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Greetings!   Vogt, Susan w mug   

The silent night* of Christmas Eve has come and gone. Now we are in the season to -

  • Send Christmas greetings.  See greetings from your International Team and World Council of the Marianist Family under AROUND THE WORLD below.
  • Share gifts like the wise men did.                       The older I get the less I want/need material gifts at Christmas time. The presence of our children is the most precious gift. Be fully present to someone today, just as the Magi traveled to be present to Jesus. (They didn't just send an email or Skype.)
  • Look for ways to make our world a better place. Delegates representing Marianist Laity from 30 countries will gather in Lima, Peru, January 26 - February 2, 2014. We will be trying to make the world a better place by learning from each other new ways to strengthen prayer, knowledge, and missionary efforts in our respective countries. You don't have to travel to do this with your home MLC.


Susan Vogt  
Representative for N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland
*PS: For those who wondered if I ever did that "Day of Silence" referred to in an earlier issue - Yes! On Dec. 3, I tried to speak only when necessary. My "Silence of Words" wasn't perfect but... check my blog entry, Letting Go Of Words to learn more.
Judy Wager

Judy Wagner is the newly appointed National Responsible for the English and Portuguese speaking MLCs of Canada centered primarily around Winnipeg in Manitoba. Thank you for saying "Yes" to this responsibility, Judy. Judy offers the following update on the MLCs in her area.


We are made up of four communities with 35 faith-filled souls of varying ages, gifts, and talents.

  • FAITH & FAMILY MLC has been gathering since the members early adult years. They now have grown families and grandchildren. They gather once a month and are discussing the book "Jesus CEO." They are still at a busy time in their lives with careers (teachers, doctors, architects, etc.) but maintain the desire and will to meet for prayer, discussion and sharing.
  • OUR LADY OF PEACE MLC meets once a month and is our largest community. They have been reading and reflecting on the book "What if Love Were the Strongest" along with singing and intercessory prayer. Most have grown families.
  • BOA NOVA MLC serves local Catholics of Portuguese descent. They started out fairly large but have experienced some growing pains. They continue to meet as a smaller group and are happy to do so. Who knows where the Holy Spirit will lead them.
  • MAGNIFICAT MLC is the senior (age) community who began many years ago when their children became involved in Faith & Family. They are blessed to have Father John Kracher, SM join them for their monthly meetings of prayer, discussion of the Sunday readings, and singing. Several members can no longer attend due to advanced age but maintain contact.
  • OUR LADY OF THE ROUND TABLE has nine members who meet online all over the world. Isabella Moyer, current President of IO-CLM/MLC,who lives in Neepawa, Manitoba, is a member. They meet five days a week online and pray the Lectio Divina. They have a blog and prayers can be posted there.

We also have a Marianist Family Council with representation from each community which meets twice a year. All four communities gather together every two years around the Marianist World Day of Prayer. Each community takes a role in the preparation for this event.

Judy Wagner


One of the things that happens during each International Assembly of Marianist Laity is that the delegates discern the priorities for the next four years. We call these priorities - Challenges - and we seek your input now. Click here to see the Challenges that have surfaced so far in North America. We welcome your ideas. You can rank the ones we already are considering, add new ones, or tweak the existing ones. Let your needs be heard by emailing your delegates below:

Click here to read the Korean Challenge.

Photos can be found on the website



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Christmas Greetings from your International Team:


Isabella Moyer
Isabella Moyer President

As we prepare to gather as an international community of communities in Lima next month, we continue to ponder the gift of faith of the heart. It is the heart that draws us deep into the Christmas gospels. We imagine ourselves gathered around the manger with Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the Magi. Our hearts are filled with awe at the sight of Emmanuel, for God IS truly with us. May the glorious message of the Incarnation give new energy to our personal faith and our common mission, in union with Mary for the glory of her Son. Christmas blessings, joys and peace to all!  


Félix Arqueros Pérez - Europe

Que esta Navidad nos anime a acoger en nuestras vidas y en nuestros corazones a este Dios hecho niño.

Que como María sepamos esperar y preparar con gozo la venida del Salvador.

Alegrémonos porque Dios se encarna entre los pobres  y en lo pequeño. Acojámoslo en nuestros corazones para hacerlo presente en el corazón del mundo. 


Ernest Kasongo l'Afrique

C'est Noël les anges chantent pour le Seigneur roi un cantique de gloire. Gloire à Dieu au plus haut des cieux et paix aux hommes de bonne volonté. Faisons de notre cœur une crèche où Dieu vient habiter et offrons -lui l'hospitalité. Le Seigneur Dieu nous sauve et Emmanuel parmi nous



Isabel Duarte  América Latina


Navidad es Dios con nosotros. El Padre nos ama tanto que envió a su Hijo para decirnos que mandamiento más importante es el Amor.

Contemplemos al Dios Niño y abramos nuestro corazón a su Amor infinito, para que el próximo año compartamos con todos ese Amor y así sembremos su Paz y su Esperanza.  ¡Feliz Navidad para todas y todosIsabel Duarte Quapper América Latina



Vogt, Susan w mug
Susan Vogt
N. America - Asia


As we wait for the coming of Jesus again at Christmas, let us ponder with Mary the daunting act of saying 'YES" to God's call while not fully understanding its implications. When we were baptized, I doubt that most of us knew what living our faith would really mean. Likewise, making a marriage commitment or becoming a parent are joyful commitments, but we really don't know the cost till we are in the middle of it. Mary, help us to be faithful till the end - as you were.

Domingo Fuentes SM - Assessor


Navidad: Dios nace de Nuevo.

Navidad: Dios se hace presente un la belleza y esperanza sublime de una Nueva Vida

Navidad: La humanidad se llena de Esperanza y Alegría, Dios está con nosotros

Navidad: La Fraternidad renace en los corazones.

En esta Navidad déjate llevar por el espíritu del Niño, Jesús.

Domingo Fuentes Assessor







Christmas Message - ENGLISH

Message de Noël - FRANÇAIS

Mensaje Navidad -  ESPAÑOL

성탄 메시지 - 한국어



Marianist Family Council Report - ENGLISH

Rapport du Conseil de la Famille Marianiste -  FRANÇAIS

Informe del Consejo de la Familia Maerianista -  ESPAÑOL

World Council of the Marianist Family (SM, FMI, AM, and Lay)





Kim, Kyung Nam (Christina is her Christian name) is a Korean lay Marianist. She is also a gifted teacher and musician. After retirement she was looking for a place to use her talents to serve the poor children of our world. She found an opportunity in East Timor and spent the last two summers teaching music to the children in the town of Liquidoe.



The following articles are found in the December #227 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary. 

- Three Continents, Three Units, Three Hundred Years!
- Fr. J.M. Arnáiz Appointed Superior in Chile 
- Installation of Michael McAward as Assistant General for Temporalities
- Re-opening of the cause of Mother Adele
- Worldwide Survey of Marianist Works 

- Delivery of Characteristics of Marianist Administration


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