Yes" to her vocation, just as we celebrate our "Yes."

Since Gifts & Tasks comes out on the 4th Friday (March 28 this year) this is a late notice. (Perhaps look at it as within the octave of the Annunciation.) 


The resources, however, are good and usable at any time you want to celebrate our Marian heritage. They include:

  1. Suggestions for Prayer
  2. Background texts from Mother Adele and Fr. Chaminade
  3. An example of a joint Marianist celebration including Lay, FMI, and SM in Brazil
  4. Witness statements from all 4 branches of the Marianist Family

Read the resources in ENGLISH


Le dernier Conseil Mondial de Famille a décidé que la fête de l'Annonciation serait désormais la Journée de la Famille Marianiste et devienne notre fête patronale; l'occasion de rendre grâce pour notre vocation marianiste dans l'Église, soutenue par la réponse joyeuse et enthousiaste de Marie. Nous avons choisi cette date parce que nous y célébrons le "Oui" de Marie à sa vocation, comme nous célébrons notre "Oui."


Lire les ressources en FRANÇAIS.







The FMI mission in Colombia takes place at the College Mother Adele where we are present either full or part time. The FMI are especially involved in pastoral ministry of hospitality in which we offer support to new arrivals to the community.

Read more in the archived Friday Magnificats: ENGLISH  FRANÇAIS  ESPAÑOL


The following articles are found in the March #230 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary. 


- Profession of Vows in Ivory Coast
- Fr. Isao Jean-Baptiste Aoki reappointed as Superior of Japan
- MLC New International Team elected
- First Meeting of Continental Centers for Marianist Formation

- Visitation of the Chaminade International Seminary

- Readmission into the SM of two Haitian Brothers



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