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Jelly beans and water 

What do these two things have to do with spirituality and your life as a lay Marianist? It's all about mindfulnessWatch these short videos and ponder. Perhaps you can consider this your prayer time today.

 Questions for reflection:

  • What's on your To Do list today? 
  • Which of the tasks will be of service to others? -probably many
  • Which will refresh your spirit? (perhaps not enough)
  • If you only had one day left to live, what would you want to make sure you did?

Now on to water:

What assumptions do you make about the people around you when you're stressed? False feelings can be like water to a fish. We don't even know there's life beyond our little pond. 
Questions for reflection:
  • What do I find annoying about life? (waiting, stupidity, ugliness, too many YouTube videos...)
  • Who do I find annoying? (my boss, my child, myself when I do stupid things...)
  • Use "Mindfulness of Imagination" from the System of Virtues to see beyond your irritation. Imagine a bigger world with new possibilities.
Be mindful of your time and attitude today. Do whatever he tells you.


Vogt, Susan w mug Fondly, 

Susan Vogt  
Representative for N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland
PS: OK, so I spend all my time reviewing videos so you won't have to.


St. Marc CLM resp.
St. Marc CLM leaders

Haiti has a unique Marianist history. It all started with the missionary efforts of lay Marianist, Agnes Dumas of France
,who moved to Haiti in 2000 and founded several Marianist Lay Communities. In 2003 the SM began their foundation in Haiti. As

you all know, on January 12, 2010, Haiti suffered a terrible earthquake which devastated the lives, homes, and livelihoods of so many Hatians including the lay and professed Marianists. They have been struggling ever since to pull their lives and communities back together. MLNNA and Marianist laity around the world generously contributed financial support to help, but the needs are both physical and emotional. The Haitian society is in pain. That is the short, recent history.


Br. Richard Joyal SM (of Quebec) went to Haiti to close the SM mission there after the August 2012 shooting of Br. Yxnold Chevalier. As if poverty, natural disasters, and killings were not enough, on April 25, 2013 Br. Richard was robbed and murdered.

Croix de Missions
Restoration of a lay Marianist's house in Croix des Missions by the CLMs.
With the departure of the religious, only the four Marianist Lay Communities now exist in Haiti. They are located in Fort-Liberte (North-East), Artibonite (St Marc) and Port-au-Prince (Croix des Bouquets). The 125 lay Marianists are involved in activities such as schools, visits to the sick, accompaniment to the Friends of Faustino etc.


Since the beginning, the MLC'S in Haiti have been through many changes. Again today, after the departure of the Society of Mary and the brutal death of Br. Richard, they strive to keep the torch lighted, even though the task is extremely difficult.

St. Marc CLM
St. Marc CLM


God does not want discouragement, but accepts failure. More than three years after the earthquake people are still going through difficult times. The efforts from the government seem so little. People stagnate in misery and single-parents are increasing. Young people are searching to make sense out of all of this. The country seems to be in permanent suffering of all sorts. But God never stops working in the hearts of all men and women of good will, inspired by the Spirit so that the world will be more just.


Let us pray:

  1. That the blood of Br. Richard, murdered in Haiti, gives us a new missionary spirit
  2. That the Marianist Family, especially MLC's, strive, each in their own surrounding, for a better and just world
  3. For peace in the world, especially in Haiti, so that the children held in contempt and abandoned have a better future.
  4. For all the sick members of the Marianist Family, that the hope of the Risen Lord comfort them.



  • In thanksgiving for the service of Urania Carvalho, former National Rep. for Winnipeg who resigned to spend more time with her family in Brazil.
  • For the healing of our President, Isabella Moyer's husband, David, who has a detached retina. This follows an auto crash into his dental office which has required closing until repairs are made.
  • For delegates to the international meeting of Marianist Laity in Lima, Peru in January 2014, that they may represent the Marianists in their countries well and bring back many insights and energy to share with their MLCs.


WDP 2013 Madonna  


Sunday, October 13 

Nagasaki, Japan

Chapel of the Bombed Madonna in Nagasaki, Japan

Read all about it below: 






In preparation for our international meeting in Lima, we are inviting all Marianist Lay Communities to share the prayers and prayer forms used in your local gatherings. These will form the foundation of an online, international collection of Marianist prayers from around the world; a dynamic collection that will continue to grow in years to come. When delegates gather in January 2014 in Peru, we will experience the unity of our prayers within the diversity of our many cultures.


Directions: Each country is to submit at least one prayer that reflects your local culture. It may be a traditional prayer or an original prayer. It may include actions, music, and sacred objects. It should be in your native language although translations into English, French, or Spanish are welcome. Even if you are not able to send a delegate to Peru, please send a prayer.

Deadline: October 20, 2013

Format: Word document (Links to music, visuals, videos are welcome too)

Email to: Susan Vogt (





The Marianist brothers of the Democratic Republic of Congo saw a need to further the education of older teenagers in nearby Voka. They decided, therefore, to open a college in Voka. After much hard work, the Chaminade Institute College was built and higher education is now more accessible to the children of Voka. The college programs include internships and family and formal education so that students gain confidence, skills, and are able to support their current and future families.  



Via Latina VIA LATINA - Online

The following articles are found in the Sept/Oct #225 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary. 
- Fr. Romolo Proietti Appointed Secretary General
- First Professions in Eastern Africa and Italy
- Ordinations in Congo and Spain
- Closure of Foundations in Nepal and Philippines
- Controversy over Marian Statue in India
 ENGLISH       FRANÇAIS      ESPAÑOL (#224, Julio)                 

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